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CONTRIBUTION · 18th January 2014
Looking for Leaders
Once again our Kitimat council has raised me from my very comfortable couch.
In the Canadian political system at the small town Municipal level most of us elect our Councillors and Mayor because we know them personally, work with them or have some sense of their values and beliefs by speaking with them.

When those values and beliefs align with your thinking, when you get in the booth, you tick the box beside their name.

We expect when they are sitting as a Council they will continue to make decisions based on those same values and beliefs, after all that why they got our vote.

There are times when an elected official does not have enough knowledge to make an informed decision, so (hopefully) they ask for a report. We see this at Council Meetings many times, what streets to pave, sidewalks to upgrade or close, and a myriad of other decisions.

So has a Kitimat Council ever not made a decision based on receiving a report? I’ve had several couches since 1986 when I moved to Kitimat and I have not had to get off one to go vote on any plebiscite.

Why is the Northern Gateway Report any different? Obviously it was not commissioned by our Council, but the decision on whether our Kitimat Council would support the pipeline was waiting for the Report.
Council members now have all the information they need to make an informed decision.

Previous Councils have made serious decisions for which the bell has yet to ring, yet there was no Plebiscite on how our tax dollars were being spent first down on Smithe and then on Hornby streets.

I voted for who I thought who represent my interests on this very decisive issue. So did many other residents of Kitimat.
In the end after November the battle continued. The people of Kitimat elected their Councillors and Mayor on how they stood on the issue.

The important message is we knew where the current elected council stood on the issue, and following Municipal elections, the next council as well.

The opportunity is now here for our present council, will they show Leadership and stand up for their values and beliefs?
Or will they continue with this Plebiscite to decide whatever side to climb on to, and get me the most votes so I can get re-elected in November approach?

A landslide of votes electing candidates to Kitimat Council supporting or not supporting the Pipeline will be taken much more seriously than a Plebiscite.
How much cost to taxpayers?
Comment by Vern on 20th January 2014
We elect these people to make wise choices so we should not need a Plebiscite. It will just be a waste of tax dollars and voting turn out is never very good anyway.