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CONTRIBUTION · 11th April 2014
Susie Abreu
Student #1:
I was an introvert and couldnít communicate well with my peers
Standing alone outside every day at recess nearly drove me to tears
While other kids laughed, kicked a ball, played games in the park
I was never included as my athletic abilities did not meet their mark
My time in the public school was like a living hell
Sitting at my desk, counting the minutes for the 3:00 bell
At home at last where I can spend time with my friends in cyber space
They do not judge me and to them I can reveal my true face
Iím growing now and I have decided at home I will stay
I can no longer be carried, dragged or hauled to school everyday
I have fallen through the cracks

Student #2:
At a young age, I got caught up with the wrong crowd
We skipped school, smoked cigarettes and were obnoxious and loud
When my parents split up, things gradually got worse
Drugs, alcohol Ė Iím fortunate I didnít end up in a hearse
I was extremely rebellious at home and at school
Forged notes from my parents, I wasnít a fool
At class I would lay my head on my desk and go to sleep
I didnít care, to most of the others I was a creep
Eventually the school system got fed up and threw me out
No skin off my back, more time to run about
I have fallen through the cracks

Student #3:
At the age of 10 I was diagnosed with Aspergerís Syndrome
If you said I was outside the Autism Spectrum, you would hit home
My coordination is sometimes clumsy and little awkward
Which causes me to be nervous and then my speech becomes slurred
I find it difficult to concentrate with many voices around me
My class is noisy and disruptive but there is nowhere to flee
I often hide in the wash room just to get away from it all
The last time I did this, I was duct taped into the stall
I have so many great ideas locked up inside of my head
Itís a pity that all I want to do is stay tucked away in my bed
I have fallen through the cracks


These beautiful children were lost and needed a school to attend
They all found and attend Kitimat City High which was a godsend
The 3 teenagers were no longer falling through the cracks
The staff at KCH would give these student the shirtís off their backs
It was like a miracle when these kids walked through those school doors
The fear was wiped away, grades improved, school was no longer a chore
They all found each other and knew there was now hope & a light
Nobody cared if you were clumsy, quiet and sometimes not feeling right
Everyone was content and happy until that dreadful day
They were told on April 8 that next year they would be moving away
The 3rd floor of the high school, would be their new home
Special classrooms for them, kind of like being segregated under a dome
The fear and anxiety is back and the old habits will return
Student 1, 2 & 3 will follow the same pattern
They have fallen through the cracks

For the sake of these unique individuals and future students to follow, please keep Kitimat City High open in it's existing location. This school and its wonderful, caring staff has given these kids a chance to realize their potential and give them hope for the future. It would be such a shame to destroy this.

A parent: Susie Abreu

Classic Irony
Comment by Just Saying! on 14th April 2014
Ironic how you crapped all over the "concerned citizens of Kitimat" in a previous article and now you are one of them in your own way.