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NEWS RELEASE · 18th March 2014
Douglas Channel Watch
Enbridge Plebiscite Campaign

Douglas Channel Watch (DCW) has launched a campaign encouraging the people of Kitimat to get out and vote on the Enbridge Northern Gateway plebiscite at Tamitik Arena, or the Mount Elizabeth Middle Secondary School cafeteria, on April 12th, from 8:00am to 8:00pm.

"We fought hard for a simple, clear question", said DCW's Murray Minchin, "but didn't realize how important the plebiscite was until we started getting interview requests from the BBC, and heard of other international news organizations that were also coming to cover it."

To find out how people in Kitimat felt about Enbridge's proposal, DCW went out and started knocking on doors. "Rather than throwing millions of dollars into an ad campaign telling people what to think like Enbridge does, we started knocking on doors and asked the people of Kitimat what was most important to them" said Minchin.

What DCW found is there are five key reasons why even fence sitters and supporters of Northern Gateway would vote 'no' on the plebiscite, and that is because the Joint Review Panel's recommendations and conditions,

1) will allow temporary foreign workers to build the pipelines,
2) describe Northern Gateway as a raw diluted bitumen export pipeline,
3) does not mandate upgrading or any other job creating, value added projects,
4) will allow 1,100 foot long oil supertankers on BC's pristine north coast, and
5) that the JRP considered the Exxon Valdez and Kalamazoo spills as localized events with temporary effects, which would be "justified in the circumstances" if they happened in BC's waters.

"That made us realize this plebiscite wasn't for our local Mayor and Council, because you can bet if the BBC is coming, Ottawa will be watching closely as well. Kitimat is the only city in Canada which gets to vote on this proposal, and it's a golden opportunity for Kitimat to send a strong, clear message to Ottawa that they need to rethink their priorities" said Minchin.
Comment by mmurphy on 23rd March 2014, has info on voting, pre-voting and mail in voting, eligibility and who to contact in case your questions are not answered
Voting Dates - including advance dates
Comment by CC on 21st March 2014
Advance voting dates are April 2 and April 9, with general voting on April 12.

Out of Town Resident
Comment by Long term resident on 20th March 2014
I'll be out of town and want to vote. Will there be a provision for that?
Agree with first comment - Kitimat residents only
Comment by cc on 19th March 2014
By rights the only people who should vote should be the people who live full time in Kitimat, Cablecar, the Kitimaat Village. These people pay taxes in their community and live and take part in Kitimat. They are the ones who represent the true voice.

I would hope that includes all multi-dwelling bldgs - voting should be done by driver's licence that shows Kitimat address or some other document with photo proof that proves their home exists in Kitimat.

Anything else doesn't represent a true vote.

Every vote is valuable. You each have a voice, you each have a say for the future of Kitimat and the region. This is history in the making, please everyone vote. It is everyone's personal choice and that I and we should all respect, but if you think one vote won't make a difference - it does, for you and all future generations regardless of which way you lean.
Comment by Kitimat citizen on 18th March 2014
I have asked repeatedly and there has not been any answers to this question? Who is eligible to vote? To say "the citizens of Kitimat" are eligible to vote does not give a clear definition. Is this based on home owners in Kitimat as per the district files. This would now include a lot of investors who have bought up the houses in Kitimat in speculation of a boom. It would therefore exclude all of the long term residents of Kitimat who live in one of the rental units. Just to say "if you have a Kitimat address you can vote" opens the vote up to a lot of short term residents who are only here for the boom period of construction. Are the residents of Kitamaat Village also eligible to vote in the District of Kitimat pleblicite? If anyone has the answers to any of these questions, please enlighten those of us who haven't been privy to this information.