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REPORTING · 26th March 2014
Walter McFarlane
With all the camps coming to Kitimat, it’s been discovered there are areas within Kitimat’s Bylaws are lacking. A motion under the heading of Sewer Charges for Vessels used as Accommodations came before Council on Monday, March 24th at their Committee of the Whole Meeting. This motion will lead to a bylaw.

“There is a number of issues which has come up for sewage disposal for temporary camps and a bit more permanent such as the PTI Development and the all new dwelling units being placed on lands that weren’t subdivided before 2001,” said District Engineer Tim Gleig. “With the number of work camps which are coming on to play on the system, that portion of the code had to be revised to some extent.”

He explained this one related to something they had not considered, accommodations which are not land based.

In a memo to Council, it was explained the bylaw, once passed, will collect a user charge for the sewers from vessels and similar sources who do not pay property taxes. Property taxes are the main source of funds for the sewer system.

Vessels will be charged $0.10 a day for each bed. In the case of the Delta Spirit, the only vessel being used for such accommodations in Kitimat, the charge is $21,900 for the year.

“This will ensure facilities that are not subject to property taxes still contribute to the costs to operate the sewer system,” reads the memo.

Gleig told Council there will be other portions of the code which will be brought to Council’s attention. The bylaw will return to Council on March 31st.
Comment by Larry Walker on 26th March 2014
How many 0.10 cents a day beds can our presently system effectively handle?