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REPORTING · 29th January 2014
Walter McFarlane
Rio Tinto Alcan and Bridgemans Haisla LP reached a formal agreement, in cooperation with Transport Canada, on January 27th to create a new form of accommodation to house the Kitimat Modernization Project workforce during their final construction year.

“The ‘Delta Spirit Lodge,’ as it has been redubbed by Rio Tinto Alcan, is a converted Baltic Ferry for workforce lodging purposes for a proposed 9-month period. The vessel left the port of Estonia earlier yesterday morning and is expected to arrive in Kitimat near the end of February 2014,” read a news brief that was issued to KMP workers on Tuesday.

The lodge will be docked at the former Eurocan Wharf and will offer ‘first rate amenities.’ It will contain 500 bedrooms and It will employ around 110 service staff. The Lodge will include Kitchen, Dining and Lounge Facilities.

“Rio Tinto Alcan and its Kitimat Modernization Project are exceptionally excited to have found an accommodation solution so unique during the year of the smelter’s 60th anniversary in Kitimat. Rio Tinto Alcan is delighted that the “Delta Spirit Lodge” historically parallels the aluminium industry’s inception in Kitimat with the prominence of the “Delta King” as floating accommodations for construction workers during the original smelter’s construction period in the early 1950s,” read the brief.

The brief explained further, their goal in bringing this vessel to Kitimat is to reduce the burden to their host community.
what ever!
Comment by juliem on 30th January 2014
does it matter what RTA does at this point! This town is it's own worst enemy! I have lived here for over 40 years. I have seen ups (eurocan dock expansion, mathanex,...) and I have seen the downs (both shut down). This town cried for some source of resorse and revenue for many years, instead for many years we were lead astray with our former mayor; but we (as a community) asked for more growth. We got more growth! be careful what you wish for...... you just might get it!
Housing for residents
Comment by CC on 30th January 2014
Note to Mayor - and it comes as a surprise that rents would skyrocket, people wouldn't be able to afford rents, lose their homes... and now the elderly are being displaced with no where to go? What about low income families, etc.

This is shameful planning and a disgrace to the seniors who have contributed to this town. I would hope the mayor and Council would put something in place to house people who have no where to go. They are the ones who will be left behind once the dust of all the tradespeople will still be flying in the air as they leave. My well wishes to everyone who is affected.

I'm sure there is an empty warehouse that could be opened up for the homeless. Too bad it's those who already had homes and not the tradespeople who will be dancing and gambling and eating their heart camp chow. I realize it's business and not the tradespeople's fault but come on. Common sense? I see none.
P.S. didn't realize the topic was already posted about when I submitted mine.
Who is paying for services to this ship?
Comment by Larry Walker on 29th January 2014
Questions....who is paying for the water and sewage services to this unique accommodation?

Also this means possible increase in population (short term) of roughly 610 people who will be using our recreation facilities, etc. Will RTA be cost sharing the capital and operational costs of these services (I realize Kitimat charges a user fee but is it enough to off set the real costs or will this fall to the residental taxpayer again?)