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REPORTING · 6th December 2013
Walter McFarlane
A bylaw for the rezoning of the of the former Aluminium City Lodge on Dadook Avenue area to a C5 Zone came before Council on Monday, December 2nd. Councillor Mario Feldhoff made a motion to give first and second reading, refer the zoning to the APC and schedule a public hearing in January, 2014.

“This is on the site of the old Aluminium City motel that has been abandoned for a number of years that had an existing 50 rooms there. What’s been proposed are the development of two hotel developments. One has 87 room Microtel Hotel and the other is a 62 All-Suites Hotel. Slightly larger rooms for longer staying guests. Additionally, a restaurant site has been proposed there as well at the front of the site,” came the response from Administration.

Feldhoff asked about the height. A five story hotel has been proposed and a beautiful rendering of the hotel showed four stories. He verified the fifth story was for an elevator shaft. He was told there are several changes to the C5 Zone. The C5 Zone permits motels but not hotels. The second is to increase the floor area ratio. The third is to increase the height.

District of Kitimat Administration expects it to be a four story building with an increased centre, which would make it a 5 story building. Feldhoff asked when the business is expected to be up and running. He was told the owner wanted to start as soon as possible. The plan was to start in February 2014 and be finished by January 2015. The Microtel would be up first and the All-Suites Hotel would follow.

Germuth proposed an amendment to refer this to the Traffic committee because it would increase traffic to a point the area would not have seen. The amendment was considered friendly.

Scott stated the increase in rooms by 99 would trigger a $300 per bed contribution to the Pollution Control Centre. She asked if the other beds they are contributing would not contribute to the Pollution Control Centre. She was told the 50 were already there.

Germuth reminded staff that if there were kitchenettes, the amount would increase to $1000. Germuth added a number of the rooms would have Kitchenettes so they would provide that amount. The response was this fee would be paid at the building permit section.

Councillor Rob Goffinet clarified that this was to rezone the old Aluminium City Lodge and Not Jed Stumps Estates. He was told this was correct. Feldhoff stated any further parcels of land would come up another time.

The motion was called and carried.