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REPORTING · 25th February 2014
Walter McFarlane
On Monday, January 20th, Kitimat City Council hammered out the plebiscite questions which they wanted to ask, and settled with a question with an option for yes, no and undecided. It was decided to keep undecided as an option because council created a convoluted question over a simple one.

On Monday, February 24th, Council was working on their advertising campaign for the Plebiscite when Councillor Phil Germuth asked the following question of staff.

“The undecided on here, I remember us talking about it. Can I get clarification on it. I thought it was going to be strictly: yes or no,” said Germuth.

Deputy CAO Warren Waycheshen explained to Council they reviewed the minutes and did not find any motion disapproving of the Undecided, despite a lot of discussion.

Germuth asked if it was too late to remove the undecided. Waycheshen replied the ballots were ordered, but the cost was minimal. It was just over $500 for the ballots. He suggested if Council wanted to change it, they should not let it stand in their way.

Germuth stated everyone should know how they feel and undecided might lead to misinterpreted results. Mayor Joanne Monaghan agreed

Feldhoff supported undecided as an option at first, but he could go either way. Germuth proposed an amendment which was determined to be friendly. Council was told staff would look at the best way to change the ballot in a way which did not confuse people.

Germuth wanted to know if staff would wait to see what happens at next Monday’s meeting before they re-order. Next Monday is a motion to cancel the plebiscite. The response was a ‘not sure.’
Undecided is unnessary
Comment by CC on 27th March 2014
Feldhoff wants to put undecided on the ballot?
People either agree or don't. This isn't choosing a paint color for your kitchen.

This whole thing is turning into a circus.

A yes is enough.
A no is enough.

Nothing else is needed on the ballot.
Comment by Chris on 28th February 2014
So Feldhoff is undecided on whether he wants "undecided" on the ballot. Staff is undecided whether they will wait to re-order the ballots. Round and round it goes....
feel reply
Comment by Vern on 27th February 2014
We elect the Council to represent the people of Kitimat, we would expect them to have an understanding of the feelings of people from the way they interact with those they represent. Are we going to end up having a Plebiscite on every issue that affects our town. Council needs to be willing to take a stand on issues, is that not why we have a Council in the first place?
Comment by me on 26th February 2014
So, how does Kitimat feel? I would like to know if you are speaking for me, so tell me, how do I feel? I thought that I had free will, but perhaps not
Prove them wrong
Comment by Frustrated on 25th February 2014
I agree with Vern about a waste of time/ money, but more because of all the deliberation and confusion they are creating. I honestly think they are banking on the fact that "no one will show up anyways" and making it as confusing as possible to ensure that. I think it's a good chance to prove them wrong and show the power of the community, namely having backbones and not swaying with whAtever they decide week to week. If they assume no one will fight back and stand up agianst this shitshow, by doing just that we're only enabling it further...
Comment by Larry Walker on 25th February 2014
Could not agree with you more......
What a waste
Comment by Vern on 25th February 2014
What is the point here? Council knows how Kitimat feels about the issue so why the need for a Plebiscite, few people will bother to show up for it anyway. Come on Council just take a stand on the issue and be done with it. There are many other important issues that need to be taken care of instead of wasting time and tax dollars.