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NEWS RELEASE · 12th April 2014
Enbridge Northern Gateway
The Following statement was issued by Enbridge’s Manager of Coastal Aboriginal and Community Relations, Donny van Dyk.

As a long time-resident of northwestern B.C., I passionately believe that Northern Gateway is the right choice for Kitimat and for the future of our community. It’s a solid proposal that will provide stability and opportunity for young people and for generations to come who want to build a life for themselves and their families in northern B.C.

The plebiscite offered us an opportunity to share that vision with thousands of local residents; a vision for a safer, better pipeline that meets the needs of our community. And I want to offer my thanks to our local team and every resident who participated in this process.

Today’s result shows that while there is support for Northern Gateway in Kitimat, we have more work to do. And over the coming weeks and months we will continue to reach out and listen to our neighbours and friends so that Northern Gateway can build a lasting legacy for the people of our community.
Comment by John Smith on 14th April 2014
Walter please move my comment to re:plebiscite . Thank you
I have almost had it!
Comment by John Smith on 14th April 2014
First of all I find it embarrassing that this town can't come up with a mayor with vision.
As a council they could't even compose the question regarding the pipeline not to mention
the fact they pissed away $ 15000.00 of my tax dollars that will have no effect on Ottawa's decision. Fixing the damn street lights would have been more beneficial or spending the money on the PTI camp decision, something that will impact the people directly.

This mayor dose NOT speak on my behaf as she has stated on CBC this AM

After 40 years in this town I see the need more than ever for a council that can think, after all a room full of people can make a desisson dumber than any one n that room.
Its a job
Comment by Lynda Rocha on 13th April 2014
I don't know Donny personally, but this is his job. Why get on his case because of it. He works, pays taxes and contributes to his community just like you do. Its his choice who he works for and why he chose that employer just like you all had that choice when you got a job. Please keep the personal aspect out of the equation.
Comment by Brenda on 13th April 2014
I totally agree with CEM.I voted yes and make no apologies.This is far from over and I support Enbridge 100%.
Lost of jobs
Comment by CEM on 13th April 2014
I just hope none of you are ever are out of a job. Then you would have to move from Kitimat. If Enbridge doesn't go will just go somewhere else. You haven't won the battle yet .
No Thanks! Kitimat has Spoken!
Comment by Bill Vollrath on 13th April 2014
You will NEVER change the minds of the 58% of us who don't want you here and half of the 42% who say they do will be gone in 5-10 years. So the work you think you have left to do will be in vain. Give it up...Try and stick your pipeline into Alaska. Good luck!
Comment by Linda Halyk on 13th April 2014
Donny you have been brainwashed.
Share your vision somewhere else BC does not want your pipeline.
Do you honestly believe this project will bring stability, opportunity and prosperity to this area?
Time to wake up and get out.
once all the ocean resourcees is gone
Comment by Doug McMillan on 12th April 2014
Once all the ocean resources is gone so are our people . Then what eat all the oil . Thank you for cancer inflicted on the people of kitamaat and and the town of kitimat bc thank you for all the you have done in the name of progress
Signed Douglas McMillan.
Donny lost yet again
Comment by Merv on 12th April 2014
I like Donny, but he is caught up in his delusional misguided up-bringing. He ran as a Liberal MLA Candidate in the Provincial Election then, after losing, got a plum appointment to the Village of Hazelton in administration.

He is a taker like most other people who take these administration (government) appointments.

Just like Terrace's Economic Development officer (before Donny's brother took over) Sam Harling exposed the pressure he was under to support and approve projects he could not live with himself.

I hope Donny wakes up soon too.
You're kidding
Comment by Mjr on 12th April 2014
Get out of here. You're a long time resident of Terrace and know nothing of the life we live here in Kitamaat, the Haisla territory. Unless you know the value of a bountiful meal of fresh cockles, clams, herring eggs, crab, salmon, halibut.... YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to tell us what is right for us. These are all delicacies, not only to us but to many nations on the coast on the trade lines that are still alive and well.

I wish you could come into our community to listen to the celebration going on as I write this. It is pride and power. Haisla and non-Haisla are going to fight you.

Get lost. Go back to terrace and have your filthy pipeline go through your backyard. Leave ours alone.
Donny pls go
Comment by GF on 12th April 2014
"... so that Northern Gateway can build a lasting series of oil spills for the people of our community."

Fixed that for you, Donny.