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NEWS RELEASE · 25th March 2014
Kitimat RCMP
Kitimat Detachment responded to 81 calls for service during this period. Some of which are as follows:
On March 17, at approximately 1711 hours, Kitimat RCMP was dispatched to an abandoned 911 call coming from the Kitamaat Village. Address is unknown but the cellphone was pinged to a block radius of 380 Haisla Blvd, Kitamaat Village, BC. A member called the cellphone few times and finally got someone on the phone. A teenager answered. He said it must have been a pocket dial and was very apologetic. He did not know where he is living at but confirmed that he was in the Kitamaat Village. He said that everything was fine and that he was very sorry that he called 911 by mistake. File concluded.

On March 17 Members received a report from an anonymous complainant that she heard a male and female arguing below her apartment on Kingfisher Ave Kitimat. Unsure which unit, however, she could hear a male yelling "get the **** out" and a female in the hall kicking and trying to get back inside. The complainant advised that she would meet police at door. Members arrived, but did not see the complainant and entered by other means. Members spoke with a slightly intoxicated and upset male who allowed members inside to discuss the incident. He and his common-law spouse had an argument over her drinking and how she had left the door to their apartment open so as everyone could hear them arguing. He stated that he told her to get out to which she did. Members were unable to locate the common law. There was no evidence found by members to suggest anything more than a verbal argument occurred. Members advised the male to contact police if there were any further incidents. Concluded here.

On March 18 at approximately 0150 hours the Kitimat RCMP Detachment received a report of a male at the Kitimat Detachment wanting to "turn himself in." Members spoke with the male who was extremely intoxicated and emotional. He was telling officers he was upset over his parents breaking up and had way too much to drink and would like to be "locked up” for the evening. Officers arrested the male for being intoxicated in a public place and lodged the male in cells as it was clear he was unable to care for himself. He was released in the morning when he was sober and could care for himself. File concluded.

On March 18, at approximately 1342 hours, a complainant attended the Kitimat RCMP to report that his vehicle had been involved in a hit and run yesterday, 2014-03-17. He was working at the BC employment building and his vehicle was parked in the parking lot. A male attended the Employment building and reported being a witness of a hit and run and provided the secretary (name unknown) with his details. The complainant was provided with this information. When complainant was about to leave, he found another piece of paper in his windshield giving the description of the vehicle that backed into your right front bumper. The matter is still under investigation.

On March 18, at approximately 1422 hours, a complainant attended the Kitimat RCMP to report that his car key had been stolen at a gas station on S Lahakas Blvd, Kitimat, BC. The complainant advised that he went to the gas station to fuel up his vehicle and left his car key on the counter to get the pump authorized. When he went back inside, his keys were missing. The cashier was unable to explain what had happen and if a customer took the keys by mistake. Matter is still under investigation.

On March 19 at 1744 Hrs a complainant called police to report that two males were fighting near the bus exchange at the City Centre Mall. He advised that the males had been "going at it", and that one male had knocked the other male down. At 1803 Hrs members then responded to a report from one of the suspected males at the Kitimat Hospital who was reporting that the other male had assaulted him earlier. Member attended and spoke with the male who was seeking treatment for an injured foot. He was upset with police stating that this was the third time he has had a run-in with the male and nothing had been done (x-ref 14-808). He demanded police action be taken, but refused to provide a statement to police, and could not provide a consistent version of the events that led up to him fighting with the other male. Accompanying the male to the Hospital was a friend of his who had been in the Mall parking lot when he saw the two males squaring off and swearing at each other. Insufficient evidence to proceed with a charge at this time. The male showed no other sign of injury aside from a swollen right ankle, and no explanation could be provided as to how the injury occurred. The member later spoke with the male who acknowledged that the fight had started as a consensual altercation. No charges are to be pursued in this matter. File concluded.

On March 19, while on patrol in Kitimat, a member noted a blue GMC Sonoma spinning its tires (brake stand) while leaving a stop sign on N.Lahakas Blvd. Police vehicle emergency equipment was activated and a roadside stop was initiated with the vehicle. While behind the vehicle the member noted the driver and passenger to be moving things in extended cab area of the vehicle. Upon approaching the vehicle the member initiated a conversation with the driver who acknowledged that he had been stopped for spinning his tires. The member noted that the driver was speaking in a slow deliberate pattern. When asked to move the jacket sitting in the back seat portion of the vehicle an open case of beer was noted. When the driver picked up the case of beer, liquid could be seen streaming from the bottom corner of the box. The member requested the driver to step out of the vehicle, and while standing roadside an odour of liquor could be noted coming from the driver's breath. He admitted to police to consuming 3 beers approximately 30 minutes prior to being stopped. The member read the Approved Screening Device (ASD) Demand to the driver and a sample of his breath was obtained on an ASD which registered a Fail reading. He was explained the Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) process and a second Sample was obtained on a separate ASD, again with a Fail reading. The member then completed the Notice of Driving Prohibition, along with the Notice of Impoundment, and both documents were served to the driver and the vehicle impounded. The member chose not to serve the violation ticket to the driver for Unnecessary Noise given the monetary penalties imposed by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles. The driver chose to depart on foot with his passenger and refused any police transportation. Documents faxed to Superintendent of MV's. File concluded.

On March 20 at 0129 hrs members responded to report from a complainant that a group of approximately 8 youths were seen trying to break into the abandoned Nechako building 143 Nechako Centre Kitimat. Members attended, observed that one of the doors that was boarded up with plywood had been pried off and leaving the building accessible. Due to the poor state of the abandoned complex, it cannot be determined if there was any damage other than the pried-off panel board that was used to barricade the door. Members entered the building for only a short distance to ensure no one was inside, as the building proved too hazardous to safely clear. Upon leaving, members stood the boards upright against the access point but were unable to secure it properly. Members located a male walking on the sidewalk of Kingfisher Ave away from the location. The male denied any involvement in the incident. A member later stopped a vehicle and spoke with the driver and passenger who both advised that they had stopped by the Nechako Centre earlier and seen the male there with several unknown friends. The male was seen leaving
the building by the two, but did not observe him or his friends causing damage. Members left a message with property representative advising of incident and to properly secure the property. File concluded here.

On March 20 at approximately 1414hrs Kitimat RCMP received an anonymous complaint about 3 teens that had entered the abandoned building at Nechako Centre. Members arrived on scene finding a side door open. The members entered and found the three teens hiding in the first floor area. All were spoken to about entering the building and were read the riot act in regards to being charged with mischief and entering the building. The Deputy Fire Chief was also on scene and had already spoken with the property representative regarding securing the building. Members cleared the remaining portion of the building. File concluded.

On March 20 at 2120 hrs a complainant called police to report a suspicious male at the corner of Haisla Blvd and Tsimshian Bvld. The complainant advised that 20 minutes earlier the male had been standing on the corner wearing all black with a skull mask covering his face. The member attending was advised by another member that she has witnessed a male matching this description walking around town in the past. Patrols through the area were negative, no further information to follow up on. File concluded.

On March 21 at approximately 11:51hrs a complainant called Kitimat RCMP to report a black Dell Laptop stolen from her 2005 Blue Pontiac GrandPrix in Lower City Centre Parking lot, by a male wearing red and white sweater/jacket. A member located the male at approximately 11:58 hrs behind Dairy Queen restaurant. The male stated he did not have any laptop in his possession. The member asked if he could empty his backpack and the male did so, producing the stolen black Dell Laptop. The male was arrested for Theft under $5000 and Possession of Stolen
Property and transported to Kitimat Cells. The black carrying case for laptop located at Tamitik Arena and a chequebook belonging to the complainant later found in back of police cruiser. The male was subsequently released on a Promise To Appear (PTA) for June 5th, 2014. The matter is now before the Court.

On March 21 at approximately 1436hrs Kitimat RCMP were dispatched to a possible fight occurring at the First Line bus stop. Members attended and found a male and a female engaged in a fight. The male was observed to be punching the female in the face. A member fearing for the safety of the female took the male to the ground. The male was arrested at the time for assault and placed in the back of the police vehicle. The female was hysterically yelling that the man had beaten her. Watching the fight was another male who finally stated that the female had spat on the arrested male and then hit him with the arrested male returning the punches. Members tried to speak with the female but she refused to say anything other than that guy beat me up. The female left scene with friends. With the female not cooperating at the time, the arrested male was released. The matter is still under investigation.

On March 22 an anonymous complainant called Kitimat RCMP to report a stick had been thrown through window at Kildala Elementary School. A member attended and observed a large 2x4 piece of wood leaning against building/window. The wood was observed to have gone through both panes of glass on window on right side of school. The member spoke with the maintenance worker and made him aware of broken window. The hole in window was not large enough for any persons to gain access to the school. No surveillance available. Not suitable for IDENT. No suspects/witness. No other damage observed. Approximate damage $300. File concluded.

On March 22 a complainant called Kitimat RCMP to report a suspicious looking male walking on her street, stopping and staring into houses. She reported that she observed the male at least 6 times prior that week and was not sure if he was on drugs or not, but stated he did not live on Kechika St. A member located the male walking on Columbia Ave and spoke with him. Through speaking with the male it was observed that he had a speech impediment and may have been somewhat cognitively deficient. The male was able to care for himself and did not appear to be in distress, nor was he committing any criminal acts. The member called the complainant back and let her know the outcome. Police Checks on the male were negative. File concluded.

On March 23, at 1045 hrs, Kitimat RCMP received a complaint that someone had broken off the door mail box slot, broke the light cover and moved the front bench across the property at the Presbyterian Church on 1274 Nalabila Blvd. A member attended. The complainant advised that he believed the mischief happened between 2230 hrs on 2014-03-22 and 0730 hrs on 2014-03-23. Damage was estimated at $100. Neighbourhood checks were negative. No suspects/evidence. File concluded.

On March 23 a member was on routine patrol when she observed a Red Dodge pickup drift over the double solid centre line while driving North on Lahakas Blvd., The member ran police checks on the license plate and learned that the vehicle was registered to a new driver but noted that there was no "N" displayed on the vehicle. The member activated the emergency lights and pulled the vehicle over just before Bunting Street. The male driver who had a strong odour of liquor on his breath and glassy eyes produced his New Drivers License. The driver admitted to consuming one alcoholic beverage at 2200 hours. He then admitted to having two alcoholic beverages. The member read to the driver, the Alcohol Screening Device Demand. The driver repeatedly asked the member to just let his friend drive him home. The driver advised he is on probation and he will lose his license. The driver, who was rude/argumentative with the member, refused to provide a sample of his breath and was subsequently served paperwork for a 90 day suspension and 30 day vehicle impoundment and had his vehicle towed. File concluded.

If you have information about these or any other crimes, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or contact the Kitimat RCMP at 250-632-7111. Crime Stoppers is anonymous and does not subscribe to call display and calls are not traced or recorded. If your information leads to an arrest or charge you may be eligible for a cash award.