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NEWS RELEASE · 27th November 2013
Kitimat RCMP
Kitimat Detachment responded to 82 calls for service during this period.

Some of which are as follows:

On November 18th 2013, Kitimat RCMP were contacted by a complainant who reported that another person was making threats via Facebook which made her feel uneasy. The complainant was not afraid and didn't feel that the person whom she knew of, would act on the threats made. She stated that she didn't want RCMP to do anything or speak with the person, she only wished the report to be made in the event anything escalated. She was also going to take steps to block and remove the person from her Facebook account.

On November 19, at approximately 0905 hours, Kitimat RCMP received a call reporting a semi blocking the road on Kitimat Village road. A member attended and noticed the semi blocking the entire road on highway 37, just passed Nalabila Ave, heading towards Terrace. Another member attended to assist since traffic control needed to be done. The driver had been trying to make a U-Turn on a double solid lane, when his truck jack-knife and ended up stuck in the ditch. Vehicle is described as a 2012, white Freightliner. A Tow truck was called by dispatch. While waiting for tow truck, members were able to direct traffic and let small vehicle pass the semi that was blocking the road. After about 2 hours, the Pronto tow truck from Terrace arrived and removed the truck from the road. The driver of the truck was issued a violation ticket for conducting a U-Turn in a curve. MV6020 was completed and copy was given to the driver. There was no property damages to the vehicle, trailer or the surrounding. The driver was from Michigan in United State. File concluded.

On November 19th 2013, a young person and her father attended the Kitimat RCMP detachment reporting that the young personís images were being used on a dating website. The photos were believed to have been taken from her Facebook account and were now being used without permission. A member researched the website and found a contact name to have the account removed. In addition open source intelligence queries showed other similar instances of images being used on the website. The member advised that theyoung personís Facebook account security settings to be changed to maximum levels to minimize the risk of future uses of images. The member provided the email address of the website and advised the father to contact the website to removed the profile. No suspect located. File Concluded.

On November 19, at approximately 1343 hours First Bus Line Canada office phoned to report a drunk male in one of their bus by the city centre mall. A member attended and found a male intoxicated and passed out at the back of the bus. The male was asleep, saliva dripping down his lips onto his jacket and the member could smell a strong odour of alcohol. The member had to shake the male and tell his name couple times before the male woke up. The member arrested the male for being intoxicated in a public place and transported to Kitimat RCMP cells where he stayed until sober.

On November 19 at 1848 hrs, Kitimat RCMP was asked to assist the local fire department on Kuldo Blvd where some power lines were reported to be on fire near some apartment buildings. The fire Dept requested members provide scene security until BC.Hydro crews arrived to deal with the problem. Members arrived at 1859 hrs and were advised by fire crew on scene that a Hydro crew was enroute and 35 minutes away. A small fire was observed at the top of a pole at the edge of the parking lot between 728 and 730 Kuldo, some power outages observed in the immediate area. Hydro crew arrived on scene at 1958 hrs and advised both police and Fire Dept that their presence was no longer needed. Members cleared scene along with Fire Dept. No apparent issues in the area related to security at the scene as most residents were staying inside on this cold and snowy night. File concluded.

On November 19, at approximately 2002 hrs, Kitimat RCMP received a complaint of a residential alarm on Moore St. A member attended and found the back door of the residence partly opened. The member cleared residence and found no one inside. Everything appeared in order. While on scene, the property rep arrived and advised that his alarm had been set off. He said his son likely had left back door open. He confirmed that everything looked in order and happy police attended. Alarm deemed false by attendance. File concluded.

On November 20 at 1829 hrs, Kitimat RCMP received a complaint of a pickup in the ditch southbound Haisla BLVD near Harbour Rd. No plate or other details obtained by the complainant. Member attended scene at 1849 hrs and located a grey Nissan Titan p/u facing the road in an upright position at a 90 deg angle down a deep ditch on the north bound side of the road near the intersection of Haisla BLVD and Harbour Rd. The driver and passenger were standing on the road un-injured and had been returning from a coffee run in town back to the Alcan site. Apparently the truck lost traction on the icy road and spun into the ditch backwards. Two employees of First Line Security from the Alcan site were on scene and assisted with traffic control as the p/u was removed safely from the ditch. The Nissan p/u was driven away from the scene with no issues. The road surface at the scene was a sheet of ice and a sand truck came through just after the scene cleared. File concluded.

On November 21, 0640 hrs, Kitimat RCMP received a complaint that an unknown male in a dark blue older Chevy pickup, seems disoriented and has been parked for a while at the end of Char St near Kokanee Ave. No BCLP obtained, no description of subject. A member attended but no vehicle or person was found matching description. The member conducted extensive patrols of the subdivision with negative results. The member attempted to contact the complainant to update him but was unable to. Message left. No further police action required. File concluded.

On November 24 at approx 0254 hrs a complainant contacted RCMP from his residence in Kitimat to report that he had just been assaulted (punched in the face) at the Kitimat Hotel Bar, The complainant had been removed from the bar and placed in a taxi to be taken home. Members attended to his residence and spoke with the complainant but due to his level of intoxication no information could be provided to further the investigation. No names of witnesses or suspects provided. Members arranged to speak with him on the memberís next shift when the complainant would not be in an intoxicated state and will attempt to take an audio statement to gather details of the incident. Still under investigation.

On November 24th, 2013 at 0153 hours, a call was received that a silver Chevy Silverado, BC driver was a customer at Tim Horton and could barely talk and was having trouble getting into his vehicle. A member located vehicle on Quatsino Blvd The driver admitted to drinking few beers and having his last drink approximately 30 minutes ago. Members could smell the strong odour of alcohol on the driverís breath. The driver supplied samples of his breath into two alcohol screening devices which registered a Fail. The driver was served/read and explained the Notice of Impoundment (30 days) and Notice of Driving Prohibition (90 days).

On November 24th, 2013 at approximately 0504 hours, a complainant called 911 to report that his ex-girlfriend had just come to his door and bear sprayed him. Members attended the residence on Alexander Ave, Kitimat, BC. Members spoke with the complainant who stated that his ex-girlfriend had come from the bar, intoxicated, wanting him to go to the bar with her. He said no and she sprayed him with dog attack deterrent. The complainant was with his friend, who would not say what happen but was complaining about his lips burning. The friend only stated that he was standing behind the complainant when he got sprayed and that's how he got some liquid on his lips. Members found the intoxicated ex-girlfriend not to far from the scene. She was arrested for assault with a weapon and transported to Kitimat RCMP cells. She was released sometime later on a Promise To Appear with Conditions for a court date of January 9, 2014.

If you have information about these or any other crimes, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or contact the Kitimat RCMP at 250-632-7111. Crime Stoppers is anonymous and does not subscribe to call display and calls are not traced or recorded. If your information leads to an arrest or charge you may be eligible for a cash award.