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REPORTING · 3rd December 2013
Walter McFarlane
My Mountain Co-Op came to Council on Monday, December 2nd to present about their successes. Dr. John Krisinger and Dave Carter came forward to present to Council.

“I just want to report quickly what we’ve accomplished with the financial support we have received from the city of Kitimat,” said Krisinger. We took over the ski hill 2 ½ to three years ago. Two seasons and we had closed to 20,000 skier visits and made a financial gain. We’re in the black numbers but we’re still upgrading the infrastructure required.”

They have made improvements to the mountain including a new haul rope on the chair lift. They have one expert doing this, while everyone else is a volunteer. This project cost $70,000. They also have to replace the 189 grip mechanisms which holds the chairs on the chairlift. They have replaced 50 costing them $65,000.

During the summer, they also painted the lodge and added a railing to the deck. Carter told the Council this is a modernization project for the Ski Hill. The sewer system was not up to environmental standards and had to be upgraded over the summer. They are trying to conserve water to create less stress on the sewer system.

One of the goals for the ski hill is to hook it up to the power grid. They are talking with Nathan Cullen to put in a power line going up the mountain. Normally, the hill is powered by Generators which run on fuel at $500 a day. They are using metres to get a picture of their consumption. This will help them replace one of the generators in the short term. They expect the power line would cost $6,000,000 so they will need some help with it.

Their master plan to the province is due on January 1st. The plan is required because the province forgave a loan to them. The plan is to add lodging on the hill. For this, they need to expand parking and increase power and their sewer system.

Finally, to incorporate their master plan requires things like flooring to be upgraded, the flooring has to be non-slippery when wet. Things are demanding.

This year, they will be replacing the floor in the rental shop, Brushing the parking lots and runs, upgrade sewer systems, low flush toilets, power consumption metring. They are trying to determine their power consumption. It will take two years to fix the last of the problems.

My Mountain Co-Op is becoming better known. They have had an article in the British Paper, the Guardian and an article in the New York Times. The reason is My Mountain Co-Op is the first not for profit Ski Hill in Canada. There are two others which are getting started, one in White Horse and one in Manitoba.

“Things are working well, we are putting a lot of volunteer hours in. In a nutshell, Shames Mountain Ski Corporation could not run this hill at a profit. That’s why, eventually, they gave up on it. Neither can we, make this as a money making business. We may keep it afloat but we need some support to update the infrastructure that was neglected over the past years,” said Krisinger.

“We rely on our Volunteers. That what makes the difference between us and the old Shames Mountain Ski Corporations, the number of hours that we put in each year of volunteering,” said Carter.

The presentation estimated there were 100 volunteer days and 700 Volunteer hours put into the mountain.

In addition, there is a bus service starting from Kitimat going up onto the mountain. My Mountain Co-Op will start to run a 25 passenger bus from the Bechtel Construction Camp on Sundays.

Councillor Corinne Scott complimented them for getting published in the United Kingdom as she felt it was unique to have Shames Mountain mentioned internationally. She was pleased with the numbers as well.

Councillor Mary Murphy stated this was exciting news. She asked if the Bechtel bus would be stopping in town. She was told it was to supply service to the camp. Murphy asked if there was a way for the teenagers and the kids who wanted to go to Shames. The reply was they would convey this to their manager.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff asked if they were looking for another $15,000 this year. He was told yes.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan thanked them for coming.
Bus service
Comment by Debbie on 6th December 2013
It doesn't say anywhere in that article that the bus service is paid for by My Mountain Co-Op.
Comment by rick on 5th December 2013
another milking cash cow. industry first. got to keep them workers happy. minimum wage don`t cut it. there in a class of its own. called keeping you in talks and the bul-chit walks.that`s bussiness in kitimat.welcome seniors,kitimat will break you. lol in your retirement years. your going to need it.
Second class
Comment by Alan on 4th December 2013
As a supporter and user of the ski hill since it was the old kitsamkalum ski hill, I am disappointed that a bus will be available from Kitimat, for camp workers only. I am starting to understand how these projects will increase the tax burden of the local population.; no bus!
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 3rd December 2013
Really! My Mountain Coop will start to run a 25 passenger bus from Bechtel Construction Camp on Sundays which will supply service the camp, not necessarily to Kitimat residents but they expect the Kitimat tax-payer to give them another $15,000 this year!
Wow! Is there something wrong with THIS picture!