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NEWS RELEASE · 3rd April 2014
Kitimat RCMP
Kitimat Detachment responded to 70 calls for service during this period. Some of which are as follows:
On March 24 at 2150 hrs, a complainant called police to report 2 male youths between 12-15 yrs old were in the tunnel behind Tony's store at the Nechako Center lighting some paper on fire. The complainant told the youths she was calling police. One male wearing blue jacket and the other wearing grey jacket, both ran off north bound on King Fisher Ave towards Nalabila Blvd. 8 min time delay when the complainant attended Tony's store to call police as she had no home phone. Members made patrols of area along streets and pathways without locating youths. No other reports of similar incidents were received. File concluded.

On March 25 2128 hrs members responded to a report of an abandoned 911 call from a pay-phone near 169 City Centre Kitimat (City Centre Mall). Members attended and spoke with a group of teens nearby who stated that they had seen another teen make the call to "show off" in front of his friends. Members made patrols and located the teen near the pedestrian overpass on Haisla Blvd. Confronted about incident the teen admitted that he had made the false call to show off in front of his friends. Members explained the seriousness of making a false report and the possibility of forwarding public mischief charges against him despite his age. The teen was up front with police and advised that he understood. He apologized and said it was a "stupid thing to do". Advised that if any further reports are made, he will likely be contacted and questioned by police. Member tried to contact the Teens' parents via phone, but there was no answer. Member will follow up with parents.

On March 25 a complainant contacted the Kitimat RCMPdetachment to report that sometime over the weekend (Mar 21-24) a Honda generator was taken from the back of a company vehicle which was parked in the West parking lot of the Alcan camp. Generator was secured to the back of the truck, but was only held in place by a tie-down strap. No damage reported to the company vehicle. The generator was added to the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) as stolen. Serial number obtained from receipt which has been added to a hardcopy file. No further avenue of investigation, file is concluded here.

On March 26 0840 Hrs a complainant contacted the Kitimat RCMP to report an insecure premise on Alexander Ave. The complainant advised that while driving by that location she noted the front door to unit #3 to be wide open. The complainant did not stop, and did not know if anyone was living at that location. Members attended and checked the premise which was vacant and dilapidated. The front door was showing sign of damage (missing door handle) but there was no indication of whether the damage had been recently caused or not. The property representative was contacted and advised of the police action. The PR advised that he thought the premise had been secure with a door handle when he had last been at the that location. The complainant was updated of the police action taken. Damage estimated to be $20. File concluded.

On March 27 0144 hrs the Kitimat RCMP received report of a disturbance on West Columbia Ave., Kitimat between a male, outside another residence kicking and yelling and a female yelling from inside. Members attended the residence. Investigation found that both were intoxicated, The male was the female and left. He returned to her residence and when she didn't answer the door, he became upset and started kicking at her door. She then yelled back at him and found out that what he wanted was his beer which was still inside her residence. She tossed the beer to him and he left. Both relayed same information to police. Police database checks found neither on conditions. Both agreed to remain at their residences for remainder of evening. File concluded here.

On March 27th, 2014 Kitimat RCMP received a request from a complainant for a member to attend her residence on Dunn St and pick up three firearms recovered from her father in law's home. She and her husband had been having a garage sale and decided that the firearms needed to be disposed of immediately after noticing some local youth taking an interest in them. A member attended and retrieved a shotgun and two rifles. Guns relinquished by the owner, form signed, placed in hard copy. Firearms to be destroyed.

On March 27 at approx 1700 hrs a complainant contacted Kitimat RCMP to report that St Anthony's School appeared to have been broken into and a small amount of money taken. The complainant is a teacher at the school and had attended to pick up some items during March Break. The complainant found that his desk had been gone through and book order money was missing. He looked around the school and also found that the office, principalís office and several other classrooms had been gone through. Members attended and spoke with the property rep. Staff will document any missing items or items that do not belong in the building.
No damage to building or damage inside. File concluded.

On March 28 0026 hrs members responded to a report from a complainant that her niece was fighting inside her residence on Heron St, Kitimat, BC with her daughter and friend. The complainant advised that she needed help getting her niece to leave her residence, as when she told her to leave, she refused. Parties were separated prior to police arrival, unknown friend of the nieceís attended and picked her up. Upon arriving and speaking with the daughter and the niece, who were both highly intoxicated, both advised police that a consensual fight had broken out between the three after the niece had allegedly tried to take a cell phone from the daughterís friend. Police data-base checks for parties involved negative. Patrols for the niece negative. The complainant thanked police for attending and advised that she would secure the doors and contact police if there are any further incidents. None involved were interested in pursuing the matter. File concluded here.

On March 28 at approximately 1450hrs a complainant attended the Kitimat RCMP Detachment to report that his car which was parked on Capilino St., had been entered sometime in the last 24hrs and that a Garmin GPS(new in box) and approximately 20 dollars in coin was taken from a tin in the vehicle. He stated that he must have left his doors un-locked as there was no damage to his vehicle. He stated that this has happened to his car before however he never reported this at the time. He wanted to just report the occurrence for information only. Neighbourhood enquiries conducted. File concluded.

On March 29 0134 Hrs, a complainant called police to report that he was receiving text messages from an unknown phone number demanding money. He advised that the texts started with someone referring to him by first name, and then going on to tell him that his ex-girlfriend, had been hit by a car. He spoke with his ex girlfriend who advised that she was fine and had not been in an accident. The complainant advised that the text messages were now stating that he had to pay money to prevent the ex girlfriend from being targeted. The complainant was adamant that he does not owe anyone money, and felt that the messages was someone "messing" with him.
He did not want any further police action taken, and had called as he believed police able to trace the phone number on his behalf. The complainant was not interested in changing his own phone number, or attempting to have the phone number blocked from contacting him. File concluded here.

On March 29 at 1133 hours the Kitimat RCMP Detachment received a report that the tires on a complainantís vehicle had been slashed between 0530 and 0550 hours yesterday March 28, 2014 in the Kuldo Blvd apartment parking lot. The front and rear driver side tires were slashed on the vehicle. The complainant advised he had brought the car to Kal-Tire to change them to summer tires (as two of them now had no air) and Kal-Tire advised it appeared they had been slashed. No witnesses or suspects at this time. The complainant spoke with neighbours, landlord and people in the area however no one saw anything. The complainant was reporting for insurance purposes. Damage to tires estimated at $200 per tire, total $400. File concluded here.

On March 30 at approximately 0909hrs Kitimat RCMP received a call asking for assistance in locating and notifying a person of a recent passing of the personís father. The personís father passed away in Vancouver earlier this week. A member made several enquiries and ended up speaking with the son of the person he was seeking. The son advised the member that the person he was seeking passed away approximately 4yrs ago. The son was already aware of the passing of the person's father and things were being taken care of. The complainant was updated. File concluded.

On March 30 a complainant called Kitimat RCMP to report possible fight outside of Vitality Foods in City Centre Mall (360 City Centre). The complainant reported people yelling and swearing at each other but was unsure if anything physical had happened. Members attended and patrolled area but did not locate any individuals engaged in altercation. Approximately 20 mins later a male attended Kitimat Detachment asking if members were looking for him as he reported that he was just involved in verbal altercation with another male pertaining to Kitimat File 2014-278. He stated that he was walking through mall area when the other male began to swear at him and he swore back and subsequently left. Nothing physical. No criminal acts reported. NFAR. File Concluded.

If you have information about these or any other crimes, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or contact the Kitimat RCMP at 250-632-7111. Crime Stoppers is anonymous and does not subscribe to call display and calls are not traced or recorded. If your information leads to an arrest or charge you may be eligible for a cash award.