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REPORTING · 29th January 2014
Walter McFarlane
As always, Kitimat City Council on Monday, January 20th kicked off with Mayor Joanne Monaghan’s good news brief. It would be followed up later in the meeting by the rest of the Council Reports. Monaghan kicked it off by wishing Councillor Mary Murphy a happy Birthday.

“We do have progress on some fronts, the Aluminium City Lodge has been demolished now and so has the Farwest building. I understand that the old Dairyland buildings has been sold and things are beginning to happen there,” said Monaghan.

She stated the Hotel in the Mall will go to design in two weeks and building drawings after that. “We are sorry that the Salvation Army has decided to exit, and that is not good news. They have been evicted. We have looked for another location but it seems the head office in Vancouver is interested in a new location,” said Monaghan.

Council Met with Robin Austin over LNG, a housing workshop where they looked at the available lands for affordable housing, and met with Lesly Woods on the BC Hydro Transmission Line and LNG.

Council attended a fire fighters event on Friday where Monaghan handed out service awards. This was an opportunity to thank the Fire Fighters, Paramedics and their Families for the service which they provide to Kitimat.

The Mayor and Council reports came up at the end of the meeting. This time, Monaghan started with Councillor Edwin Empinado. He informed the public that one of the members of the Advisory Commission for Persons with Disabilities passed away, Mr. Ernie Archer. He thanked Archer for the work he had done for the Commission. There are two vacancies on the Commission right now.

Councillor Rob Goffinet promised a more involved report near the end of the month. Kitimat Health Advocacy Group met and there will be recommendations coming up in the future. He also wished to Acknowledge Archer, who had been a member of KHAG since day one.

“Ernie Archer, around our table, always advocated for people with disabilities. He was always a champion of food in the hospital, better staffing, better services and especially services in the health field that impacted people that couldn’t advocate so much for themselves so it was sad to see Ernie go,” said Goffinet.

Both he and Edwin Empinado wished Murphy, who did not have a report, a happy birthday. Councillor Mario Feldhoff did not have a report other than that Council made Murphy’s birthday celebration truly memorable. Councillor Corinne Scott wished her colleague a Happy Birthday. Councillor Phil Germuth had no report.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan expressed she gave an update to the Chamber of Commerce and KVI. There have been two housing meetings but there is nothing definite. She cut the ribbon and Mr. Mikes and the restaurant gave cheques to the Animal Shelter and the Food Bank. That day, she talked to Work Wear World and they will contact administration on possibility of Kitimat.

Finally, while Monaghan admitted, while there is rumour imperial oil will go to Rupert, she was informed Kitimat is still in the running as a potential location.