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REPORTING · 28th November 2013
Walter McFarlane
The people of Jed Stumps Estates in Kitimat are looking to our City Council to save their homes. At a meeting on Monday, November 18th, Mayor Joanne Monaghan, the Staff at Kitimat Community Services Society and the residents of the trailer court met with Eric Watson, the new owner and what he brought good news and bad news.

They were told there is currently no plans for the land their homes sit on. However, once those plans come together, a rezoning application will go before Council. If the land is rezoned, then the residents will have a year to find a new place to live and 12 months pad rent, or $2,500. Overall, the decision could take 15 months and even years.

The residents of the Trailer Court are concerned about having their lives uprooted, forced to leave the homes they have lived in, in some cases, almost 30 years and find a new place to live which they can afford in a town where rent is going through the roof.

Some of the concerns with moving the trailer include the age of the trailers, some are too old to be moved and could be damaged while moving them.

During the meeting, an option which was suggested by Monaghan was affordable housing. It was pointed out someone is going to have to build the affordable houses first. Monaghan also stated there is a potential to find a place in town where the trailers can be moved.

Many of the residents are worried they could simply wind up on the street.

The residents of Jed Stumps have expressed they plan to fight the zoning change. Monaghan encouraged them to write a letter to Council.
progress or people
Comment by j.s. on 29th November 2013
progress or people ? we can have plenty of progress without displacing the people.thats what the council has to decide,
Third comment missing
Comment by Walter on 28th November 2013
There was a third comment on this article which appeared to go missing as soon as I approved it. If you do not see your comment, please re-submit or contact me
jed stumps
Comment by j.s. on 28th November 2013
it might not be a concern for some people but just the thought of losing there pets wich would almost be a sure thing if forced to move is also a major concerne, one needs to just go look in the pound to understand that.
No to re-zoning!
Comment by sayno on 28th November 2013
If they want to rezone this then dedicate another parcel for a mobile park! Say no to an OCP change! Whats next rezone and bulldoze our schools to make room for more camps?