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CONTRIBUTION · 27th March 2014
I hope I may submit the following as fact and for residents to watch to make up their own mind.

This spill happened and the coverup happened.

Vote as you wish but vote with research and clear understanding of what you are voting for. Be informed and don't let anger or emotions create your vote. Vote on fact.

Enbridge Oil Spill Coverup in Michigan (occurred July 25, 2010. The Environmental Protection Agency, EPA later estimated the spill to be in excess of 1 million US gallons)
Oil spill cleanup worker John Bolenbaugh explains how he was fired for refusing to cover up oil at the Enbridge pipeline leak in Michigan, which is estimated to have spilled around a million gallons of oil into the Kalamazoo River. He shows us oil left behind in the water and in the woods eight months after the spill. During our tour of the site, Enbridge employees arrive by boat, helicopter, and truck to intimidate Bolenbaugh and get us off their land.