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NEWS RELEASE · 10th December 2013
Kitimat RCMP
Kitimat Detachment responded to 63 calls for service during this period. Some of which are as follows:

On December 1st, 2013 at approximately 23:30 members attended a residence on Alexander Ave and executed an unendorsed warrant for robbery on behalf of the Edmonton Police Service. A male was arrested without incident and lodged in Kitimat cells to await arrangement for transport back to Edmonton. File concluded.

On December 2 at approximately 1556 hours the Kitimat RCMP Detachment received a complaint from an owner of a local business. He advised he had hired a girl and she did not show up for one of her shifts. When he called the girl about it he advised she was a disgrace to the business. This made the girlís father mad who then called the owner a few times and left rude voicemails. There was nothing criminal about the voicemails however the owner did not appreciate it. The owner would like the girl's SIN # and DOB in order to pay her. A member spoke with the father who advised he was just frustrated and assured he would no longer call the owner and leave messages. The member explained that the owner required the girl's information in order to pay her and the father advised it had been all worked out. The father was very sincere and cooperative. The owner was updated. File concluded.

On December 2, at approximately 2135 hours a member on patrol on Haisla Blvd., noticed the vehicle behind her had a headlight burned out. She activated her emergency light and proceeded to pull the vehicle over. As the member approached the vehicle she could smell a very strong odour of burned marijuana. The driver and two other male occupants were arrested for possession of controlled substances. A search of the males located fresh marijuana on one of the males and it was subsequently seized. Members had reasonable grounds to believe that the driver was impaired by drugs due to very strong odour emitting from vehicle and the signs of impairment exhibited by the driver such as slow speech and slow in his movement. A 24 hour prohibition (215 by drugs) was served on the driver and a Notice and Order for the burnt out headlight was served on one of the passengers who was the registered owner of the vehicle. The vehicle was also impounded for 24 hours. All three males were transported to the KMP by the members. File concluded.

On December 2, at approximately 0354 hours a business owner called from Terrace to report that he was concerned for one of his drivers. The driver had left Terrace about an hour ago to go pick up a client at Tim Horton at 125 City Centre, Kitimat, BC. The owner had not heard from him for a while and the driver was not answering his phone or his radio. The owner asked police to conduct a wellbeing check on the driver. Member attended the Tim Horton and found the vehicle parked. The driver was sleeping with his window rolled down. The member spoke with the driver and confirmed his identity. The driver said he was tired and was just napping. He immediately called his boss and said he was fine. File concluded.

On December 3, at 00:42 hours, member attended to a family dispute on Chilko St. Kitimat. A child had called crying that her mother was arguing with her and trying to get the phone. Members were able to get everyone calmed down and agreeable to an arrangement where the child would return to her room for the night and mom would stay out. As a child was involved they were advised that the Ministry of Children and Family would be contacted and they may want to follow up with the family. File concluded.

On December 3, 2013 a complainant contacted the Kitimat RCMP Detachment stating that an intoxicated male was sleeping on the benches at the Kitimat City Center Mall. Members attended and located an intoxicated male. The male was being loaded into a taxi cab by his friend . He was given the ride as he was able to care for himself, although he was highly intoxicated. Charges not pursued. File concluded.

On December 4, at 1648 hours the Kitimat RCMP received a report of an abandoned 911 call coming from the City Centre Mall. Members attended and patrolled the perimeter outside the mall and inside the mall however no one appeared to be in distress. Deemed false by attendance. File concluded.

On December 4 a member was advised of a vehicle that was stopped on the Haisla Blvd. Bridge,
The member attended and observed a lot of traffic backed up in both lanes. Vehicles from both sides were trying to get around the stopped vehicle. Members conducted traffic control and safely managed each lane until the tow truck arrived to remove the vehicle. According to the male driver, he had the dumb luck of running out of gas on the bridge. File concluded.

On December 4, 2013 a second hand report of an alleged assault between a couple was received by the Kitimat RCMP Detachment. The complainant, a relative of one of the couple, called the Kitimat RCMP Detachment stating that the female had called her saying that the male had struck her. The complainant then lost cell service and could not contact the female any further, so she called the Kitimat RCMP Detachment. Members made patrols at the 3 last known houses of the couple without success. The complainant later made contact with the female who was at the doctors, denied any assault, was upset that the complainant contacted the RCMP, and would not speak to the members about any "incident". There are reports of assaults by one against the other frequently, with neither interested in charges or providing information to the RCMP. The complainant stated to the members that she felt that the female was not in any danger and was possibly not serious about the "assault" as both of them were peacefully at the Dr's awaiting the results of the femaleís pregnancy appointment. Neither of the couple were located, and the complainant was not concerned, feeling that both would avoid the RCMP, for this 'non event". File concluded.

On December 5, 0820 hrs, Kitimat RCMP received a complaint that some long term campers, have made permanent residence and were unwilling to leave on Rio Tinto Alcan's (RTA) property. The complainant would like RCMP assistance in coming to agreement for removing the Motor home at the Pump house on 293 Haisla Blvd. The complainant had safety and liability concerns with winter weather coming, possibly getting snowed into campsite, and high river levels. Members attended and spoke to the couple who advised that they were going through a rough time and have been living in the Motor Home since June 2013. The motor home had been towed to the current location and was not presently running. The couple agreed to move the Motor Home by 2013-12-18. Their other vehicle a Ford Pickup, was also on site. A RTA employee also attended the scene and a verbal agreement to move the vehicle was met. Members also spoke to a member of the Kitimat Housing Resource Project who advised that they had been working with the couple in finding a new location for them. No further police action required. File concluded.

On December 5, at approx 1330 a complainant attended the Kitimat RCMP Detachment and advised he was having issues with his tenants on Chilko St. He advised he is having troubles evicting his tenants and they are causing problems. He was mainly upset that he saw posts on Facebook from them telling people not to rent from him and he felt they were slandering his name. The member advised she would speak with the couple however it sounded as though it was mainly a Civil matter going on. Member spoke with the couple and they advised they would no longer post anything and that they had only done it once and did not say anything threatening. The member advised the complainant. No further action required. File concluded.

On December 6 1020 hrs Kitimat RCMP were on standby after receiving a report from Victoria Coast Guard that last evening, a male had reported that his 28' pleasure-craft had mechanical trouble approximately 15 miles up the Douglas Channel. Local Marine Rescue unit was dispatched to attend scene, but was unable to locate the boat or the person. Subsequent efforts the following day by CCGS "Gordon Reid" and a Canadian Forces Search and Rescue Cormorant helicopter were able to locate the male who was reported to be in good health, other than suffering cold feet. No further investigation req'd, concluded here.

On December 6, at approximately 2019 hrs, Kitimat RCMP received a complaint of domestic violence on Teal St, Kitimat, BC. The male abuser was reported to be intoxicated and checks showed he had an unendorsed warrant for Fail to Appear and no consume conditions. Members attended and the male was immediately arrested on scene for the unendorsed warrant and breaching no his consume conditions. The victim declined EHS and did not want to attend court or to charge the male. However evidence obtained by members at the scene was enough to have charges pursued. The male was transported to the Detachment and lodged in cells until a Justice of the Peace hearing could be arranged. A Hearing was held the next day which resulted in the male being remanded in custody until he could appear in court in Terrace. File is still under investigation.

On December 6 at 2221 hours the Kitimat RCMP Detachment received a complaint advising there is a female who is incoherent and banging on the floor and yelling at a residence on Banyay St. The complainant had tried to check on the female however she was not appearing to make any sense. Members attended and could hear a female screaming random things. The members asked for the female to open the locked door however the female replied she had fallen out of her wheel chair and couldn't get back in it. The building manager was called and brought a key and opened the door. Members entered and observed an elderly lady laying on the floor beside her wheel chair. The female had a small injury on her left arm that required medical treatment. She was disoriented and not making a lot of sense. She also admitted to having consumed two glasses of wine. This was a deemed an EHS call and therefore EHS attended and cared for elderly woman. File concluded.

On December 7, at 1330 hrs Kitimat RCMPolice received report from a young female that she was suicidal, had cut her wrist and was still in possession of knife. Members attended the residence in Kitimat and located her inside her room with several cuts on her left inner forearm. Members found nearby knife and box containing bloodied tissue and razor blades. Her family were all present but none of which appeared to be aware of circumstances. She was apprehended by he members and transported to KGH by EHS. She was treated by medical personnel and was seen by the doctor who advised members that the plan was to admit her to hospital care and be assessed by psychiatric care in Terrace on Monday. The female was calm and content to be in hospital care upon members leaving Members advised the parents of the situation and they indicated that they would be attending hospital to support their daughter. No further investigation req'd, concluded here.

On December 7, 2204 hrs, Kitimat RCMP received a anonymous complaint of a female crying at the front of 1547 Albatross Ave. EHS was already on scene. A member attended and spoke to a female who was sitting out front of the apartments. She said she was outside having a smoke. The member observed she had been drinking and showed no signs of physical abuse (bruises, cuts) or medical issues. She refused EHS which had also responded. She said she was safe and didn't require police or EHS assistance. No other persons located in area showing signs of distress. Police checks, negative. File concluded.

On December 7, 2327 hrs, Kitimat RCMP received a complaint that it sounds like approximately 5 people are yelling, smashing furniture and a female was screaming stop it in apartment above the complainant on Albatross Ave. Members attended and spoke to a property rep who said that the party was over and wouldn't elaborate what had happened. A male that had appeared at the door as well was leaving to go home to his house. Members observed several other people inside residence passed out on the couch. The property rep was advised to keep the noise down, to which she agreed. No further action required. File concluded.

On December 8, 0042 hrs, Kitimat RCMP received a complaint that a male was passed out in the drivers seat of a running 2001, white Dodge ram pickup at the Kitimat Legion parking lot on Legion Rd. Members attended. Upon approach, members noted a male in driverís seat, passed out with the engine running. Members woke up the driver and requested the driver to shut off the truck and step out of vehicle. He had glassy eyes, strong odour of liquor on breath, slurred speech and unstable footing. The driver said that his last drink was 1 hour prior. An Alcohol Screening Device demand was made upon the driver but the driver refused to provide a sample of his breath as required. Members explained to the driver that refusing to provide a sample carried the same consequence as a fail breath sample. The driver indicated he understood. Member also observed 2 open beer cans, 1/2 full in console of truck. Vehicle impounded for 30 days and the driverís licence was suspended for 90 days. All documents served to the driver on scene and he returned to the bar with friends after being served documents. File concluded.

On December 8, 0419 hrs, Kitimat RCMP received a complaint that a group of males are fighting at the Kitimat Hotel on Enterprise Ave. The complainant called back before Members attended and said the fight had stopped. He further advised that he had left the Hotel with 3 others who were involved in the fight. Members met with the complainant and the other 3 involved. The complainant said that he was sucker punched in bathroom by unknown male. One of the other, a female, said she was punched by unknown female. One of the male members of the group said he was punched by unknown female when he told her to "F off". All were intoxicated with the exception of one who was the designated driver. The four are to attend the Detachment later to provide statements. Matter is still under investigation.

On December 8, 0602 hrs, Kitimat RCMP received a complaint that a teen male was walking towards Cormorant Ave from Mac's Store and was stumbling The caller was concerned that the Teen might pass out. Teen described as around 6'2", wearing a Russian toque, and a green jacket. Member attended. Extensive patrols made, negative. File concluded.

On December 8, at 2151 hrs Kitimat police received report of a motor vehicle incident with injuries at some point between Kitimat and Terrace. Details regarding location were vague, however, it was soon determined while a member was en route, that the location was near Mt Layton hot springs and Lakelse Lake in Terrace. As such, Kitimat members were advised to stand down by Terrace members. Concluded here.

If you have information about these or any other crimes, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or contact the Kitimat RCMP at 250-632-7111. Crime Stoppers is anonymous and does not subscribe to call display and calls are not traced or recorded. If your information leads to an arrest or charge you may be eligible for a cash award.
Comment by Ric on 10th December 2013
Also nice to see NO mention of the, RCMP attended and participated in. Forced entry into a residence on Partridge St
police report
Comment by J.Cruijff on 10th December 2013
nice to see no one was caught speeding through red and amber lights while on the cellphone and the Nascar road circuit to Terrace is now also safe from speeders and tailgaters.

In my opinion there will be a deadly accident by the aforementioned scenarios.