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Photo by Walter McFarlane
NEWS RELEASE · 17th February 2014
Kitimat RCMP
Kitimat Detachment responded to 48 calls for service during this period. Some of which are as follows:

On February 10 Police responded to report of an assault. Complainant states that a male known to him had punched him on the side of his face and again several times on the ground. Incident occurred on the sidewalk area on Quatsino Blvd. No other witnesses. Statement taken from complainant, states that he will support charges. A cane was used in defence against the attack. Officers located offender at his residence and was arrested with no incident. Subject of Complaint was intoxicated and lodged in Kitimat cells. Member noted that he was very emotional and was concerned that another offence would occur if he was immediately released. As such, he was held until sober to prevent further incident. Victim Services offered, indicated that he may be interested (passed info onto VS). Followed up with complainant. Subject of Complaint released with conditions. Tried to obtain statement from offender, refused. SUI, court.

On February 11 Kitimat RCMP received a report of a male trying to force his way inside complainant's apartment. Complainant advised minutes later that the male had now left the residence with complainant 's boyfriend. Member was off duty when call came in but was still in the office and answered the radio. Member was informed that the male had left and there was now no urgency to attend complainant 's apartment. Member advised dispatch to relay the information to night shift, if more issues would take place. No more files created throughout the night. This file can be concluded.

On February 11 complainant reported seeing a non-white male in a green jacket walking down the middle of the road near Tony's store as he drove by. The male was falling down and last reported to be heading down Albatross Ave. Member made patrols of the area down Albatross from Kingfisher Ave to Cormorant St and back up to Nechako Center without seeing anyone out walking in the heavy snow fall. Member called complainant to update him, complainant advised he thought male was drunk as he was slipping and falling on road. It must be noted that there was approx. 1 1/2 feet of snow on the ground at the time and snow was still falling heavily. Subject of Complaint most likely walking on road way as sidewalks clogged with deep snow and just making his way back to one on the many apartment buildings located along Albatross Ave. File concluded.

On February 12th Officers attended a residence for an assist EHS matter and a possible domestic dispute. EHS and Fire already in attendance speaking to female who was very distraught. Officers spoke with all parties involved. Investigation found that male and female started arguing when male, who had been alcohol-free for a long period, brought alcohol home knowing that female is currently an alcoholic and trying to break free. Male advised that female had pushed him several times in anger, but that was the extent of the incident. Children of the couple advised that both were pushing each other, but did not escalate beyond that. No injures, MCF advised. Charges not being forwarded in this instance, as it appears both were pushing each other, no primary aggressor identified. Violence in Relationship documentation to be completed. Still under investigation – monitor.

On February 12 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint from that a vehicle, 2 occupants, is drifting around the streets and speeding on Lillooet Cres near Kuldo Blvd. Vehicle was last seen heading up Kuldo towards Rosario's restaurant. Complainant said driver could be impaired. Officers attended and performed a traffic stop on vehicle matching description provided. Member spoke to driver, who said she had a "L" license and that she had been driving in the Lilloet area. Driver denied drifting and speeding. Driver said she was driving passengers home as they were intoxicated. Driver was driving contrary to license conditions (Class 7 "L") by driving without a qualified supervisor, too many passengers, and driving between 0000 hrs to 0500hrs. Member served driver a violation ticket for above. File concluded.

On February 13th Kitimat RCMP received a complaint of a male with a shovel causing a disturbance at the local Dairy Queen. Complainant provided a description of the male. As complainant was providing the description to police the male left Dairy Queen and headed toward the local bazaar, City Centre Mall. Officers made patrols of the mall and surrounding businesses but were unable to locate the male. Member attended the Dairy Queen and learned that the male had asked for a knife to cut his pocket open and began calling the staff "meat sticks" when they refused to provide him with one. The male then sat in a booth and began chewing his pocket from the inside of his jacket. The staff suspected that he may have been on drugs. Evening staff have been advised to call RCMP if he returns. Conclude Here.

On February 13 member was patrolling and as member was passing the main entrance to the parking lot at Shoppers, member almost got T-boned by a vehicle. Member kept visual on vehicle and activated emergency lights. Vehicle turned into parking lot a parked in front of a local business. Member performed a traffic stop with vehicle. Driver exited vehicle and approached member. After police checks it was determined that driver had no driver's licence, no insurance on his vehicle and a "SERVE PROHIB SEC 92". Member served a Violation Ticket for having "No insurance" and "No driver's licence". Member served driver with Section 92 from MVA in which makes him a prohibited driver as of 2014-02-13. Driver was served with documentation and understood. Vehicle was towed to driver residence. Member completed a driver Licence Information Request and faxed it to ICBC. Notice of Prohibition was faxed to OSMV in order to be added to CPIC. Member gave a stern warning in regards to poor driving skills. File concluded.

On February 14, Officers received report of an abandoned 911 call from cell phone. No history found in local PRIME for owner. Police attended location based on GPS relayed by dispatch, conducted checks on vehicles to locate owner’s address, negative. Member spoke with owner who advised of his location. Officers attended, spoke with owner who advised that he has a new cell phone to which he's still trying to get used to, and that his toddler-aged daughter likely dialled out by accident. Nothing suspicious found, nothing to suggest otherwise, concluded here.

On February 14 complainant called Kitimat RCMP to report MVI at a local business involving a Chevy pick-up and a Nissan Pathfinder. Chevy struck passenger front quarter panel of Nissan before jumping curb and colliding with SuperValu Store wall and shearing off sign/pole to Handicapped parking stall. Member attended and obtained statements from both registered owners and learned that Chevy owner had physical disability and could not get in driver side of Chevy after Nissan parked too close to door, so another male volunteered to drive vehicle out of parking spot. This male was unaware that as a result of owner’s physical disability, the gas/brake pedal in Chevy were customized and located on the far left side of vehicle floor. Parties involved stated that Chevy was backed out of handicapped parking spot approximately 30 feet, and then inadvertently quickly accelerated forward and glanced off the front of Nissan before knocking over Handicapped parking sign/pole and eventually colliding with outside wall of store. Minimal damage to Nissan, approximately $500. Extensive front end damage to Chevy, approximately 10,000 (Write-off). Damage to sign and Supervalu Store wall approximately $2000. Member notified District of Kitimat to sign damage and gave file number to SuperValue employee. Pictures obtained and added to hardcopy. Paperwork completed. Statements obtained and added to hardcopy. Chevy towed from scene to Dollar Towing. SUI to add Nissan as entity once Record change is added to system.

On February 15 Officers responded to report from complainant of a vehicle stuck in the ditch with its hazard lights engaged on Kitamaat Village Rd. Officers located vehicle approx 3/4 distance from Haisla Blvd turn-off, facing perpendicular in the northbound ditch. Police found a male beside the vehicle already waiting for a tow truck (Mico Towing). Member exited the vehicle and noted that the road was slippery with ice. Male identified himself and advised that the only other passenger was his girlfriend. No injuries, no damage to vehicle. Driver stated that he was driving toward Kitamaat Village when he lost control and slid into the ditch. Police could detect a strong odour of marijuana coming from him (there was no one else around when police were speaking with driver), and noted that his demeanour was overly polite. His eyes were also glazed in appearance and he advised that he was the driver and had consumed marijuana previous to driving, about 4 hours prior. Driver arrested for impaired operation of a motor vehicle. Seized driver’s Drivers License and advised that he is currently prohibited from driving for 24 hrs and vehicle would also be impounded for the same. Documentation issued. Requested Dollar Automotive tow truck attend as Mico's Towing does not have an impound lot. Driver issued a Violation Ticket for excessive speed relative to conditions. Driver is to attend the detachment after 14-02-16 at 0330 hrs to retrieve his DL. Driver will also be permitted to retrieve vehicle and key. 24 hr Prohibition faxed to OSMV/ND OCC. No further investigation req'd, concluding here.

On February 15 Kitimat RCMP responded to a residence for an alarm call. Officers attended and observed back door slightly ajar. Officers entered and cleared residence but did not find anything of a suspicious nature. Back door most likely left slightly ajar by homeowner or blown open from wind, as large volume of snow in backyard and no footprints or water/snow residue found inside residence. Officers left business card on front door after locking up residence and subsequently spoke with Property Representative who stated he would ask a family member to attend residence and turn off alarm. File Concluded.

On February 16th Kitimat RCMP were contacted by complainant who states that his friend was "tripping out" on a drug called 2-5-I. Subject of Complaint was outside in the snow wearing only a t-shirt, pants and socks reportedly hitting windows, throwing snow and challenging people to fight. Officers attended and subject of complaint was arrested for causing a disturbance. During that time subject of complaint told Officers several times that he would kick his ass, threw snow and called the Officer names. After being arrested subject of complaint became more amiable. He was transported to Kitimat General Hospital where he was assessed by a doctor and declared fit for incarceration. Enroute to KGH, subject of complaint vomited in the police car. Before leaving KGH subject of complaint was provided with some hospital slippers for his feet. Between KGH and the detachment subject of complaint became afraid of his slipper (one had already fallen off while walking to the car) and was athirst with desire to have it removed from his foot. Subject of complaint was lodged in cells and provided with dry clothes and a blanket.

CPIC query for subject of complaint negative. 2-5-I is a synthetic hallucinogen, depending on dosage and route highs can last over 12 hours. Effects can include increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, high body temperatures, aggression, hallucinations, seizures and metabolic acidosis (will lead to increased respiratory rate). Pass on sent to day shift advising subject of complaint may need to be held over 8 hours before sober. Complainant not interested in pursuing charges. SUI - release.

On February 16 Kitimat RCMP was dispatched to a local business for a commercial alarm indicating one motion hit in the loading bay portion. Officers attended. There was nothing suspicious and no one in the loading bay. Kitimat RCMP receives many false alarms at that specific location. This alarm is deemed to be false. File concluded.

If you have information about these or any other crimes, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or contact the Kitimat RCMP at 250-632-7111. Crime Stoppers is anonymous and does not subscribe to call display and calls are not traced or recorded. If your information leads to an arrest or charge you may be eligible for a cash award.
Feb 14th MVI Person in handicapped parking
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 2nd March 2014
I'd would really be interested in the outcome of this incident. People parking too close to a vehicle in a handicapped spot never realize the problems they might cause. I would hate to think the person with the disability has to pay for the lack of consideration from others.