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REPORTING · 19th February 2014
Walter McFarlane
On Monday, February 17th, Staff Sergeant Phil Harrison got up to present the monthly policing report for January.

He explained there were two new members but the detachment is short a sergeant. The Sergeant has been selected and will hopefully be here in the next three months. Harrison offered to bring new members to meet Council.

He went through the statistics, explaining they are pretty much on par for where they were at the end of January 2013. There were 324 calls for service. There were two sexual assaults, one was work related while the other was a third party complaint. He told Council third party complaints are difficult to investigate because often, the victim does not want to report it.

There were three assaults with a weapon, sixteen common assaults, one robbery and seven threats against person. The officers are starting to get on the road and are catching impaired drivers. There were 33 motor vehicle tickets and 82 warnings. Both are up from last year because they are able to do more policing.

Councillor Corinne Scott pointed out there were 5 break and enters and wanted residents to note the numbers were up and they need to start locking their doors. However, Harrison pointed out 3 of these were not break and enters. In these cases, they were reported as no sign of a break and enter except the door was left open. They were investigated as a break and enter but they were unfounded.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff wanted to know what liquor act offences were and why they were up. Harrison stated they are starting to crack down on publically intoxicated people on the streets and in the mall. Now that the RCMP have more members and more experience, they are starting to lay down the charges.

Councillor Empinado wanted to know if the common assault was still alcohol related. He was told about 85% were. The officers try to attend bars at closing time because this is when impaired drivers tend to leave.

Councillor Rob Goffinet asked about shoplifting being up to 5 in January compared to last year’s total of 6. Harrison could not explain it. He admitted that last year, he told Council store owners did not lay the charge, but he did not know if that comment had any effect on the number.

There were no further questions so he sat down.