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NEWS RELEASE · 19th March 2014
Kitimat RCMP
Kitimat Detachment responded to 91 calls for service during this period. Some of which are as follows:
On March 10 at approx 0130 hrs Kitimat RCMP received an anonymous report that a certain male of Kitimat, had been drinking and driving his Ford F-150 pickup at or near the Kitimat Hotel and Kitimat River. Member made several patrols, unable to locate. Attended the male’s residence and observed the truck parked in his driveway unoccupied. No further investigation req'd, File concluded.

On March 10, 2014 a member was dispatched to a complaint of Break and Enter at a home under construction on Wozney Street, Kitimat, BC. The complainant stated that the back door of the house had been kicked in and a radio had been stolen between 1200 hours March 9th, 2014 and 0900 todays date. A member arrived on scene and spoke with the complainant who stated when he arrived at work this morning he noticed the back door of the garage was off its hinges. The door appeared to have been pried and then kicked open. The complainant stated a Dewalt radio and a Sony Walkman (no serial numbers available) had been taken from the garage and no other parts of the home had been entered. The complainant stated he reported it because he felt it was the responsible thing to do and didn't require any more police involvement. The member photographed the door, and door frame that were broken. No witnesses or suspects. No further police action required. File concluded.

On March 11 at 2052 Hrs an abandoned 911 from the Rio Tinto Alcan site was received. Original call was disconnected before any background noise could be heard. Call made from a number associated to a generic switchboard with no way of tracing what extension would have made the call. Staff advised that no known emergencies had occurred, and would call if police assistance was required. With no further avenue of investigation, file concluded as false.

On March 12 at approx 1400 hrs a report was received that there was an intoxicated male, wearing grey hoodie with ball cap in the lower City Centre Mall, Kitimat. Two other reports of same individual were also received which informed the male had fallen down after staggering. Members attended and located a male who matched the description provided. The male was by himself and was heavily intoxicated (Slurred speech, unstable standing/sitting, strong odour of
liquor) and not able to care for himself. His clothes were wet and dirty from falling to the ground. He was arrested for Cause Disturbance / Intoxicated in a Public Place and transported to cells to sober up. He was served a Violation Ticket for Intox in Public upon release. File

On March 12 at approx 1615 hrs a complainant attended Kitimat RCMP to report that he has not been able to locate his cell phone. Cell phone was last seen at approx 1500 hrs at his friends apartment on Kingfisher Ave. He will attempt to continue to look for phone but wanted to report it if phone was not located. Details of phone to be provided once obtained. On March 14 at approx 2110 hrs a member spoke with the complainant who informed him that the phone is still missing. The complainant also advised of the phone details which was then added to the file. No witnesses or suspects. File concluded.

On March 12th, 2014 at 2353 hours a member was dispatched to a property complaint on Hallman Street, Kitimat, BC. The complainant stated there was a chain saw lying in the middle of Hallman Street and she was afraid it may be stolen or someone would hit it. The member arrived on scene and viewed the chain saw lying on the road with the cover still on, he believes the chain saw fell out the back of a truck. The member recovered the chain saw and brought it back to the detachment be processed as an exhibit. The chain saw will be held for 90 day retention to be claimed. No further action required. Concluded here.

On March 13th, 2014 at 0212 hours a member was dispatched to a complaint of a traffic incident on Highway 37 (Kitimat River Bridge), BC. The complainant stated there was a large boulder on
the road just before the Kitimat Bridge, he was concerned it was going to cause an accident. The member arrived on scene and viewed 1 large boulder and 3 smaller ones in the middle of the far right lane heading towards Terrace. The member pushed the boulders far enough off the road so vehicles could safely pass. No further action required. Concluded here.

On March 13 at 1154 hours the Kitimat RCMP Detachment received a complaint of an intoxicated male at the Tamitik Sports Centre. Member attended and observed a male sitting on
the seats watching television and swinging his hands/arms in the air in a slow manner. The member approached the male and asked him if he was okay. The male spoke however his words were so slurred that the member could not understand. The member could smell a very strong odour of liquor on the male’s breath. The male stood up and could not hold his balance, he
almost fell down several times. The male admitted to consuming alcohol as well as drugs. He was arrested for being intoxicated in a public place and transported to cells. He was lodged in his cell without incident and released once he was sober enough to care for himself and served a
Violation Ticket. File concluded.

On March 14 at 1346 hrs, a complainant called police from a pay phone to report that she had been sexually assaulted the previous night at a party. She stated she had passed out and a known male had sexually assaulted her. Members are continuing their investigation.

On March 14 at approx 2110 hrs a complainant contacted Kitimat RCMP to report that he wanted his common-law wife removed from the residence on Albatross Ave., Kitimat. Members
attended and spoke with both the complainant and the common law wife. The complainant explained that he was finding it difficult being accused of cheating on the common law wife with another woman. He also mentioned that she made a comment of cutting his throat 1 1/2 yr ago and it has made it difficult to sleep. He informed that he had continued to live with her without any violence. It was explained to the complainant that the matter appeared to be a matter requiring a counsellor. No criminal element to disagreement between the complainant and the common law wife. The common law wife agreed to collect some belongings and stay with a family member for the remainder of the evening. No further police action required. File concluded.

On March 15 at approximately 0107hrs a complainant called to report that her boyfriend had taken their 3.5yr old daughter and that she wanted her daughter back. Members were advised that there were no child custody orders or issues therefore the members could only do a check for the wellbeing on the child for safety concerns. Members attended the residence of the complainant and spoke to her. She was very distraught stating that she and her boyfriend began to argue and then he went to the bedroom, grabbed the child and left the residence on foot. The complainant was fearing the safety of the child as the boyfriend took her outside in the elements in just her
PJ's. Members made numerous patrols of the area to try and locate the boyfriend and the child with negative results. The complainant provided one address that the boyfriend may have gone to which was checked by members with negative result. The last known address of the boyfriend was also checked which was negative. The complainant stated that she does not fear the safety of the child with the boyfriend and that all she wanted was to have the child back. Members again
advised her that members could only check on the child and would not be able to bring her back unless there was a safety issue. She understood. MCFD Contacted. 2014-03-15 members located the child with her mom at her residence. No safety issues. MCFD updated. File concluded.

On March15 at approximately 0215hrs members conducted a bar check at the Kitimat Hotel. At the entrance to the Kitimat Hotel, one of the members observed a male known to him and recalled that he had a warrant for his arrest. The member confirmed with dispatch and learned that the male had in fact two warrants for his Arrest. The male was arrested for the outstanding warrants and upon being arrested a strong odour of alcohol was smelled on his breath as he spoke. The member was also aware that the male is on a no consume conditions relating to Kitimat file 2013-1883 and so he was also arrested and subsequently charged for breaching his recognisance. Due to the male’s past circumstances, he was held for a JJP hearing for the breach and was remanded to appear in court in Terrace on March 17.

On March 15 at 2331 hours the Kitimat RCMP Detachment received a complaint from a complainant reporting that her common law husband had been "putting her down and hollering at her". Members attended the residence which was the same as the previous night and spoke to the common law husband who was the only one home at the time. He kept saying that he wanted his common-law wife removed from the residence. It was explained to him that she resides there as well and that the RCMP do not have authority to remove her. Members suggested he look for his own place or seek counselling. The complainant was no where to be found when police arrived. The common law husband advised she had left the residence with her daughter. No violence was reported. Parties separated for the evening. Please see Kitimat file 2014-749 which is the same occurrence the day before. File concluded here.

On March 16 at approximately 0029hrs a complainant reported that a male had assaulted him with a stick. The complainant had called EHS as he was claiming to have a broken arm with the bone sticking out and other injuries. Members attended and found the complainant in the kitchen in what appear to be severe pain. No major injuries were seen on him, however, there was a mark on the back that resembled a hit by an object. All injuries shown to members by the complainant appeared to be old injuries. The other male was arrested at the time for assault and placed in the back on the police car. As the investigation continued it was learned that the male and the complainant had got into a fight and that the fight was 50/50. The complainant was transported to the hospital by EHS as he was claiming a back injury. Once the complainant had left the scene The other male was released at the scene as the male was sober and the fight appeared consensual. The male stated that the fight had occurred hours prior and did not understand why the complainant had called police so late. Photos of the complainant were taken for documentation. The male and the complainant have on going issues occurring at the residence and police have had to attend numerous times. File concluded.

In an effort to reduce the number of calls police are required to attend where alarms are activated, as of April 1, 2014, the Kitimat RCMP will be sending out letters to businesses and homeowners who have had three or more false alarms in the past 12 months advising them that their locations will be on a “do not attend” list until such time as their system is checked by an alarm technician and a letter is received by the RCMP from an alarm technician advising that the system has been checked and is now operating properly. At that time, their location will be removed from the list and police will once again respond until there are three or more false alarms again reported at that location in a 12 month period which will activate the process again.

If you have information about these or any other crimes, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or contact the Kitimat RCMP at 250-632-7111. Crime Stoppers is anonymous and does not subscribe to call display and calls are not traced or recorded. If your information leads to an arrest or charge you may be eligible for a cash award.