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REPORTING · 8th January 2014
Walter McFarlane

Morale is low at the Salvation Army in Kitimat this week, as on Monday, December 30th, they were one of three businesses served an eviction notice. The other two businesses are Bradley’s Bait and Tackle and Hollywood Video. However, on Friday, January 3rd, the workers at the Salvation Army in Kitimat were informed by their superiors from Terrace that the thrift store would not be relocating and would be closed.

“We received notice today that we will be closing this store as of January 25th. Our store will be closed to customers,” said Danuta Galary. They have to be out of the store on January 31st.

While Galary told us the Salvation army has been in Kitimat as long as she has been hear, 30 years, it has been around longer than that. They estimated 40 years. The Salvation Army is no longer taking donations and advise donations be dropped off at What’s In Store uptown.

On a busy day, there are 50-70 customers in the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Many of the people who use the service are people who do not have much money. The store provides bread for people who need it.

A sign in the window states the store will be closing due to circumstances beyond their control and thanking their volunteers, staff, customers, City Center Mall and the community for the years of support.

According to the workers, they expect the store will be closed to make room for the construction of a hotel. According to the Mall Owner, Jerry Minni, while the plans for the hotel have not been made public but they will be filing them in due course.

“At this time I can only say the construction requires alterations and also use of the main floor during the construction phase,” wrote Minni in an email

As for the other businesses which were evicted, we were able to talk to Saied Rohani from Hollywood Video. “I would love to stay in that town and I’ve been looking for a location for, since October, to move our store but there is nothing available,” said Rohani.

He stated they cannot remain in Kitimat for now. They will be leaving in the first couple of weeks of February. He thanked all the customers and stated the store had a great run in town. They are also going to try and look for a new location so they can come back.

While we were unable to talk to the owners of Bradley’s Bait and Tackle, a sign in the window says they will be moving. The word on the street is they will be moving into the old Sears and Radio Shack location in the mall.

While we attempted to contact the owners of the Salvation Army who are in Terrace, they did not get back to us.
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Comment by What's in stores "Rick" on 1st February 2014
Just so people know my wife "up the hill" is a very generous and caring person who helps many needy Kitimat citizens(for free) We are both very sorry about the Sally ann closing and hope we can help fill the void to the people that needed them. We are not open for the purpose of making huge money as Rick may think...We barely make it some months and almost have had to close the doors a few times, but by the Grace of God, we have been able to keep serving our loyal patrons. We hope to keep helping the wonderful citizens of Kitimat and area,for many years to come.
up the hill
Comment by rick on 7th January 2014
more like crooks are us. people donate for free, nothing but a money crab ,from the less fortunate......way out priced for those who need it... more like the shop with the golden spoon. every one feeds it freebeeeeeeeeeeeeees
Salvation Army
Comment by susui on 6th January 2014
Yes I am sad to see these three outfits close, but I sure hope Bradleys and Video Store relocate, as for people using the Sally Ann Store we have a great Whats In Store Up the hill which contains so many good deals.. Im only saying this as the owner of the SA said they would not be relocating :( I know people will say but they don't drive, there is a bus system..
District of Kitimat may be next!
Comment by concerned on 6th January 2014
The City Centre mall has sold, and the new owners want to boost rents! We will see what happens to our city hall rental!!!
Comment by yllana on 6th January 2014
this is a sad day.
I do hope that the Terrace Salvation Army reconsiders, and finds a play for them here in kitimat. they help many people here over the years.
And as for the future , I believe they will be needed more
Comment by rick on 5th January 2014
rich getting richer. wealth is controlling the comunity.just look around. so sad there closing. i thank the army,as i`ve used it ,in my time of need... going to miss it.
Explore all other options on location?
Comment by Larry Walker on 4th January 2014
Where is our mayor and council on this very important issue. Without a Sally Ann, where are our residents to go for help (or assistance). There must be other options available.