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CONTRIBUTION · 12th April 2014
Per Norman
Accepting the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines proposal would be a mistake.
It's a another raw material export scheme and Canadians won't get much out of it, but Big Oil and their (mostly foreign) investors will.
Northern Gateway is incessantly promoted as being safe. It isn't safe at all because it will result in further global warming when the time is getting critical for action to prevent a total climate upheaval.
The ads don't reveal either that the project involves the use of large amounts of energy in the way our bitumen is to be moved to other countries. Or the adverse effects it will likely have in our region (on fishing and tourist jobs, air quality, wildlife, recreation...). Or that spills can and will happen even with state of the art, “world class” diluted bitumen transport methods. Large diameter pipe and large super tankers are untested in our rugged northern areas.
What will diluted bitumen do to Kitimat River if it should enter it? We could one day wake up to find out.
Northern Gateway Pipelines represents the kind of nature adverse mega projects with booms and busts, pollution and diminishing citizen rights we will get when multinationals are driving our “economy”, as they increasingly are, because profits and growth trump concerns for local ways of life and the environment.
So if it is stability, good employment and real progress we are looking for, there are people friendlier ways...but to get there a change of direction in the country must first take place, the sooner the better before we lose our resources, democracy or climate entirely.
Saying no to Enbridge Northern Gateway will be the best option.

Per Norman

tar sands
Comment by Debra on 12th April 2014
I recently saw a documentary on the Alberta tar sands, where they are going to ship the oil from.
I was disgusted and thoroughly amazed that our country is allowing this distruction to our country and our planet.
What will be left behind when they are done,raping the land.
I was against the pipeline to begin with, but seeing the film makes me see how important it is for us to find other alternative energy.
Very sad future for all of us, and all for perhaps 180 long term jobs for Kitimat?