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REPORTING · 14th March 2014
Walter McFarlane
Donny Van Dyk, representing Enbridge, was at Council on Monday, March 10th to talk about how Enbridge has contributed to Kitimat.

“As many of you are aware, Northern Gateway has been in the community here working extensively in community investments and skills training since 2006, before pre application or approval of our project. One of the founding pieces of this is we are here partnering with local community groups on skills training and capacity building,” said Van Dyk.

He explained to Council they are a partner and are building a capacity which is more than Northern Gateway, it will benefit the other industrial and commercial projects in the region. He explained their training is about creating life skills. While there are people who will get by because they are smart, the training they are looking at is for people who may have barriers to education, life skills and gainful employment.

He told Council they are ramping up, focusing on youth development. They put together a road show for Mount Elizabeth Middle Secondary School and they plan to have their own series of Northern Gateway Youth Achievement Awards for good outstanding students going beyond academics. Last year, they gave away 50 iPads and a letter from Janet Holder.

He wanted to show Council the real dollars which they have invested in Kitimat. They have contributed $20,000 to community groups within Kitimat. This year, they have already contributed $7,500. Van Dyke wanted to look closer at five donations.

“These contributions are before our project has been approved and the contributions are not all conditional to project approval,” said Van Dyk.

They have contributed $100,000 to marine skills training. This was to provide a course for 20 participants. The graduates received Occupational First Aid level one, WHMIS, Food Safe level 1, H2S Alive, Transportation of Dangerous Goods and, for some of the people, their Dogwood Certificate. The money also helped the students pay for day care and travel.

$145,000 was for Environmental Field Assessment training. This was for upgrading and technical skills. Those who complete this course will have an opportunity for gainful work in the Northwest.

$110,000 went to the Pipe Trades Foundation for training and financial support.

$5000 was given so local high school students could receive trades training. The final project was with Project Shop Class which is a BC Construction program worth $225,000 to them and $100,000 was earmarked for the high school in Kitimat. Further details will be released in due course.

“I’m happy to have been a part of making these investments,” said Van Dyk.

Councillor Rob Goffinet asked where the skills training took place. Van Dyk told him it was done at the Golf Course and Northwest Community College.
Reply To Concerned
Comment by Another Observer on 21st March 2014
There is a good chance that those who do dump there trash are those who support the pipeline.

People who drive 4X4's and ATV's are likely pro pipeline and care little for the surrounding area.

Call it a hunch I have.

A good way to stop it might be to Vote No on the 12th.
Our town
Comment by Concerned on 20th March 2014
While I do not support the idea of a pipeline what Enbridge is doing is no different than any other company as far as contributions. Something that bothers me is we all talk about the clean place in which we live but have people not noticed the amount of trash dumped in the bush down some of our back roads and in the ditches on the road to terrace, 4X4's and ATV's tear up meadows, and everyday I see people tossing stuff out of car windows or onto our sidewalks. So No to the pipeline but we need to lead by example and show pride in the area we live.
Comment by trin7 on 19th March 2014
Guess if Enbridge has given Kitimat money, they think they own us?? Are we not supposed to understand that they are trying to buy their way into the community? Enbridge should realize there is no amount of money that will replace our salmon, humpback whales and our clean drinking water - they can take their money and shove it up their 'pipeline'. SAY NO TO ENBRIDGE AND THEIR BRIBE MONEY!!
Hey Slick aka: Donny Van Dyck
Comment by cc on 19th March 2014
Bribery, manipulation and a sense of owing. The handouts are great, but no one asked and I hope the people that vote won't be swayed by the fact that are hoping to buy votes. Anyone can see through what these contributions equal. People who know what is at stake still won't vote.
People of Kitimat you see what big companies are doing to your (my old) town and you think it won't get worse? You are basically prisoners in your own home surrounded by all of what you had access to before. It will get worse.
From the very beginning "Bribery and Contempt" rule Enbridge
Comment by MWPR on 18th March 2014
Municipal leaders board the Princess Patricia again 34 years later, to the day.

In an affront to all the presentations and declarations of opposition to Enbridge and the Northern Gateway Pipeline; in an affront to bylaws, oaths and declarations demanding Councillors, Mayors and Directors not accept benefits from those attempting to win their favour, the entire lot of them are planning an entertainment symposium sponsored in part by Enbridge Northern Gateway in Prince Rupert this next week.

Read the expose' here -

Comment by rick on 16th March 2014