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REPORTING · 11th April 2014
Al Trampuh
Value of Homes Surely to Decrease in the Enbridge Spill Event

Some of the most hazardous industries to the public are oil / gas and nuclear, and you folks in Kitimat are considering one of them. A spill of Bitumen can float for a few hundred kilometres or sink to the underground water streams, and cause you a terrible economic and social consequences. Sorry, I would not move to your region or recommend others to move there if you have such a risk.

I write this with great caution and care for you from the Prince George area: it would be hard to sell a house in an oil spill region, and as a result, somewhat difficult before a spill as well.
Have an oil spill in your region, and you could experience a major inconvenience of water, lack of hunting and fishing, and the value of many homes to decrease (along with the population). This is the risk of allowing Enbridge to influence the financial stability of every homeowner within 50km of the proposed line.

Free thought brings about free choice. Without free thought, there will not be a free vote. If we only think in methods of economics for the short term, the money will arrive soon, with a greater risk. If we say no and postpone this Enbridge project and demand a higher standard of living, then greater opportunities shall be able to come. Don’t you want to commit to a better project, for a higher standard of living? Be cautious what you commit to, as Enbridge does not have your best interest here. Want to know a few?

Enbridge has already narrowed the negotiating options for the public: Yes to jobs and opportunity for the generations; No to jobs and opportunity for generations. How did this simple narrow arrangement come to be?

First, with many Canadians solely believing in prosperity and health as our common good, it is easy to have a big corporation like Enbridge persuade several thousand people through 30 second commercials. Almost all Canadians want a form of job or business security, yet also desire a decent home in which the value goes up over time. You are risking a negative result for the latter, and it will inevitably affect the former. Both are important to overall financial security, however, if a spill occurs, there won’t be a good value in the housing market in Kitimat, and no one will feel good about the local workers at Enbridge.

Second, Enbridge representatives are indeed skilled at persuading, deceiving and even lieing. Michigan continues to be a cover up by Enbridge of things gone wrong, since bitumen is still underground since 2010, below the surface. The simple truth: there is no big money to be made in clean up, there never is much money for the disposing of waste for any company. Therefore, since contamination remains in Michigan, and Enbridge has been deceitful and lied about this, Enbridge should not be permitted to take on new future projects, in order to have integrity with past, current and future projects. These facts are missing from Enbridge... not so transparent.

Third, Enbridge has not mentioned other companies because such companies would compete for their spot, thus the alternative option on other companies bringing jobs to the region is completely avoided in order to get a positive commitment from you the public. If other companies are “at the table”, this improves your negotiation position, to bring a higher standard and a better price. Yet you have allowed Enbridge to persist as if they are the only option “at the table”, meanwhile they are flaunting so much money... it may be convincing, but the risks are worse now than if the company had a higher standard of ethics, integrity, and care for the best interests of locals.

Other opportunities will come, including a better one by Enbridge, so why a need to join this narrow Enbridge oil rush now? Michigan, flat in terrain compared to northern BC, was not fully cleaned up; so how can machinery function on the muddy wet slopes near Kitimat, or when the high waves keep residents onshore? There are alternative options of opportunity for the people of Kitimat, if you wait, but no other options if you commit to Enbridge now.

All the best!
Al Trampuh
Value of homes
Comment by CEM on 18th April 2014
Value of homes will surely decrease if we don't secure more jobs in Kitimat .