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REPORTING · 25th February 2014
Walter McFarlane
The Kildala Elementary School Parent Advisory Council (P.A.C.) is raising funds for a new playground. On February 10th, we talked with Kimberly Wasyleski, a treasurer with Kildala P.A.C..

“A few years ago, the Intermediate Playground Equipment was removed, it expired. They removed it and, as we all know, school boards around BC are not replacing equipment. Many schools around BC are having this problem. So it’s been left up to the schools to find their own grants, their own bursaries, for the P.A.C.’s to do their own fundraising,” said Wasyleski.

She explained it is left in the community to fundraise for school playgrounds. The fundraising goal is $50,000 for one piece of equipment for the back and an additional $50,000 so when the equipment at the front has reached its lifespan, they can replace it as well.

To raise the money, they have been doing Subway Lunches, Collecting Supervalu Receipts and Campbell’s Soup Labels and they are going to businesses in town asking for monetary support.

“I firmly believe that the children need equipment to play on,” said Wasyleski. She stated without it, children will do the things which parents and teachers do not want them to do.
Comment by Sandra Capezzuto on 4th March 2014
The playground equipment on Stikine St is slated for removal. Maybe it could go to the school? It might be a little far for the little ones that use it regularly but, I don't know if they have actually found another nearby location for it all.
Comment by sue on 2nd March 2014
why don't the school board take the only from the high school and put it down at Kildala school. I don't think any one from the secondary school use it.
Comment by bob Drake on 27th February 2014
Unless of course you want your Grandchildren to play in the mud with sticks I guess
Just a comment for what it is worth.....
Comment by Larry Walker on 26th February 2014
As info Alberta (my home province)..when you turn 65 your education portion of your property taxes is frozen forever at that level. It is based on who ever turns 65 first (husband or wife). In that our days of having anymore kids is remote (if not impossible), you should not have to pay for the families coming up and yet support the education system. Makes sense.
Sad State
Comment by D. Metz on 25th February 2014
This just shows where our government's priorities are when they have no funds available for playgrounds atbpublic elemsntary schools. What happens when schools cannot come up with funds? I guess kids can play in the mud and dirt.