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NEWS RELEASE · 2nd December 2013
Kitimat RCMP
Kitimat Detachment responded to 72 calls for service during this period. Some of which are as follows:

On November 25 at 0900 hrs, Kitimat RCMP received a complaint of a residential glass break alarm on Konigus St. Member attended but found residence secure. All doors were locked and windows at ground level secure. The member did observe a rear upstairs window which had a lass break however, the screen was intact and 2 dogs where observed barking inside residence as well. The member contacted the property rep who confirmed that window had been broken a while back. Alarm deemed false by attendance. File concluded.

On November 25 at approximately 21:44hrs an anonymous caller called to report a black Buick SUV swerving all over the road on Lahakas Blvd near Supervalu Foods in Kitimat, heading toward Kitimat General Hospital. No plate or driver description obtained. Approximately 10 minute time delay. A member made patrols but did not locate any vehicles matching description. No further police action required. File Concluded.

On November 25 at 1828 hours the Kitimat RCMP Detachment received a complaint about an erratic driver in Highway 37 heading towards Kitimat BC. Description of the vehicle was a white FORD, 4 door car. No plate was obtained. A member patrolled highway 37 and observed a small white FORD car heading towards Kitimat. The member turned around and activated her emergency lights. There were 3 vehicles behind the white car however, when the member activated her lights the white car was the only vehicle that had pulled over to the side of the road and stopped. The member spoke with the male driver and advised him of the complaint received and gave him a warning. The driver was quiet, did not say too much and showed no signs of impairment. An N was displayed on the vehicle and there was only one passenger in the vehicle. File concluded.

On November 26 at 1516 hrs, police received an abandoned 911 call from a cell phone , On call back, a female answered and stated she was fine, sounded upset and hung up. Location was finally determined from GPS coordinates to be a residence on Nalabila Blvd. A female answeredThe door and claimed all was ok. She reported having a verbal argument with a male whom she had kicked out and was enroute to Terrace on by bus. Members cleared the town house and noted no signs of any physical injuries to her or her 3 children. Victim's services offered by member but declined by the female who stated she was packing to leave with her kids. Some history between the female and the male but no criminal records or conditions on the system. Member attended MCFD office at 1557 hrs and spoke with worker who made contact with the female and was advised that she was fine and had been picked up by her father. Ministry to monitorfamily in future. File concluded.

On November 27 at 0853 hrs Kitimat RCMP received a report indicating a front window glass break at a residence on Quatsino Blvd, Kitimat. Members attended but found nothing to indicate an offence occurred. All windows appeared undamaged. The front door was unlocked and a member stepped inside to announce police presence but there was no response. They observed a parrot perched in living room area which may have been cause of alarm. File concluded as False by attendance.

On November 27, 1519 hrs, Kitimat RCMP received a complaint from a complainant that he over heard another male threatened to break his legs if he showed up at his ex girlfriendís house to pick up kids at on Albatross Ave. The complainant did mention to dispatch that he didn't want to have to take a machete over to the other maleís house and deal with matters on his own. Member contacted the complainant who said that he was upset over not being able to visit his child. The complainant said he has no intention of going to the other maleís residence with a machete and had since calmed down and was not interested in police speaking to the other male over the matter. The complainant is upset over child visiting rights and is working with the Ministry. The member contacted the other male and advised him that the complainant had mentioned using a machete and taking matters into his own hands. The other male was not concerned for his safety. He said he was tired of the complainant coming to his house and breaking his belongings and said the complainant was not welcome at his residence. The member advised the male to call police if there was further issues involving the complainant. No further police action required. File concluded.

On November 27 at 2019 hrs, an alarm was received from a business in City Center Square in Kitimat. The alarm company reported that this type of alarm is a result of staff not following procedure when locking up at closing. Member attended location at 2024 hrs to find the premise ssecure with no sign of forced entry and no one around. The business closing time was at 1600 rs No concerns noted and no P.R. attended. Police records shows this is the 5 th false alarms at this location in the last 11 months. Concluded as false by attendance.

On November 28 1100 hrs Kitimat RCMP received a report from a complainant that she found what appeared to be a skateboard, surfboard or snowboard beside a spruce tree on her property on Lillooet Cres Kitimat. Member attended and seized. After an extensive analysis of the item, member determined the item to be a skateboard, as it was found to have wheels, thus making it unsuitable for water or snow. Skateboard is described as Black/red, value approx $50. Exhibit relinquishment signed and forwarded to exhibit custodian. Complainant advised that she does not want the skateboard if it is not claimed before retention period expires. NFAR, Concluded here.

On November 28, at approximately 1416 hours Kitimat RCMP received a report of an intoxicated male that wanted to die. Members attended a residence on Gyrfalcon Ave, Kitimat, BC and after few knocks on the door and announcing themselves, the intoxicated male opened the door and invited members to go in. He admitted wanting to die and harm himself. He was upset about the passing of a couple of family members and when asked if he wanted to go see a doctor, he immediately said yes. He got dressed and came with police to Kitimat General Hospital. All members stayed with him for approximately 2 hours. He was very cooperative and polite with members and thanked police when they left the hospital. File concluded.

On November 28 at approximately 0527 hours the Kitimat RCMP received a complaint from a complainant advising that she just heard an explosion near her house on Quail St. A member attended Quail St and spoke with the complainant who advised the lights in her house had flickered on and off and everything in her house shook. The member did extensive patrols of the area however did not find anything suspicious. The member spoke with a few people in the area that were bringing out garbage and getting ready to go to work and no one else heard anything. One male on his way to work advised he was an electrician and suggested it may have been a transformer. At this time no signs of suspicious activity and no further reports received. File concluded.

On November 29 at 0306 hours the Kitimat RCMP Detachment received a complaint reporting 3 male youths passed out inside a residence on Albatross Ave. The complainant was concerned for their safety. All youths were displaying signs of intoxication. Two were taken back to their parents and released into their care while the third was taken by EHS to the Kitimat General Hospital. When the member dropped one son off to the parent, the parent was advised that her other son had been taken to the hospital. The parent advised the member that she would attend the Hospital. Members also attended the Kitimat General Hospital as well to check on the youth. File concluded.

On November 29 at 2142 hrs, a complainant called police to report that a male had come to her residence and bear maced her boyfriend. Everyone in the house was reported to be OK. Members attended scene at 2201 hrs and found the victim inside residence treating himself for mace exposure. The suspect male was gone on arrival. No neighbourhood witnesses. EHS attended and transported the victim to the hospital for treatment. The complainant stated what the suspect male had done although she never saw him. Member attended hospital and obtained a statement from the victim who stated the suspect male had arrived with another suspect male. They knocked on the door and the one suspect male bear sprayed him. Both suspects were arrested at 0028 hrs. BOTH males released on a Promise To Appear with conditions for assault with weapon. Charges forwarded to Crown. Still under investigation.

On November 30, at 0505 hrs Members responded to anonymous report of noise coming from a residence on Ochwe St Kitimat. Members had also received a report of people fighting in the street and yelling. Members attended, heard music coming from the residence. Members spoke with the Property Representative who advised that there was a small party there earlier, but that everyone had left. Members advised the property representative to keep noise level down. He complied and was apologetic. No further reports that night, concluding here.

On November 30 at 1045 hrs an abandoned 911 call was received from the pay phone positioned in Kitimat Ice Rink located at 400 City Centre, Kitimat. Member attended and located two young boys, aged 5 and 6, playing near the phone. At first both boys stated that the did not use the phone but as the member was getting ready to walk away to do a foot patrol in the area, one of the boys informed the member that the other boy had been pressing buttons on the phone in question. The boy admitted to the member that he had touched the phone. The member observed that there was no indication of an emergency or distress. The two boys were running around chasing each other laughing when the member had arrived on scene. The member contacted the boy's mother to let her know that her son had been spoken to. She informed the member that he had already been told. She drove her son to the Kitimat RCMP detachment to have the boy apologize for his actions. Call deemed false. File concluded

On December 1, 0038 hrs Kitimat RCMP members received a report of an intoxicated Male outside the KMP camp gate. Security employees indicated that the male does not live at the camp and was not causing problems, but were concerned. While en-route, members were advised that the male had found a ride back home. No further investigation required, concluded here.

On December 1, at approximately 0056 hours a member was patrolling and located a male, standing by himself in the stair case of Nechako Elementary School in Kitimat, BC. Member engaged in conversation with the male whom she noted was unable to have a conversation with her. The male was slurring his words and would only say that "I'm alright". The member could smell a strong odour of liquor emitting from the male's breath and he was shivering. He could barely stand or stay awake. The male was arrested for being intoxicated in a public place. As soon as the male sat in the police vehicle, he fell asleep. He was transported to Kitimat cells and lodged for the evening. As he was soaking wet, he was provided with dry clothes and two blankets to warm up. He was released in the morning without incident. File concluded.

On December 1, at approximately 0251 hours a complainant called Kitimat RCMP to report that she had just been assaulted by her boyfriend. The complainant said she got punched in the face and got choked by her boyfriend. Members attended. One of the members located the boyfriend walking with two friends. The member observed the boyfriend having extensive injuries to his face and bleeding. Further investigation indicates that the complainant was in fact the primary aggressor. The complainant was arrested, transported to Kitimat cells and lodged temporarily in cells as she was not intoxicated. After declining to speak to a lawyer and refusing to provide a statement, she was released on a Promise to Appear, Undertaking and Appendix A for court date January 9th, 2014. Still under investigation.

On December 1 at 0333 hrs Kitimat RCMP received a report from a complainant that there were people knocking on her door and yelling. The group went back to vehicle and were gone before police arrived. Member attended, spoke with the complainants. Police had pulled vehicle over near Braun St and spoke with occupants. Investigation determined that one of the occupants and several others had left a staff party with a designated driver. Upon being dropped off, the male occupant noticed his cell phone was missing. He traced his phone to the complainantís residence via a phone tracking App by using a separate device. He was upset and began knocking and yelling for owner to give his phone back. This startled the complainants, at which time, the police were called. The male occupant and his friends left and contacted police, at which time, one of the complainants looked inside his vehicle and found the phone. The complainant turned phone over to police which was returned to the male occupant. The male occupant was advised that it was an inappropriate approach in his attempt of trying to obtain his phone, and could have escalated to a more serious incident. The male occupant agreed. No further investigation req'd, concluding here.

On December 1 at 1055 hrs a complainant contacted Kitimat RCMP to report that when she went to Ol' Keg Bar located at 874 Tsimshian Blvd, Kitimat to pick up her vehicle from the night prior she found that the rear left tire of her 2012 Chev Impala, had a knife puncture mark. The complainant called a friend to help change the flat tire. A member attended and was shown the damaged tire which had been placed in the truck of the vehicle. No witnesses or suspects. File number provided to the complainant for insurance purposes. File concluded.

On December 1, a complainant called Kitimat RCMP to report that a male had just called her residence in Kitamaat Village and told her boyfriend that he better be careful, that he might get his residence pepper sprayed and that he was dead. This was in retaliation to an earlier file where the boyfriend is accused of pepper spraying the caller. The complainant reported that her boyfriend had already gone to work, but he had told her what the caller had said to him and that he wanted the caller warned by member to stay away from him. She stated that the number on their call display showed 'Private Number' but her boyfriend "knew it was caller". A member subsequently attended the callerís residence and spoke with the caller who denied calling her boyfriend. The caller was warned by the member to cease all contact with the boyfriend or he could face criminal charges. Checks reveal that the boyfriend has a no-contact order with the caller stemming from the original file. Member then spoke with the complainant and let herknow that the caller had been warned, she was happy with outcome. NFAR. File Concluded

On December 1 at approx 1630 hrs a complainant called 911 to report that her boyfriend was heavily intoxicated by alcohol and anxiety pills. The boyfriend had apparently had been sober for 16 months and fell off the wagon. The complainant and friends drove to Terrace, BC to pick up her boyfriend . They had some difficulty as the boyfriend was very aggressive and difficult with them but eventually got in the vehicle and was driven back to Kitimat where he was taken home. However, once there he started to become aggressive again and started to pick up items in the home and throwing them. Members attended. The complainant informed one of the members that she feared for her safety if the boyfriend was to remain in the residence. The member arrested the boyfriend for Mischief under $5000 and transported him to Kitimat RCMP cells where he was lodged until sober.The complainant was going to contact the family doctor to arrange a meeting in the morning to determine if there is a different option for anxiety medication as it appears the medication that the boyfriend just started is causing aggression/depression. Still under investigation.

If you have information about these or any other crimes, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or contact the Kitimat RCMP at 250-632-7111. Crime Stoppers is anonymous and does not subscribe to call display and calls are not traced or recorded. If your information leads to an arrest or charge you may be eligible for a cash award.