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REPORTING · 12th April 2014
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat voted on April 12th, 2014 on the following question: “Do you support the final report recommendations of the Joint Review Panel (JRP) of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and National Energy Board, that the Enbridge Northern Gateway project be approved, subject to 209 conditions set out in Volume 2 of the JRP's final report?”

At 8:00 Pm, the counting began. There was a scrutineer on both sides for each of counts and several people gathered in the offices at the District of Kitimat including Councillor’s Rob Goffinet, Mary Murphy and Mayor Joanne Monaghan.

There were 910 people who voted in the advanced polls and this number does not include the mobile and the mail in ballots. We were told the polls were steady throughout the day.

MESS was the first to come in. There were 458 votes for 'yes' votes and 723 'no' votes. 1181 people voted.

The second polls to come in were the advance polls. There were 455 votes ‘yes’ and 513 votes ‘no.’ 968 people voted.

Tamitik was the last to come in. 365 people voted 'yes,' 557 people voted 'no.'

The totals are 1278 for ‘yes’ and 1793 for ‘no.’
For context on Electioneering numbers
Comment by MWPR on 13th April 2014
Last Municipal election about 2,365 votes were cast and Joanne Monaghan, who by all appearances seemed to indicate support for Enbridge back then, received 1356 votes.

Yesterday there were another 600 or so votes cast at a total of 3071 and with the yes side coming in 1278 making it lower than Monaghan's last vote tally by 78.
Smells Fishy
Comment by CEM on 13th April 2014
What else can I say ? How can a mobile and mail in vote be official ?
Thank you Walter
Comment by Corinne Scott on 12th April 2014
You did an amazing job Walter. Excellent - FAST reporting - WELL DONE!
Thank you
Comment by Mjr on 12th April 2014
Thank you for your coverage on this entire project. Your writing is well researched and they are fair.
Thank You Walter - You are the best
Comment by Merv on 12th April 2014
I must admit, I could not keep up - You stayed strong through thick and thin - This is an amazing thing you have taken the time to cover for no pay - You are the best - no one I know - over my 55 years of life, compares to you. I am so happy tonight - Damn! Words cannot express how great this is - you had such a great part in this result. Most will not understand your sacrifice. I do. Media is such a tough unrewarding task but today you have served the people of Kitimat, the Northwest, Canada - Indeed the world - much more than we will witness for years. Know this. You deserve more medals than most warriors earn in battle. I love you Walter - I am so happy today.
The Vote
Comment by Vern on 12th April 2014
Funny thing when I voted I asked if they needed to see ID and was told No I just needed to tell them my name and address and that was good enough no proof of ID needed. A bit strange.