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CONTRIBUTION · 11th April 2014
John Bell
Dear sir:

As a long-time Kitimatian and a retiree who understands that pensions, healthcare and social programs all need public financial support to survive, I'm voting 'Yes" in the coming plebiscite on Northern Gateway.

As far as the environment is concerned, I have every reason to believe enough land and marine protections will be put in place by the proponents to ensure we continue to enjoy the wonderful lifestyle we do now in Kitimat.

But this isn't only about Kitimat. It's about Canada and the fact we're an energy producer of world stature. In order for our country to get a fair price for that energy in markets beyond only the US, Canadian oil will flow through Kitimat. Our neighbours in the Northwest will benefit, and so will citizens of our province and Canadians from coast to coast.

I welcome Northern Gateway because it will protect not only the environment but our people as well. We have the knowledge and the ability to make it safe, and we have a tremendous need to harness the employment it will bring and the taxes it will generate. We have a vital need for industry, for development and for a larger tax base.

We greatly need this project.

Yours truly,

John Bell
Reply to John Bell in response to we need this project
Comment by M.Wilson on 13th April 2014
I feel that you are sadly misinformed by the government's strategies to hire locals for this huge project. From all the research to date that I have done digging on Enbridge from prevention of spill, to actual spill sites, clean up to date, etc, (A horrible track record by the way, look at Michigan? Enbridge did not clean up their oil spill from their pipeline?) Another to add to their lengthy list: hiring temporary workers to lower the wages vs having skilled tradesmen on their sites, they're too greedy to pay the proper dollar/hour when in fact they can hire foreign employees just as easily. "Canada is unique in the world in that our citizens broadly recognize that immigration is necessary for our economic survival. The Conservatives have abused that broad support of immigration. They've used it to implement a policy that licks the boots of its corporate donors, providing them with cheap temporary labour, rather than a policy that would help build the country..." I agree with this quote immensely..only politicians will lie right through their teeth to get their lies across and get everyone to believe them. I suggest to you sir, that if you do not appreciate the natural beauty of Kitimat and all the beautiful territory that surrounds Kitimat, please move to Alberta. You will like the view better perhaps if you want to see a pipeline close up. Sincerely, a concerned citizen trying to protect Kitimat, British Columbia and Canada from all of these ill pipelines coming through our country!!
Telkwa guy
Comment by Wayne on 13th April 2014
Personally I think some of you are overly concerned about the possibility of an oil spill and any harm it could cause. Enbridge has given assurances that the latest safety measures and technology will be used. They said they operate 24,000 kilometres of pipelines in North America and move millions of barrels a day now with a 99.999 percent safety record. I believe the government will regulate the safety of the system to ensure the highest standards are being met. There is a lot of emotion but not much rational discussion of facts.
'Yes' is a Vote for Climate Change
Comment by Ingo Oevermann on 12th April 2014
The UN, major scientists, climatologists, and much
of the rest of the world, understand the causes and
the risks of climate change, and what we HAVE
to do to arrest global disasters, rising sea levels, and acidification of the oceans. Yet we still have
many uninformed and self-motivated naysayers,
including some of our supposedly intelligent
political and business leaders (who all want big
salaries and new BMW's). There are only two
burning issues - either we know and care enough
to acknowledge climate change, or we as persons
are ignorant of the facts (or just couldn't care less).
If we continue on our present irresponsible fossil
fueled path, we may condemn millions of innocent
people to being homeless climate change refugees.
I dare you to ask the people of Bangladesh (150
million people in a country 1/67th the size of
Canada) how happy they will be having their tiny
plots of subsistence farms 3+ feet under water,
with no way to feed or rescue themselves. Millions
of them live in bamboo or straw shacks, nor do they
have any trees to build an ark. And where could
they go to? Kitimat perhaps?
In May 2013, I had the privilege of listening to Dr.
John Hiemstra, a professor at King's College in
Edmonton, who has spent about ten years studying
the full scientific details of the fossil fuel industry.
Dr. Hiemstra made two very significant points:
1) that WE (all of us) have to chose between our
public and private WANTS (me,me,me) and the
NEEDS of the generations to come; and 2) that if
we use up/burn more than 1/5th (20%) of the
current known fossil fuel reserves, we WILL exceed the 2 degrees C. threshold, and we are
dooming our great, great grandchildren to a slow
agonizing descent into a living hell of OUR own
creation. We CAN transition to clean, sustainable,
non-polluting energy because we MUST. Please
don't let a few money motivated people in white shirts tell you only half-truths to the detriment of
your great, great grandchildren. Our world is the ONLY home we have. Sincerely, Ingo Oevermann.
Dear Kitimatian
Comment by Sandy on 11th April 2014
I once lived there too and I know that living at the end of the road can sometimes feel like you are not being heard. I don't have the same faith in Enbridge or any other corporation. They in particular have a very bad track record in both Canada and the US for not being honest about amounts spilled and in the case of the Kalamazoo river they refuse now to actually clean up the bitumen. We are a resourceful nation and not only because of fossil fuels. We are resilient and innovative and I believe that this is not our best and last chance as it is being presented. I sincerely hope you listen to the facts about this proposal and this company.
Vote NO
Comment by A on 11th April 2014
The risks far out weigh the benefits this is a financial gain for Alberta, Enbridge and the Federal Governement and we will be left cleaning the mess they created. I love the outdoors and I have grown up here and don't want to see any of our ecosystems effected by a spill which Enbridge has said could happen its just a matter of when.