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CONTRIBUTION · 26th March 2014
Douglas Channel Watch
Things are heating up in Kitimat as the April 12th Enbridge plebiscite gets closer. Assumptions have been made, and accusations hurled at Douglas Channel Watch for being an anti-development organization, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Our group formed because of our shared concerns regarding Enbridge's history of spills and their Northern Gateway dual pipeline and supertanker port proposal. We have not stood in the way of any other project currently being proposed in Kitimat.

Many of us believe the tar sands should be refined in Alberta, thereby creating thousands of jobs for Canadians. Royalties and taxes garnered could fund research for better, cleaner energy solutions. The stone age didn't end because they ran out of stones, it was because of the bronze age...we could utilize our tar sands in a wiser, forward looking way which could put Canada at the very forefront of cleaner energy systems into the future.

When you lay down on an issue, you get stepped on. Douglas Channel Watch prefers to stand firm with our conviction to protect the place we love, stare Enbridge and the Federal Government right in the eyes, and ask the hard questions while also demanding solid evidence, and will not apologize for doing so.

The JRP figures temporary foreign workers can build pipelines in Canada, that Enbridge's project should be for the export of unrefined, raw, diluted bitumen, and that the Exxon Valdez and Kalamazoo spills, if they happened in BC's salmon rivers or onto our pristine north coast, would be "justified in the circumstances".

I, and many others, intend to send a massive, clear message to Ottawa that Enbridge's Northern Gateway is a bad deal for Kitimat, for BC, and for all of Canada. They need to rethink their priorities, and why we are voting NO! to Enbridge.
Staying True!
Comment by Murray Minchin on 27th March 2014
JRP Final Hearings Employment and Economic Benefit Panel Transcript 105 - Enbridge's Mr. Fiddler said:
"With regard to employment and the contractors, the large bore contract pipeline contractors community is a community that we’re very familiar with and we’ve got extensive experience with and, as I mentioned earlier, have ongoing discussions. Ultimately, there are cycles in the economy where they do need to recruit and have foreign employ foreign worker programs. "

Condition #26) "Northern Gateway must notify the NEB within 14 days after any application is made to Service Canada for a Labour Market Opinion by it, on its behalf, or by its contractors, for the purposes of using Temporary Foreign Workers for Project construction."

Section 1.1) "The westbound pipeline could carry a variety of crude oil products. Studies prepared for the project indicated that the majority of shipments would be diluted bitumen, which is a blend of light and heavy oil products." 

Volume 1) "Despite substantial mitigation proposed by Northern Gateway, there is uncertainty over the effectiveness of Northern Gateway's proposed mitigation to control access and achieve the goal of no net gain, or net decrease, in linear feature density. We recommend that the Governor in Council find these cases of significant adverse environmental effects are justified in the circumstances."

Stay true
Comment by Lynda on 27th March 2014
Paraphrasing as you have done in the second to last paragraph, is presenting your information just like you accuse northern gateway of doing. You know that those few words are not full truths but writing it this way sounds so much better. Keep to the basic facts as they are stated in the 209 conditions and don't sugar coat them to sound more appealing for your side. You want to stay true to your convictions don't try to play a game you are ill prepared for.
Enbridge Opposition
Comment by Pam Vollrath on 26th March 2014
Well said!