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CONTRIBUTION · 3rd April 2014
Lindsay Silvestre
Printed with permission of author

When Enbridge comes, you’ll lock your doors

Fearing things forever more

And walking down the street at night

The smallest sound shall give a fright

Fish in rivers will be no more

Their bodies will litter every shore

Pristine waters, turning to sludge

And once grand trees, falling with a nudge

Beautiful sunsets clouded by smog

All to happen because people who chose to nod

People who chose, money over earth

Realizing to late, the horror to which they gave birth

Destroying a beautiful, quaint little town

For the money which, has brought them down
I am truly impressed......
Comment by Larry Walker on 7th April 2014
Truth comes to us out of the mouths of our young...listen and learn.
An Enbridge Poem - by Lindsay Sylvester
Comment by Rej on 3rd April 2014
Very nice writing.
Well done, Lindsay!
Comment by Chery Willis on 3rd April 2014
Thank you Lindsay for your thoughtful poem - it is nice to see a young lady express such love for the earth!