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REPORTING · 18th December 2013
Walter McFarlane
Mayor Joanne Monaghan began the City Council Meeting of Monday, December 16th with her traditional Good News.

“As usual, at this time of year, our personal agendas escalate and the activities of Council, Mayor and administration get a little bit less,” said Monaghan.

Monaghan announced she was interviewed by CBC Radio concerning the escalation of activities in Kitimat. Council met with the Community Advisory Board for a luncheon. Rio Tinto Alcan did a presentation for the Kitimat Health Advocacy Group on SO2 Emissions. There was a coffee house at the Hospital. Councillors attended open houses for Nathan Cullen and Robin Austin. Council sat through budget presentations and grants to community organizations.

“The Affordable Housing issue is taking up a lot of my time and I can say that the solutions seem to be coming forward. The out of the cold program is now set up in the old Council Chambers at the Fire Hall, there is training necessary for Volunteers and we still would like more to come forward to help,” said Monaghan.

Monaghan stated that one of the long standing artists at the Kitamaat Village, Sammy Robinson was recognized for his art in a ceremony in Vancouver. Council met with Northern Health and talked about health concerns, including the Emergency Room Reconstruction, the Helijet in conjunction with a trauma service.

Finally, Mr. Mikes is open. Monaghan encouraged people to go there.

“To each one of you and yours, the Council, Mayor and Staff at the District of Kitimat wish you a blessed Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2014. Hopefully, we’ll see you again on January 6th,” said Monaghan.
Out in the cold
Comment by LindaMcG on 18th December 2013
The out of the cold program? Sounds great. Have a meeting, spend some tax dollars, talk it to death and eventually do something far to late. All this should have been done months, even years ago. Too little , too late. I know someone that is currently having to fight a landlord just to make him honor a lease. Where is a young family to go? I know, they can take their baby and go stay in the new homeless shelter, and for a great family activity they can go euthanize the family dog because many places that took pets during the last 10 years, no longer do.
the mayor's good? news fantasy
Comment by J.Cruyff on 18th December 2013
What great news a veritable delight of solutions of problems by the mayor.
Starting with a radio interview with no less than the CBC, an obvious slow news day, a weekly good news lunch with an advisory board, then a RTA presentation on SO2 emissions, really good news.
A coffee house at the hospital and last but not least open houses for the provincial and federal representatives to what end we'll probably have to wait till next week as they did not have a lunch yet.
As someone once said "my nipples exploded with excitement"
To me it looks like the mayor is a one person band that is playing out of tune.
What we need is someone with less bs and a good grasp of the problems we are dealing with here.
Elections next year will be crucial if this town is going forward and not sit on the fence.