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NEWS RELEASE · 20th January 2014
Kitimat RCMP
Kitimat Detachment responded to 73 calls for service during this period. Some of which are as follows:

On January 13, at approximately 0328 hours an anonymous caller reported a vehicle in the process of being stolen. Caller advised that three males were about to steal a vehicle that was parked on West Columbia Ave, Kitimat, BC. Members attended the area. One member was on the porch talking to the Registered Owner when the stolen vehicle, a Ford F-150,drove by. The member recognized the male driving it. It stopped and the male exited the driver’s seat. He had glassy eyes and an odor of alcohol was emitting from his breath. The male was served an Immediate Roadside Suspension. He was also a prohibited driver under section 95 of the Motor Vehicle Act and was arrested and released on an Appearance Notice for Court date March 6th,2014. The Registered Owner refused to press charges against the male for theft of vehicle even though he had no idea the male took the vehicle and never gave permission for the male to do so. Matter is now before the Court.

On January 13 at 09:12 hrs Kitimat RCMP received a complaint of a Motor Vehicle Collision (MVI) near the Kitimat River Bridge on Highway 37. The complainant reported one vehicle down an embankment and another blocking southbound traffic. No injuries reported, all occupants from both vehicles exited. Member attended the scene and obtained details from the female driver of the vehicle blocking traffic, a 1999 green Toyota Rav 4. No injuries were reported, single occupant wearing seatbelt, airbags deployed. Extensive front and passenger side damage (approx $7000.00). She reported she was travelling north towards Terrace abiding the speed limit when she approached the corner (approx 23 km mark) and hit 'black ice' and spun around hitting the cement meridian on the passenger side on the south bound lane where the vehicle came to rest. The member also observed a thin layer of 'black ice' on the road way. The bend in the roadway made sunlight non existent which may have contributed to the ice. No charges in this matter. File concluded.

On January 13, 2014 a complainant contacted the Kitimat RCMP on behalf of his step-daughter in relation to threats received from an ex-internet boyfriend. A member spoke with the step daughter who advises that the male she was in an internet relationship with resides in South Carolina. She advises threats were made via text message. South Carolina Police advised of actions/concerns of the male and they will investigate the matter from their end and advise the member at a later date. No further Kitimat RCMP Detachment actions necessary. File concluded.

On January 14, 1427 hrs, Kitimat RCMP received a complaint from a male that a female came into the Library and threw a bag of clothes at him then left therefore is breaching her conditions. A police check of the female and male indicated that the female had no conditions however the male had conditions not to contact the female. The female had since contacted a member requesting the male to stop harassing her. The member advised her that he would ask the male to stop. She was also advised to stay away from the male. The member then contacted the male and informed him that the female was not breaching. The male was very upset stating he would continue to call police in order to get conditions placed on her. The member told the male that calling the police doesn't get conditions put on a person. Further, the member advised the male that he could face criminal harassment and public mischief charges if he continues. The member updated the female on the status of the file after speaking to the male. No further action required. File concluded.

On January 15 at approximately 00:43hrs a complainant who wished to remain anonymous called Kitimat RCMP to report a possible domestic in an apartment on Haisla Blvd. Members attended and as they approached the building they could hear what sounded like noisy party in the top floor apt. Members knocked on the door and observed 5-6 people inside residence having some drinks. Members spoke with a female who stated she was having some friends over but would shut things down for the night. She was sober and able to care for intoxicated friends. Members then spoke with the complainant again and let him know it was just a noisy party that was now shutting down for the night. NFAR. File concluded.

On January 15 at approximately 23:06hrs a complainant who was not very cooperative called Kitimat RCMP to report a possible domestic on Albatross St. between a female and a male. Members attended and spoke with a sober male who stated that the female was intoxicated and throwing items around the apartment, and had broken a glass mirror. The apartment observed to be clean and tidy, and the male stated he had since disposed of the broken glass. Members spoke with a very intoxicated female who stated she and the male were breaking up because he was sleeping with another woman, and she was upset over this. She had numerous superficial cuts/scratches on her wrist, and stated that she was just trying to get the male's attention, but did not actually want to harm herself. The male stated that he believed she did not want to harm herself, and was just being dramatic in her intoxicated state. The female was arrested for Mischief and transported to Kitimat Cells. As injuries were very superficial, and given her intoxicated state, members decided not to bring her to Hospital as she was not in any harm to herself. The female was released without charges in the morning sober but angry. She denied any self harm ideas and walked to the bus stop to catch bus to Terrace. File concluded.

On January 16th, 2014 at approximately 2130 hours a member on patrol observed a vehicle driving what appeared to be faster than the speed limit heading North on Lahakas Blvd. The member was heading East on Nalabila Blvd at the time and turned on to Lahakas and proceeded to go in the direction of the vehicle. When the member got to the top of the hill, she observed what appeared to be a minor MVI on the corner of Alexander Ave/Lahakas Blvd. The member approached the vehicle and observed a very intoxicated male sitting in the Driver's seat. Through investigation it was learned the driver was intoxicated by alcohol. He was transported back to the Kitimat RCMP Detachment where he provided breath samples all over the legal limit of 80 mgs. and as a consequence will be facing charges of over .08. He was released after spending the night in cells. File still under investigation.

On January 17, 0221 hrs, Kitimat RCMP received a complaint that a worker from the KMP camp was assaulted and would like police to attend the KMP camp. A member attended and spoke to the worker who told the member that he didn't want police involved as he didn't see or know who the assailants were. He advised the member that he was jumped from behind by unknown assailant or assailants near the Chop Suey Kitchen while he was walking home on Enterprise Ave. He said he was punched a couple of times. No description given. He refused further medical treatment as well as refused to have pictures of injuries obtained. Uncooperative victim. No further police action required. File Concluded.

On January 17, 2029 hrs Kitimat RCMP received an anonymous 3rd party report that a male had been assaulted by another named male at or near Giant Spruce on Dyke Rd Kitimat. Police attended the location and were unable to locate the victim or suspect. Several other locations attended were also negative. The victim was eventually located at Kitimat General Hospital by police. He had sustained serious injury including a broken jaw and facial scratches. He appeared either intoxicated or effected by medication, as his speech was somewhat slurred. He stated that the named suspect was not involved and that he was waiting for the bus at the upper city centre mall when another named male approached him and accused him of selling drugs to his sister. The victim then said the male punched him several times in the face and left. No other witnesses. Details are inconclusive as to the identity of the complainant or why it was said that the other named male was originally involved and that it occurred near Giant Spruce area. Charges are pending and the matter is still under investigation.

On January 18 at approximately 1408 hours, Kitimat RCMP were dispatched to an abandoned 911 call from the Rio Tonto Alcan KMP. A cell phone had called 911. Dispatch tried to call back few times without success. A member attempted to call the registered owner's cell phone at 1453 hours and managed to speak with the registered owner. He advised the member that he was going to his coffee break and realized his cell phone was ringing. He said he was fine and was at work, that he must of pocket dial 911. No further action required. File concluded.

On January 18, 2214 hrs, Kitimat RCMP received a complaint from a bus driver that a unknown elderly man, approximately 80 yrs old, with a language barrier is refusing to get off the city bus at 276 City Centre Mall. Members attended and recognized the male who indeed has a strong language barrier. The male had missed his bus stop and wanted a ride home. Members drove the man to his residence and ensured he got in safely. File concluded.

On January19, at approximately 1353 hours a complainant called 911 to say that he had concern for his female friend. He advised that he was texting her and about 15 minutes ago she stopped responding. He said that he believes she will harm herself as she had made comments in the past that she was gonna drive her car into the river, and had told him earlier that she was going to the river to think. Members attended the river by Giant Spruce and spoke to a few people but none had seen the female’s vehicle. Members then attended the apartment where she lives. Dispatcha dvised that the female had seen both police car driving passed her and she was now heading home. A member spoke to her who said she was fine. The member told her that they needed to talk. The female let members in. The members talked to her for approximately 20-25 minutes and were able to determine that she was not a threat to herself or others. She was just sad and needed to talk. One of the members insisted that she call a friend so she wouldn't be alone. The member called later to make sure she was okay and she was with her friend. File concluded.

If you have information about these or any other crimes, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or contact the Kitimat RCMP at 250-632-7111. Crime Stoppers is anonymous and does not subscribe to call display and calls are not traced or recorded. If your information leads to an arrest or charge you may be eligible for a cash award.