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REPORTING · 17th December 2013
Walter McFarlane
Staff Sergeant Phil Harrison came before Council On Monday, December 16th with his monthly policing report.

He told Council that he does not have the sergeant’s position filled yet. One of his constables has been promoted to Corporal and he’s looking for another member. One Member has medical problems so the RCMP are going to be short for another year and a half. “Just as I get up to snuff, I’m dropping down again,” joked Harrison.

He delved into the crime statistics for November. There were 331 calls, which are down from last month, but high for November.

There were 2 assaults with a weapon, 12 common assaults, 8 threats for November, 11 mischief to property and 11 incidents of causing a disturbance. He went through motor vehicle incidents before taking questions.

Councillor Corinne Scott said she was dismayed at the number of assaults going up and wanted to know if there was a way the community can help reduce this number. Harrison did not know if there was a program for that. However, he said most of the assaults were at the bars, so increasing bar walks and enforcing the act.

“I think the onus is also on the owners of the businesses as well, to step up and follow the guidelines that they are supposed to be following. We know a lot of cases where we know people who are intoxicated get kicked out from one place and go to another place and get served there, and vice versa. It goes back and forth. Trying to prove that they’re being over served and by who is kind of difficult because you have to be there to see it. Coming after the fact is not good for us, you’ve got to be there to see it,” said Harrison.

He stated the GIS which they have requested will be able to do something about that. Scott asked if there was a way they could charge the liquor outlets for over serving. She was told that liquor inspectors but the RCMP can enforce it as well.

Councillor Rob Goffinet expressed the weekly run down humanizes the police and puts the problems in Kitimat into perspective. He stated a lot of the problems in town were caused by dependence and influence from alcohol. Goffinet clarified the GIS officer is a plain clothed position which would be on site before being noticed.