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REPORTING · 25th November 2013
Walter McFarlane
Staff Sergeant Phil Harrison delivered his monthly policing report for October to Council on Monday, November 18th.

He started by saying there were still three vacancies in Kitimat but these vacancies have shifted. There is a vacancy for a sergeant and there are two vacancies for constables. The Corporal position was filled by one of the Kitimat RCMP Constables.

“Halloween night went along pretty smooth. We did have a minor report of mischief and some fireworks. Other than that, it was a couple of days later that we found that one of the children’s came home and their candy had been tainted. There was a pin in it. That’s something now-a-days that we realize we all have to scrutinize the children’s candy when it comes home. Still a bit of a surprise. We don’t like to see those things happening,” said Harrison.

He stated they are also getting out a police report on a weekly basis. He is trying to shorten it, focusing on some more interesting events. He stated he could use another full time staff member to write it up. He is willing to take people’s advice.

In October, the RCMP had 383 calls. They have surpassed the number of calls from 2012. However, the number of calls have been increasing every year.

Into the statistics, there was one reported sexual assault for a total of 14. There were 24 common assaults doubling it from 2012. There were 11 threats against person bringing the total to 84. There were 6 residential break and enters bringing the total to 44.

There were 5 thefts of vehicles, 1 case of shoplifting, 21 complaints of mischief, 21 causing a disturbance, 4 cases of impaired driving and 7 possessions of marijuana. 35 motor vehicle tickets were given out. There were 16 bylaw complaints and 28 false alarms.

Harrison expressed it was disturbing that the violent crimes were up but it is expected with the increase of population.

Councillor Corinne Scott expressed she was appalled by the number of false alarms which take up members time, often due to misdialing on a cellphone. She wanted the community to be more aware of this. She asked how this is possible. Harrison told her this is why he included it in the statistics. Many cell phones are easy to lock up but others have a one button push for 911.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff wanted to know how Kitimat compared to other towns as far as safety is concerned. He was told Kitimat is lower.

Councillor Rob Goffinet thanked him for the update. He stated he was surprised that the amount of people abusing each other and that allot of the violence was between people who know each other. He was told he cannot explain why it is increasing like this.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan thanked him for the report.