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NEWS RELEASE · 7th April 2014
Kitimat RCMP
Kitimat Detachment responded to 88 calls for service during this period. Some of which are as follows:

On March 31 at approximately 18:21hrs a complainant called Kitimat RCMP to report a male threatening him at Kitimat Skate Park. The complainant stated he became involved in dispute with another male after witnessing the 9 year old son of the male throw someone's skateboard in the garbage and acting inappropriately at the Skate Park. The male then attended the Skate Park with two friends and allegedly threatened to beat the complainant up for what he said to his son. The complainant stated the male told him he would strip his clothes off him and make him walk home naked, as well as get other kids his age after him to beat him up. The complainant stated that he wanted a member to speak with the male as this was not appropriate behaviour for an adult to be threatening a youth. A member attended the residence of the male and spoke with him regarding the complaint. He was warned about attending the Skate Park again under those circumstances, as well to stay away from the complainant. The male agreed and stated he would never have hurt the complainant, he only intended to scare him after the confrontation he had with his son. No further police action required. File Concluded.

On March 31 at approximately 2310hrs a member observed a truck cross Kuldo Blvd onto Columbia Ave in Kitimat BC. with no tail lights. The member conducted a vehicle stop with the truck and while talking with the driver, he detected a mild odour of liquor emanating from the drivers breath. The driver was asked to exit the vehicle. The member then asked the driver how much he had to drink and he replied 2 beers with the last drink being approximately 30 minutes prior to the stop. The member read the driver the ASD demand and the driver provided 2 suitable samples of his breath on two separate ASD's with "FAIL" results on both samples. The member then issued a 90 day driving prohibition, impounded the vehicle for 30 days and a written warning for the tail lights. The driver chose to walk from the scene. Also in the truck as passengers were the driverís 8 year old daughter and his spouse. Both walked from the scene while the investigation was ongoing. Found on driver also was a small amount of marijuana which was seized and file 2014-938 refers. File concluded.

On April 1. 2014, a complainant contacted the Kitimat RCMP to report that her vehicle had been damaged sometime overnight. A member attended and met with the complainant who advised that while parked on Albatross Ave the driver side mirror had been smashed on her van. No physical evidence to lead to suspect identification (i.e. paint transfer). Mirror glass and plastic housing damaged. No photos taken. File number provided for insurance/reference purposes. Concluded here.

On April 01 at 1708 hrs, a complainant and her common law husband attended the Kitimat Detachment to report the theft of her recently deceased son's cremated ashes. The complainant received a Face Book message earlier this date from a person who told her that she had the remains and that she would return them to the complainantís ex-husband if he paid her $20,000 and got her citizenship papers. The complainant lives in Mirror Alberta and the subject of the complaint now in Mexico somewhere. The complainantís ex advised her to give her a daysí time to try and fix the situation. Ashes were stolen from the complainantís residence and as such, the complainant was advised that the local police in Alberta would be contacted for investigation as offence actually occurred there. File concluded.

On April 01 at approximately 2217hrs Kitimat RCMP were called by a complainant who reports 4 intoxicated males causing problems at the Ol'Keg pub. One male in particular was causing the most problems by attempting to urinate on the building. The complainant confronted this male and the male stated to the effect that maybe he would pee on her. All the males then left the scene. The complainant described the one male as wearing a blue bandanna. Members patrolled the area but did not locate any males. No other witnesses. File concluded.

On April 02 at approximately 0105hrs a member conducted a traffic stop with a vehicle at the request of Terrace Detachment. Terrace RCMP notified Kitimat RCMP of a vehicle that was heading towards Kitimat stating they had a file with the driver and that the driver was intoxicated. Terrace RCMP requested that if the vehicle and the driver were located, to arrest the driver for breach. The member located the vehicle driving on Nalabila Blvd. The member conducted a vehicle stop with that vehicle and arrested the driver for the breach as requested. During the arrest and initial stop, the member detected a moderate odour of liquor on the driverís breath. The driver slurred his works at times when spoke and was unsteady on his feet when he walked. He was very deliberate with his actions when he moved and did most actions very slowly. The ASD demand was read a suitable sample was provided which resulted in a "FAIL" reading. Due to the driver's impaired history he was also arrested for impaired operation of a motor vehicle. He had just completed his last prohibition from an IRP in 2013 on 2014-03-22. He was transported back to Kitimat detachment where he provided two suitable samples of his breath with readings on 120 and 110. He was released with a 24hr suspension, notice to seek greater punishment, and a PTA for court 2014-06-05 where he will be facing two charges of Driving While Impaired and Driving While Over .08. Still under investigation.

On April 02 at 1747 hrs, a complainant reported a theft of meat from the Super Valu store in Kitimat. The complainant reported the young native male had left on foot toward the Esso station on Lahakas Blvd after being chased by employees. Patrols were conducted immediately by member on foot at and around the Esso station by who was in the area with negative results. The subject of the complaint is described as young native male, tall, skinny wearing a black ball cap, dark jacket and pants. A follow up with the complainant afterwards by member who was told that the suspect didn't actually get out of store with the buggy full of meat as the complainant had pulled the cart away as the suspect attempted to get out the door without paying. The suspect was chased away without taking anything. The suspect also had a pair of new work gloves in his shopping bag left at scene which the complainant thinks the suspect had stolen from Trigo's as there were tags still on them from Tru Hardware. Member will return gloves to Trigo's. Matter still under investigation.

On April 03 a complainant called requesting police attendance as a vehicle had travelled past the security gate on the Bish Forest Service Rd. Police units attended and met with the complainant who directed police toward the vehicle, a white Dodge Ram. The member spoke with the driver and registered owner who advised that he had only been trying to take his sons on an off-road adventure, and had not intended to enter an active work site. No criminal offence occurred. The driver was advised to proceed with caution when travelling on marked Forest Service Roads, and departed without incident. All parties satisfied, file concluded here.

On April 03 2328 Hrs a complainant called police to request assistance as her neighbor was intoxicated and refusing to leave her home. Police attended and observed a male walking away from the unit on foot. A member spoke with the complainant who advised that she and the male are neighbors and friends, but not in a relationship. She stated that she has been helping him clean out his trailer lately, and that he has been sleeping on her couch due to the poor living conditions in his unit. Tonight he showed up after consuming drugs and alcohol, and began to demand that she make him supper. He originally would not leave when told to do so by her but then departed on his own accord without incident. She advised that no violence occurred, and that she was not interested in pursuing the matter any further. He agreed to leave her alone for the night as both parties had been drinking. File concluded here.

On April 04 at 0947 hours a member of the Kitimat RCMP received a phone call from Dispatch advising of a 911 call made this morning by a French only speaking lady. The lady was reporting a disturbance between her daughter and husband in Quebec. Dispatch was able to get a French speaking officer from Prince George, in touch with the complainant to determine that police assistance was not required. The Kitimat member then called the complainant and had a brief French conversation where she was able to confirm that everything was in fact ok and police were not required. According to dispatch, the complainant had originally called from Kitimat regarding a verbal argument her daughter and husband were having in Quebec however it had since been resolved. No further action required. File concluded.

On April 04 at 2319 hrs, a complainant reported her neighbour on Nalabila Blvd was playing drums and music loudly, ongoing since 2100 hrs. The complainant had called building manager earlier who had the tenant turn it down however the noise was back up again. Members attended at 2331 hrs and spoke with slightly intoxicated male who claimed to have been playing drums and guitar earlier however only stereo playing at the time with a friend. The male turned the stereo down to suitable level for the time of night and promised to keep it that way. The complainant called police again at 0007 hrs and 0027 hrs to report the drums and music playing loud again. Members re-attended at 0035 hrs and could hear clearly a drum kit and stereo playing Pink Floyd music loudly. The male answered door again this time highly intoxicated and was served with a bylaw ticket for Causing Noise Disturbance. He was advised to keep it down or face charge of Breach of the Peace. The male promised to comply again. The complainant was updated by phone. File concluded.

On April 05 at 0427 hrs, a complainant called police to report a fight involving 15 people in front of the Kitimat Hotel. The complainant stated he was driving by when he witnessed the event, no weapons reported. EHS and back up member called out. Members attended the scene at 0438 hrs to find door to hotel locked, 7 intoxicated people out front with a taxi pulling up to the location to pick up a male. No signs of any fight, no one was injured and all declared that there had not been any fight at all. Patrols made of area were negative for any issues. EHS and back up member stood down at 0444 hrs. The complainant was contacted by member on phone at 0448 hrs. The complainant was very intoxicated and stated he only observed a verbal argument between two groups of patrons that had started inside and continued outside of the bar. Nothing physical had taken place however the complainant who left in a taxi was concerned it might escalate into physical violence. Complainant did not provide any names of individuals involved and thanked member for his efforts. File concluded.

On April 05 at 2216 hours the Kitimat RCMP Detachment received a complaint reporting a Toyota Corolla driving erratically at a high rate of speed and tailgating the complainant on highway 37. A member patrolled the highway and located the vehicle with two males in it. The member provided the driver with a verbal warning. The driver insisted he did not do any of the above mentioned actions. The member called the complainant to advise the vehicle driver was spoken to and she was very thankful. File concluded here.

On April 06 at 0447 hrs members responded to a report from complainants of a female that had jumped off the Haisla vehicle bridge near the Kitimat Hotel. Members attended and observed a male yelling and running frantically on the bridge and another male trying to flag police over. The male showed police the general location to where a female had leapt over the rail and fell off onto a log jam below after getting into an argument with one of the males. Members located a female where another male was waiting with her. A member guided EHS to scene. EHS, police and the male were able to remove the female safely from the log jam to the ambulance via spinal board. Other members were requested to attend during this time in order to assist with traffic control and obtaining key information from eye-witnesses who were still above the site on the bridge. The female was transported to KGH via EHS for further treatment. Doctors stated that the female had sustained minor and superficial injuries of which does not appear to be life-threatening at this time. The female was observed talking with her family upon police leaving. Investigation found that the female and one of the males were intoxicated and were with the femaleís cousin (also intoxicated) walking from the Kitimat Hotel. The female and the male began arguing and the female found herself in the roadway of the bridge and ran over to the side and leapt over the rail to get out of the way of an oncoming truck. The cousin advised that he didn't think she realized that there was not a platform on the other side of the rails and subsequently fell onto a metal conduit and then onto a log jam below. Photos taken. VS offered to family, however, were not available to attend hospital for family support. No evidence found that would suggest male had pushed her over or that she had tried to commit suicide. Investigation continues.

On April 6th, 2014 at 15:36 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint that a male had been slouched over in the bus stop at Wren St and Nalabila Blvd for approximately 1.5 hours. A member attended and found a male to be lively and talking on his phone. The male explained that he had just moved to Kitamaat Village and had gone out for a walk. His wife had gone to Terrace and was supposed to pick him up on her way back and he had decided to take a nap in the bus stop while he waited. His wife had driven past him and he was currently trying to give her instructions on how to locate him. The complainant was updated. File concluded here.

If you have information about these or any other crimes, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or contact the Kitimat RCMP at 250-632-7111. Crime Stoppers is anonymous and does not subscribe to call display and calls are not traced or recorded. If your information leads to an arrest or charge you may be eligible for a cash award.