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NEWS RELEASE · 6th January 2014
Kitimat RCMP
Kitimat Detachment responded to 70 calls for service during this period. Some of which are as follows:

On December 30th 2013 at 0505 hours, a member was dispatched to a report of an intoxicated male at the Kitimat Fire Hall located on Kingfisheer Avenue Kitimat, BC. The complainant called police to report a male was knocking on the front door of the firehall and wanted to be let in. Member attended and was unable to locate the male. The member contacted the complainant who stated he no longer sees the male on the security camera. The complainant had advised the male that the police were being called and he subsequently walked off. Patrols negative. No further police action required. Concluded here.

On December 30 at 0923 hrs a complainant called the Kitimat RCMP to report a male was passed out in a hallway in apartment bldg on Albatross Ave. Members attended location at 0936 hrs and met the complainant who stated that subject of the complaint (SOC) was sleeping in the second floor hallway and not been bothering anyone. SOC located sleeping next to his back pack and woken by members. SOC polite, cooperative and sober enough to walk out of building and care for himself. SOC stated he had been at fire hall late to try to stay at shelter there but couldn't get in and arrived at the apartment bldg as a result. Stale odour of liquor on SOC, no evidence of recent consumption. SOC has friends in area who he can stay with and will go there this date. SOC transported to Nechako Center where he planned on buying a coffee and something to eat as he claimed to have enough money. Member offered SOC a few dollars if he needed it, SOC declined, thanked member and stated he would attend shelter in the future if he had no where else to go. File concluded.

On December 30 at approx 13:58 hrs a complainant attended the Kitimat Detachment front desk to report her vehicle, blue 2011 Ford Fiesta was backed into by another vehicle on December 28 at approx 01:30 hrs at 506 Enterprise Ave., Kitimat Hotel. She stated she exchanged information with the person who was driving a black 2013 Ford F150. Witness on scene. She stated she failed to report to Police right away because she thought the other driver was going to cooperate and now had a feeling he was not going to admit to the 'fender bender'. Member took photos of the damage, small dent with minor scratches on rear passenger fender, approx $300.00 damage. Member contacted the other driver in which he stated that he had already made an ICBC claim and that they stated he was at fault. He stated there was no damage to his vehicle and that he did back up into the complainant as she was in his blind spot. He was willing to cooperate. Police file number provided. All parties updated. File concluded.

On December 31st 2013 at 0703 hours, Constable GROSS was dispatched to a Break and Enter in Progress at Hwy 37 and Skully Crescent Bush Road (logging road) Kitimat, BC. The complainant called police to report he attended JL's Construction Compound at 0530 hours this morning and noticed the lock to the gate cut and observed a set of headlights belonging to a vehicle on site. He immediately left and called police. Member attempted to attend but was unable to due to road terrain being so poor. No suspects/no witness. Unknown vehicle type as complainant only saw the head lights. Neighborhood inquiries not conducted as compound is in the middle of the forest. Approximately $800 of fuel stolen. Matter is still under investigation.

On December 31st, 2013, at 2339 hrs, Kitimat RCMP received an abandoned 911 from a residence on Carswell St, Kitimat, BC. There was an open line initially with a TV on in the background but no voice contact. It went straight to voice mail on call-back. A member attended and spoke to a young person who advised that his father was out for the evening. He permitted the member into the residence to look around. The member determined that, although there were several people there, there was no emergency. File concluded here.

On December 31 at 2339 hrs, a complainant reported an assault that had occurred. Complainant advised that the victim had been brought to emergency ward by his aunt and with an injury resulting from being punched in the face. Member attended hospital at 0005 hrs on 2014-01-01, obtained statement from the victim who had cracked and dislocated jaw and signed medical consent form. The victim stated he thinks he knows who the suspect is who was at a bus stop when the victim and friends walked by. The SUSPECT pushed one of the males down and then punched the victim without provocation. The victim to stay at hospital until transported to Vancouver General Hospital for treatment within 58 hrs. Witnesses contacted and arrangements made for statement following shift for member. SUI- Contact with witnesses and suspect.

On January 1 at 0100 hrs, a complainant called police to report some people were standing at the end of Konigus St in Kitimat yelling happy new year and setting off fireworks. Member called complainant at 0111 hrs and advised the complainant that fireworks were legal to possess at that time of year. The complainant was concerned as her dogs were upset and she needed to be up early in am for work. The complainant advised member that it was quiet now. Member told complainant he would attend the street and have the fireworks stopped as it was getting late. Complainant thanked member and hung up. Member attended area at end of Konigus Street near Luso Canadian Assoc bldg at 0119 hrs. No one out in the area and no fireworks observed either. File concluded.

On January 2 at 17:05 hrs Kitimat RCMP received a suspected Break and Enter (B&E) complaint that occurred between the hours of 02:00-05:00 on December 30 at a residence on White St., Kitimat. The complainant/home owner, reported that his door leading into his home from his garage was loose and appeared to be tampered with. No items reported missing. Member attended scene, photographed door and door knob. Access to garage from rear and front doors, no damage observed. Door in question appeared to have a loose handle, however there was no indication of any tampering with tools. The complainant had already fixed the door handle prior to contacting RCMP and loosened it to show what it looked like before. Scene not fit for FIS attendance as complainant attempted to fix door handle and checked all items in garage prior to contacting police. All windows locked and intact, no sign of forced entry on other doors. Reported B&E at same address occurred on 2012-12-16 with different home owners (see Kitimat file 2012-3850). No indication of files relating to each other at this point. No sus/wit. Photos copied to CD, placed on hard copy. No further police action required at this time. File concluded.

On January 2nd 2014 at 1948 hours, a member was dispatched to a traffic complaint in the area of Kingfisher Avenue, Kitimat, BC. The complainant called police to report an erratic driver. She advised police a dark Honda vehicle was driving on the wrong side of the road and wanted police to conduct patrols. Member attended and conducted patrols in the area. Vehicle was gone before police arrival. Patrols negative. No BCLP obtained. No further police action required. Concluded here.

On January 3 at approx 1740 hrs a complainant contacted Kitimat RCMP to report that his girlfriend had attacked him. Members attended and determined that the couple had actually had a disagreement over lack of communication. While lying in bed the girlfriend had pulled at the complainant’s body and in return the complainant pushed his girlfriend away. From there the two just continually yelled at each other. Present in the residence was the girlfriend's 3 yr old daughter and the home owner. No further physical contact was made between each other. The girlfriend's sister and father attended scene and transported her and her daughter to Terrace to stay with them. Part of the argument was about the use of marihuana. Member observed a plate with a grinder on a side table in the residence. Grinder and plate covered in marihuana residue. Two smoking pipes lying in clear view in the garage. The member seized items. MCFD contacted about the daughter being at risk. The couple are separated. Still under investigation.

On January 3 at 20:25 hrs Kitimat RCMP received a harassment complaint occurring over Facebook and in person. The complainant, who lives on Haisla Ave. Kitamaat Village, reports her daughters are being harassed on Facebook and in public by three other individuals. The complainant reports this is an ongoing issue and has been occurring for over a year (see Kitimat files 13-2419, 13-3411 and 13-3536). Two of the youths have been accused of starting issues in the pasta member spoke with the complainant in which she stated that her daughter reported that one of the youth brushed up against her and told the youth to ',,,#$% off'. The complainant stated she just wants the youth to stop fighting and was satisfied with the member contacting and speaking to the youths. The complainant stated she was going to sit down and lecture her daughters on respect and would like the parents of the other youth to do the same. The member suggested to sit down with the others and talk about the issue. Third hand information provided not substantial enough for any charge. No further police action required. File concluded.

On January 4th 2013 at 2220 hours, a member was dispatched to a report of a car fire on Highway 37 and Oolichan Avenue, Kitimat, BC. The complainant called Kitimat Fire, who called police to report a vehicle was on fire at above location. A member attended and observed Kitimat Fire Department actively putting out the fire. The member conducted police computer checks and learned who the registered owner of the vehicle was. The member spoke to the R/O who stated he was coming home from Terrace when the vehicle started making a strange noise. He pulled the vehicle off to the side of the road and called a friend for a ride. Member spoke with Kitimat Fire who felt the fire was caused by oil combustion issue inside the engine. No signs of fire being suspicious. No tow trucks available, vehicle left on the side of the road where it was not effecting traffic flow. The R/O advised the member he would arrange for a tow truck in the morning. Fire not suspicious. Not a police matter. No further police action required. Concluded here.

On January 4th, 2014 at approximately 04:25 a member was fueling a police vehicle at the Shell gas station at Lahakas Blvd when he observed a female park her vehicle in the parking lot and enter the Shell. When the member entered the Shell he found himself in line behind the female, who gave off a strong odour of liquor as she passed him on the way out of the store. When asked about alcohol consumption she first stated that she had not been drinking, then that she had had a drink two hours ago. Eventually she stated that she had had a drink 30-45 minutes before the demand was read. After the first test failed she claimed to have had a drink less than 15 minutes prior. Two tests with an Alcohol Screening Device were administered and she failed both. Licence seized, vehicle impounded at Dollar Automotive. Conclude Here

On January 5, members attended a residence on Hallman St in response to a report from a complainant that this morning, she and her husband had noticed footprints in the snow on her front lawn leading past her front entrance to her house towards her driveway where her vehicle was parked. Nothing appeared to have been damaged or stolen. The complainant also mentioned that on Friday night (14-01-03), their neighbour's car alarm went off. Member attended the neighbour's residence who advised that the car alarm had gone off that same evening around the same time, but was not broken into and explained that it was due to an electrical malfunction and not someone trying to break into it. Member also found that the weekly flyers are delivered between every Friday and Saturday which could explain the tracks in the snow crossing several lawns. Further neighbourhood enquiries negative, reporting for info at this time. Concluded here.

On January 5 at approximately 13:51hrs Kitimat RCMP received a report of attempted B&E that occurred sometime between 09:00hrs on January 4 and 12:00hrs on January 5 at a residence on White St. The complainant reported that unknown person(s) attempted to gain access to the garage door of the home, as the door handle was extremely loose as if it had been tampered with, and two small scuff marks were on front of door resembling a kick from a shoe or boot. The complainant reported that he and his wife were out of town during this time. members attended and spoke with the complainant who stated that similar incident happened three days prior (Kitimat File 2014-17 refers) where individual(s) may have gained access to garage area but nothing was taken. After original incident occurred, the complainant had boarded up both front and back doors to attached garage from the inside so suspect was not able to gain entry. Nothing stolen as entry was not gained. No tool or pry marks on door and door handles being quite old and weathered may have been contributing factor to their looseness. Member spoke with the complainant about purchasing security lights and deadbolts to doors as well as an alarm system. Neighborhood enquiries conducted but nothing suspicious was observed. Email sent out to members to increase patrols. File Concluded.

If you have information about these or any other crimes, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or contact the Kitimat RCMP at 250-632-7111. Crime Stoppers is anonymous and does not subscribe to call display and calls are not traced or recorded. If your information leads to an arrest or charge you may be eligible for a cash award.