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NEWS RELEASE · 24th December 2013
Kitimat RCMP
Kitimat Detachment responded to 77 calls for service during this period. Some of which are as follows:

On December 16 at 1530 hrs, a complainant called the Kitimat RCMP to report finding a suspicious package containing money in her mailbox. The post man had arrived this date and advised the complainant that there was a white bag in her mail box getting wet from the rain and brought it to her. She opened the bag and found a small wicker basket/box with some foreign money inside. Member attended at 1543 hrs and observed the container sitting on the complainantís kitchen table. White bag was nondescript containing a wicker basket with a lid. Possibly left in the complainantís mail box in error for a neighbouring resident. The complainant has no idea where it came from or who it might belong to. Matter is still under investigation.

On December 16, 2013 at approximately 1842 hours, Kitimat RCMP received a 911 call reporting a collision on Lahakas Blvd and Haisla Blvd in Kitimat, BC. Member attended the scene. One of the vehicles, a white Chev Silverado, had been coming down Lahakas Blvd heading South bound and was going to make a left hand turn at the light which was green. The other vehicle, which was a white Ford F150, was going straight ahead on Lahakas, heading North bound. The southbound vehicle tried to stop but started to slide and hit the other vehicle, white Ford F150. head on. Extensive damages to both vehicles. Very minor injuries to the southbound driver who complained of a sore neck, in which it was suggested to attend the hospital to get checked. No visible injuries to any of the drivers. Weather and road condition were horrible at the time of the collision. Roads were very slippery and lots of heavy wet snow was coming down. The Chevy Silverado was driveable but the Ford F150 was not and had to be towed. Due to the conditions, no charges were laid. File concluded.

On December 17 at approximately 1350 hrs. Kitimat RCMP received a report from a school principal that a frustrated student had left the school without permission and requested the RCMPís assistance in locating him. Members were able to locate the student on a walking path. As the members were talking to him, the studentís mother attended and took the student home. The principal was advised. File concluded.

On December 18, at approximately 0451 hours, a complainant called the Kitimat RCMP to report three suspicious person going through vehicle's on Bulkley St, Kitimat, BC. He stated he saw 2 males and 1 female. Males were wearing light jackets and carrying bags in their hands and female was carrying a back pack and wearing a dark jacket. He said the three individual had left on foot towards Columbia Ave. Time delay was about 5 minutes Members made extensive patrols in the area, including Kildala School, paths, roads and Rec Centre. Patrols were negative. This file is related to Kitimat file 2013-4353 and 2013-4354 which was concluded to Kitimat file 2013-4353. Members were unable to find the three suspicious person. File concluded.

On December 18 at approx 1325 hrs a complainant contacted Kitimat RCMP to report that when he and his work crew arrived at 650 Kuldo Blvd, Kitimat to continue renovations his business was doing on the three storey building known as The North Star Inn, cigarette butts and empty beer cans were found in the stairwell. He also reported that two DeWalt drills were stolen. Video surveillance showed three teenagers entering the unlocked lobby and walking up and down the stairs. Members attended and gathered the evidence. Members were able to identify the teenagers and will be following up. Matter is still under investigation.

On December 18, at approximately 1630 hrs., a complainant reported a male staggering on Columbia Ave. A member located the male on Columbia Ave near Kildala Elementary and observed him to be staggering, almost falling as he walked. The member spoke with the male and observed him to have flushed face, bloodshot eyes, strong odour of liquor, and slurring his words when he spoke. He was subsequently arrested for being intoxicated in a public place. The member asked him if he could transport him anywhere so he could be with a sober individual and he stated he could go to his motherís house. The member subsequently transported him to momís house but nobody answered the door. He refused to give out any other names or addresses and so he was then transported him to Kitimat Cells. He became enraged and belligerent with officers during booking process but eventually calmed down. He was released when sober with a Violation Ticket. File Concluded.

On December 19, an employee at the BC Liquor Store in Mountainview Square in Kitimat called to report an intoxicated male had been escorted out of the liquor store four separate times. Members located the intoxicated male near Kitimat Public Library. The intoxicated male who is well known to the police displayed numerous symptoms including slurred words, odour of liquor, unsteady balance and bloodshot eyes. While speaking to him, a friend of the intoxicated male attended and stated that he would care for him. The friend appeared sober and able to care for himself as well as his intoxicated friend and proceeded to take him home with him. File concluded.

On December 20 at approx. 1045 hrs, a complainant called the Kitimat RCMP to report that at approximately 04:25 hrs this date when he was travelling on Hwy 37 towards Terrace at around 15-20 km north of Kitimat, a vehicle passed him on the highway and hit the mirror on his mini bus and knocked it off. The complainant does not have any descriptors at all for the vehicle or any other info for the call taker including his own vehicle's plate number or a work phone number for him. Calls to the number provided by the complainant went un-answered. Member contacted the owner of the complainantís vehicle at 1139 hrs who stated he had been called by his driver but didn't have any more info. Member advised him that there was nothing more for the police to do in this case but the licence plate number for the vehicle involved would be required for the file. Plate for vehicle was added to the file. Incident concluded as there is insufficient evidence to investigate.

On December 20 at 1310 hrs, a complainant called and reported that a large truck with a container on it struck a bridge near the Alcan workers camp. Flaggers were on scene, some debris reported on rd. Members attended scene at 1323 hrs. Male driver of Kenworth semi truck towing flat deck trailer stated he thought his load would fit under the bridge marked 4.42 m. The trailer had cleared bridge earlier marked 4.20 m. Minor damage to large over width container on the trailer, some damage to the underside of the bridge owned by Alcan. Bechtel Canada Ltd area manager was also on scene and stated load was destined for their operation at Alcan site and had already arranged for debris to be removed from scene. Flaggers controlled traffic, truck and trailer continued on it's journey with pilot car. No signs of impairment or injuries to the driver . File concluded.

On December 20th, 2013 at 20:00 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint from a complainant that there were people in his home and he could be dead by morning. The complainant is known to become paranoid when consuming alcohol and has called police with similar complaints in the past. Members attended. The complainant was intoxicated but able to care for himself. The members examined the areas of the home where the complainant believed people to be and demonstrated that there was nobody there. When questioned about the remark he made about being dead by morning the complainant stated that if he was it would be because of the people in his home and that he was not considering harming himself. The complainant stated that he would go to bed when officers left. File concluded.

On December 21st, 2013 at 00:30 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint that her stepfather and boyfriend were in a fist fight at a residence on Petrel St. Both males were intoxicated. Members attended but one of the combatants ( the step father) had left prior to their arrival. Aside from a minor nose bleed, the boyfriend was uninjured. It was determined that 4 individuals had been in the residence drinking. An argument ensued and one individual was pushed. The boyfriend attempted to intervene and that is when the fist fight broke out. The boyfriend did not want to pursue charges. Members then spoke with the step father at his residence and advised him to remain there for the remainder of the night. The step father was in agreement. He was warned should he go back to the other residence, he would be arrested. File concluded.

On December 21 at approx.0900 hrs, a member was dealing with an Motor Vehicle Incident (MVI) on Hwy 37 when a passing motorist alerted him to another possible MVI on the hill just up from the Kitimat River bridge. Tire tracks were reported going over the bank on the left side of the road. Member located scene at 0930 and observed Ford Explorer off the road and resting against some trees approx. 5 m down the bank. Vehicle un-occupied and locked, The Registered Owner (R/O) was from Prince Rupert. No call from owner at the time. Member re-attended scene at 1328 hrs and met the R/O who was on scene with Pronto Towing from Terrace and flagging crew. The R/O advised he was the sole occupant at the time of the incident and was not injured. He lost control on the icy road and was picked up by a passing motorist. Numerous accidents this date on the Hwy. The R/O had already called ICBC, was provided file # and advised MV6020 would be in the mail to him. The R/O was sober as there were no signs of impairment in vehicle or with R/O. Vehicle recovered with minor damage. File concluded.

On December 21 at approx 0205 hrs a complainant contacted Kitimat RCMP to report that there was an intoxicated male staggering up Lahakas Blvd (Hospital Hill) wearing all black covered ins now. Members attended and located a male staggering in and out of the roadway near the corner of Haisla Blvd / Tsimshian Blvd. Members approached the male and observed he had a strong odour of liquor, was slurring his words and was having a very difficult time standing. He was arrested for Intoxicated in Public Place and as he was unable to provide an address where a sober individual could care for him, he was transported to Kitimat RCMP cells for his safety and to sober up. He was to be released once sober. File concluded.

On December 22 at approx 1105 hrs a complainant residing on Baxter Ave, Kitimat reported that there was a possible domestic occurring in the unit next to hers. She reported that she heardyelling, smashing of items and doors slamming. At no time however did she observe who was involved. Members attended. Only person found to be in the residence next door was a male was who had no visible signs of injuries . The Unit also showed no signs of struggle or that an altercation occurred. The Unit was searched for any possible victims and none were found. Assault deemed to be unfounded. File concluded.

On December 22 at 1140 hrs an intoxicated female contacted Kitimat RCMP to report that her boyfriend was hitting her. Phone was disconnected almost right away. Upon dispatch returning call, The female informed that her nose was bleeding. Member arrived on scene to find her outside the residence pulling at her lower lip. She complained of having a sore head from her boyfriend hitting her head against the ground. EHS attended the scene and transported her to Kitimat General Hospital. The member followed fresh footprints from the side entrance of the residence to another residence. A witness who resides on the same street informed the member that she observed the boyfriend staggering towards the residence the tracks go to just as the member first arrived on scene. The member located and arrested a heavily intoxicated boyfriend and transported him to Kitimat RCMP cells. The member attended KGH and was informed that the intoxicated female had left the emergency area to use the washroom and never returned. She was not observed by a doctor. The member attempted to located the female but was not successful. At this time it is unclear the exact nature of the event as she has not clearly stated what occurred. The member did not observe any physical injuries on her. Matter is still under investigation.

On December 22 at 1538 hrs a complainant contacted Kitimat RCMP to report that a tree had fallen over half the roadway on Kitamaat Village Rd near Minnette Bay. The complainant felt this was a danger to individuals travelling to and from Kitamaat Village. Before RCMP could attend, the tree had been removed from the roadway by Kitamaat Village Public Works. Police attendance was no longer required. File concluded.

On December 22 at 1921 hours the Kitimat RCMP received a complaint from a complainant reporting hearing a bang at 1730 hour and jut noticed that it appears a vehicle may have hit an apartment building on Stikine St. Member attended and the complainant showed the member where it occured. It appears a vehicle had driven in between Wedeene St and Stikine St and mayhave hit the gas meter. There were a few pieces of what looked like a broken tail light beside gas meter. Tire marks in the snow however it was pouring rain in Kitimat. The member obtained photos. No witnesses as the neighbours have not been there for awhile according to the complainant. Unknown amount in damage. The member contacted Pacific Northern Gas who attended and had to switch the unit as there was a significant gas leak. File concluded.

On December 22 at 2237 hrs, a complainant called police to report that he had just heard what he thought was a male voice yelling for help. The complainant did not know what direction it was coming from. Member attended complainant's residence at 2253 hrs and met with the complainant who said he had gone out to his vehicle and heard a voice say "help" twice and it might have come from Dyke Rd, west of his residence. Member made patrols of area and heard a dog barking in the area of Dyke Rd near water treatment plant. Member observed a female walk up from that area with her two dogs and she stated that a male was down by dyke looking and calling for his small dog. Deep slushy snow in area which is popular with locals for walking dogs. The complainant was updated by member. Member drove Dyke Rd in attempt to assist but did not observe or hear anyone out in the area. File concluded as unfounded.

If you have information about these or any other crimes, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or contact the Kitimat RCMP at 250-632-7111. Crime Stoppers is anonymous and does not subscribe to call display and calls are not traced or recorded. If your information leads to an arrest or charge you may be eligible for a cash award.