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REPORTING · 22nd December 2013
Walter McFarlane
The 2014 budget came up at Council on Monday, December 16th. A provisional budget was given to Council, the approval of which would authorize operational spending until the 2014 Budget. One of the Councillor’s had a problem with it.

“I’d like to amend the motion slightly,” said Councillor Phil Germuth. “My Mountain Co-Op. I would like to see that taken out of the provisional budget at this time until we see a financial report or Statement of Accounts,” said Germuth. “At this time, we can see in our own budgets here. Our animal control has more than doubled. Our recycling has gone up 131%. The golf course, we don’t know what’s going on there. Our building fund that we wanted to put $1,000,000 a year into which we are taking a bit of money out of.”

He stated the building fund was supposed to facilitate a new museum, fire hall or city hall. There will be projects differed. He said they are not trying to shut down the ski hill but they may have to do the same things the town Council is doing.

Councillor Corinne Scott stated the first $15,000 was to pay the difference so they would not go in the hole. Last year was for the operations to help them break even. She agreed with the amendment.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff stated the recommendation was to approve a provisional budget, not finalize it. He said there were a few budget items they had to wade through and the Ski Hill was one. There was also animal control, RCMP staffing, KUTE, snow clearing and much more. He wanted to see the financial statements for My Mountain Co-Op as well, but added a little later they did not have any financial reports from several of the other groups as well.

Scott wanted to know if the Council would be getting the budget back in order to go through and make changes. If the Council approves the provisional budget, she would like to see it to make changes prior to final adoption.

She was told this provisional budget would approve the operations so they could begin spending. They were also hoping to approve the grants with a pre-approved project list. It would not approve the supplemental list.

CAO Ron Poole stated the budget would focus on Operations. He suggested Council deal with the grants community groups in January. Councillor Mario Feldhoff made a motion to refer the motion to January. Feldhoff told Council they were getting mixed signals and suggested there were a number of operational issues which needed to go through.

“This is not a final budget, regardless, we have to operate in January,” said Poole. “Yes, we will have to readjust.” Feldhoff wanted to know if there was an option to discuss both operations and capital. He was told yes, it was not a finalization.

Council was told it might restrict some of the operating grants for the Library or Museum who are asking for extra hours.

The tabling motion failed. Germuth told Council he wanted to be cautious of giving the impression the money was going to go through without council seeing a financial statement.

The Amendment was called and was negated. The motion was called and carried.