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REPORTING · 9th January 2014
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council began as always on January 6th with Mayor Joanne Monaghan’s Good News brief. She started by hoping everyone had a blessed Christmas and 2014 will be prosperous for the people of Kitimat.

“As you can imagine, the weeks around the holiday are not very busy. However, the activity is ramping up once again. The CAO and I had a meeting with PTI just before Christmas,” said Monaghan.

Before Christmas, Monaghan had several interviews with the media concerning the Joint Review Panel results. A demolition permit has been taken out on the old Far West Building and the Aluminium City Lodge is being demolished.

Thursday the 9th, At the Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club between 6:00 and 8:00, there is a public information meeting for a proposed development of 36 town houses at 110 Baxter.

“This week, the meetings for Mayor and Council begin once again. We look forward to a great year ahead,” said Monaghan.

However, the good news did not end with Monaghan. At the end of the meeting, as a part of Council’s new procedures, each of the City Councillors received time for a brief report at the end of the meeting.

Councillor Edwin Empinado stated he worked hard over the holiday when he found out there is a non-profit organization who provided a Christmas Dinner to families who could not have a good Christmas Dinner. He thanked the Luso for doing this. He thanked Bechtel for helping the family of a migrant worker who passed away. Finally, he thanked the snow removal people for doing an excellent job.

Councillor Rob Goffinet thanked Mayor and Staff for not scheduling any meetings around Christmas and New Year’s. He thanked RTA for putting on a workshop for the Kitimat Health Advocacy Group concerning the Sulphur Dioxide. The Kitimat Health Advocacy group will be meeting on Saturday, December at 10:15 AM at the Library.

Councillor Mary Murphy reported she was sick most of December but enjoyed her Christmas off with her family, friends and 8 dogs. She will be attending meeting for ‘Better at Homes’ at 1-2 pm at the Kitimat Library on January 15th. She has been reviewing terms of reference for this meeting.

She received plenty of calls relating to poor conditions on the streets and she thanked staff for cleaning things up. She is looking into handicapped access to areas in Kitimat and the housing needs which are all being discussed on social media. She attended the Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club to learn about their financial limitations and they will become viable in the next five years.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff echoed the appreciation for the break. He’ll be following up on several small recommendations with staff relating to snowfall and Snowbelt streets where there is more snow. There are also issues with the MK Bay Boat Launch and sewage disposal from Industrial Camps. He’ll be bringing them up as notice of motions. He hopes to have a housing workshop.

Councillor Corinne Scott stated the housing workshop will be on the 15th, from 530 to 730 at the District of Kitimat Offices. She said she appreciated having a couple of weeks with no meetings and enjoyed the holidays. She said she was busy with the Kitimat General Hospital foundation thanking the people of Kitimat for donations and she gave out ornaments. They managed to complete all this the Sunday before Christmas. Over $27,000 was raised for the portable ultrasound machine, estimated at $50,000.

She said being a director on the Senior’s Centre Board and will be attending Senior’s Executive meetings once a month. The involvement with and will be meeting with a lot of different groups over the next couple of weeks. She will be meeting with the MK Bay Marina, KHAG and the Hospital Foundation.

Councillor Phil Germuth stated he met with the Traffic committee before the break and they discussed the Concerns on the developments on Crossroads, Dadook street and the traffic lights. He stated the parts are present to fix the light by Rosario’s and the other lights will be improved. He read the JRP report twice over the break. Finally, he adopted a shiatsu dog from the Humane Society.

“If anyone is wondering why both lanes of traffic were blocked last week on Friday after the bridge, it was because he got away from the shop and I’d like to thank everyone for their patients in my trying to catch him. We did get him and we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again,” said Germuth.

Monaghan stated what she did was given in the report from earlier. She stated she did a lot of cooking for events and dinners. There was an issue with hot water in an apartment. There was some work on the Trauma Centre with one of the Helicopter companies. There were a lot of issues on the roads from Terrace. Finally, Council is trying to get affordable housing built before the next renovictions take place.