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REPORTING · 9th April 2014
Walter McFarlane
Stu McFadden, a representative of Kingfisher Development Corporation was at Council on Monday April 7th to talk about a new development on Kingfisher Street, next to Margette Street, near the golf course.

“We own and aim to develop 1851 Kingfisher Avenue, which is very close by the Golf Course,” said McFadden. “We aim to improve density from 40 to 54 units. We feel there is two great benefits from this, greater density leads to greater affordability and with increased density, there will be a greater tax base for your community.”

The building type is tried, tested and true across the province for being both cost effective and efficient. It will lead to cost savings which will make them more affordable for the users.

“We are looking forward to bringing this to the community,” said McFadden.

He also complimented the District Staff for being a great group to work with.

A series of plans were submitted to Council. The units are connected in groups of 4 and 8 and are three story three bedroom and 2 bath with an optional flex room which takes up space in the garage.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff asked about proposed parking. He was told there were 85 indoor parking stalls and 32 available driveway spots and 12 guest spots. He hoped 130 would cover the needs for the project. All the parking is in the rear. The front façade is clean.

Monaghan expressed the housing will not be affordable housing, they will just be slightly less expensive than the current housing in Kitimat. The site is 10 acres but only 2.6 acres is buildable. The rest of the land is being donated back to the district and a walking trail is going to be built along a ravine.

Monaghan asked when they plan to start building, McFadden replied they are working on it. Monaghan asked to be informed.
Greater Density
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 2nd July 2014
"Greater Density" .... from 40 to 54 units also could mean more people crammed into a smaller space to Maximize profits could it not? Increase tax base .... oh yeah!!