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NEWS RELEASE · 18th November 2013
Kitimat RCMP
Kitimat Detachment responded to 66 calls for service during this period. Some of which are as follows:

November 11

05:04 A complainant called Kitimat RCMP to report that his girlfriend's father had phoned him stating that the complainant had assaulted his daughter and he was coming down to their residence to confront him. While enroute members were told by dispatch that the complainant had since called back and stated that his girlfriend's father was no longer attending and police were no longer needed. Officers attended residence and spoke with an intoxicated couple who when separated, told the exact same story that they had been in an argument an hour earlier and she had spoken with her dad on the phone. She stated her dad was intoxicated as well and overly protective of her given her and her boyfriend's domestic history, and had gotten in his head somehow that she had a bump on her head and the complainant was responsible for it. She showed the members her head which had no bumps or marks anywhere else on her body. She stated that no assault had taken place between the two and that they were both sleeping together when police arrived. Officers did not have any safety concerns as both parties stated no assault occurred, simply a verbal argument, an hour earlier, and there was no evidence of an assault occurring. Member later attempted to call the father but nobody answered the phone. Police checks negative. No charges. File Concluded.

Members responded to three collisions this date beginning at 09:37 with an MVI occurring on Kuldo Extension (Rd) near 607 Legion Rd (Rosario's restaurant) . Member attended and found EHS already on scene treating the driver for minor head injury. No other passengers in the vehicle when MVI occurred, seat belt used, air bag deployed, equipped with snow tires. She was driving westbound down Rd when she came to turn and slight grade near bottom of hill. Car spun around and crashed into concrete barrier (1st contact), then rear passenger side collided with barrier (2nd contact). The 2007 Toyota Yaris suffered severe damage. Road was covered in very slippery layer of frost, member notes that on way to scene, patrol vehicle was sliding slightly. Member believes that the driver was not driving in an erratic manner, therefore no VT issued. DE MEDEIROS taken to hospital via EHS, spoke with on-call Doctor who advised injury to head not likely severe, however, X-Ray would be taken as precautionary. File concluded.

The second MVI occurred at 19:when Kitimat RCMP received a report of a vehicle into some trees at Kuldo Blvd and Quatsino Blvd. Member attends and finds an unoccupied 1994 green Chevrolet pick-up off of the road into trees at the corner of the above location. Significant (approximately $6000) damage to vehicle. Vehicle towed. Registered Owner was located at Alcan Camp. He indicated he has reported incident to ICBC already. The owner indicated his chest was sore and will attend hospital if he feels it is needed. No charges. File concluded

And the third at 23:59 when a single vehicle MVI on Haisla Blvd. out towards the Alcan Site was reported. Vehicle bearing was reported to still be running with the lights on and off the road in a ditch with it's wheels turning. Member arrived on scene at 0023 hrs and was met by the complainant who had happened upon the vehicle while driving by. Also on scene was the DRIVER. She stated she was driving a vehicle registered to her husband in the snow while driving a friend to work at Alcan and had gone off the road. No injuries and she had been picked up by a friend to take other friend to work and returned to scene to deal with vehicle. No sign of impairment on the driver or in vehicle. Tracks in snow indicated the mini van drove off road right while travelling south bound across from Shell LNG plant, had turned almost 180 degrees, coming to rest upright with right front wheel in the air. Vehicle was pulled up onto road where it was driven home by the driver with only minor plastic body damage. File concluded.

November 12

12:04 A member was dispatched to a report of a impaired driver coming into Kitimat on Highway 37.The complainant advised police a grey rental vehicle was swerving all over the road and felt the driver was under the influence of liquor. A member attended and conducted extensive patrols for the vehicle; however, it was gone before police arrival. NO BCLP obtained. Vehicle was a rental vehicle. File concluded.

19:09 Kitimat RCMP received a report from a complainant that she received a phone call from an unknown male yelling at her and telling her to stop calling his girlfriend. Unknown male also told her "I know who you are" and "Don't hang up on me". The complainant advised that she had no idea who the male is, and was shaken up by the way she was spoken to. Advised her that the member would phone as phone number was obtained via caller-display. Also advised that member would make periodic patrols in area, as she indicated that she was alone tonight. Member phoned and spoke with a male who said his name was "Bill". Indicated that he didn't make any phone calls from this phone, nor had anyone else. Cautioned "Bill" not to contact person again or ensure that no one else who may have access to phone uses it to contact complainant, "Bill" agreed. File concluded.

19:46 Kitimat RCMP were called by a complainant advising that another male was at his residence and would not leave. Members attended an were met at the door by the complainant. Upon entering the home they were met by athe other male who had his backpack and asked for a ride home. A taxi was called for him and he departed without incident. All involved had been drinking however the male appeared capable of caring for himself. As the male was already in the process of leaving this call for police attendance appeared to be fueled by the complainant's level of intoxication. Members have been to this residence approximately ten times for this same situation. No grounds for charges. File Concluded.

November 14

01:11 Kitimat RCMP were notified by an anonymous caller reporting 4-5 people yelling possibly fighting in the 1500 block of Albatross Ave. The caller also stated someone may have fallen from a balcony. EHS was notified and on standby. members attended the area and were unable to see or hear anything to indicate issues as described by the caller. A member stopped and spoke with a couple a short distance away on Kingfisher Ave. On approach the female could be heard yelling. Both appeared to have consumed alcohol and she was cautioned that failure to stop yelling would result in her arrest for cause disturbance. Both the female and the male walked away somewhat quieter than when they were found. EHS advised they were not required. File concluded.

15:54 A complainant reports a drunk male sleeping on bench inside City Centre Mall (276 City Centre). Members attended and observed a male asleep on bench. Officers woke the male up and could smell strong odour of liquor from his breath and observed his face to be extremely flushed with glassy eyes. He was extremely unstable on his feet and could not form a coherent sentence. Officers arrested him for being intoxicated in a public place and subsequently transported him to cells where he was lodged without incident. He was released in the morning when sober without charges. File Concluded.

22:49 Kitimat RCMP received a report from a complainant on Wathl Creek Rd Kitamaat Village, that she observed an unknown male dressed in black that walked from behind her neighbours house and towards the main road. Time delay 60 minutes. Complainant is a single mother with 3 children in the residence. Member attended and made several patrols throughout the area, including road into village, but male was not located. File concluded.

November 15

08:38 Member was dispatched to an uttering threats complaint on Haisla Avenue Kitimat,BC. The complainant called police to report his brother was threatening to kill him and that he was refusing to leave the residence. The complainant also indicated his brother was intoxicated and had been consuming liquor for a couple of days. Police attended and spoke to a sober brother who indicated he was verbally fighting with the complainant as he was preventing him from sleeping by stomping on the floor right above his bedroom. The brother was already packing up clothes upon police arrival and left the residence without incident. The brother indicated his brother, the complainant, has been very difficult as he no longer smoke pot and is replacing it with alcohol. The complainant not interested in charges, he just wanted his brother to leave the residence. A member dropped the brother off in Downtown Kitimat. File concluded.

16:34 Kitimat RCMP Detachment received a complaint from a complainant reporting a break and enter at the yellow abandoned townhouses at 1039 Alexander Ave. Member attended and spoke with the complainant who advised that he has been the manager for the past 4 years and he is tired of people breaking in to the townhouses. He advised they have been abandoned for over 15 years and they are waiting for someone to purchase them. He explained his frustrations to the member and that he must constantly repair the damage. There are no witnesses or suspects. The member recommended placing signs regarding surveillance, or fencing it in much like the Aluminium City did. The complainant requested more frequent patrols during midnight till 0300 hours. Kitimat members advised. File concluded.

21:38 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint that there was someone in or around his garage on Liard St. Members attended. The complainant stated that someone had opened the lock from his shed, taken a single sheet of plywood from inside and then secured the shed again before leaving. No signs of forced entry or suspicious activity in the area around the garage. No other items missing. He stated that he is the only one with keys to the lock and has not lost any. Members assisted AMARAL in securing his garage further and informed him that patrols would be made for suspicious persons. File concluded.

November 16

18:12 A complainant contacted Kitimat RCMP to report that sometime between 2000 hrs on 2013-11-14 and 1800 hrs on 2013-11-16 the both side mirrors to his 2004 grey Toyota Tundra were broken off their mount while parked in the parking lot of the KMP workers camp, 2 Alcan Way, Kitimat. A member attended and took photos. No witnesses, suspects or surveillance to the mirrors being broken. Park lot has security team that does hourly patrols but stated they at no time observed the side mirrors broken. Member did not observe any evidence that the mirrors were broken from being struck by another vehicle. No indication how the mirrors became broken other than they more than likely were pushed in the opposite direction of how they fold in. Photos copied to disk and added to hard copy folder. Member provided the complainant with the file number for insurance reporting. File concluded.

22:31 Kitimat RCMP were dispatched to Wee Geordies Pub at Nechako Centre for a report of a fight inside pub between 7-8 individuals. Members attended and spoke to waitress inside pub who stated that all individuals had left bar already except for one male, who was said to have instigated the fight. Waitress stated that the male was asked to leave but would not. A member subsequently transported a mildly intoxicated male to his residence on Kootenay St, where his roommate let him in. No injuries or EHS required. Consensual fight. Police checks negative. File Concluded.

November 17

03:10 A complainant contacted Kitimat RCMP on behalf of Kitimat Tim Hortons located at 125 City Centre, Kitimat to report that there was an intoxicated feamle at the business that was causing issues by being aggressive and making threats. The complainant informed that the business just wanted the female removed. Members attended and located a female standing outside the business causing no further issues. Member spoke with the female and observed that she was showing symptoms of impairment (slurred speach, odour of liquor, wobbly on feet). She is very well known to Kitimat RCMP and is known to appear aggressive when intoxicated. Member asked if there was a sober individual at home and she said there was. Member transported her to her residence and confirmed that another individual was home sober and insured he would care for the female. File Concluded.

04:02 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint of a collision between a bus and a pickup truck on highway 37 near the Kitimat cemetery. Members attended. The two vehicles had swiped each other while travelling in opposite directions. There were no injuries. Both vehicles were towed due to wheel damage. Based on statements and evidence at scene it appears the driver of the pickup was speeding relative to conditions (close to 80km on unplowed road, with approx 4in fresh snow, snowing, night). Further the pickup was not equipped with winter tires. Total damage to both vehicles approximately $3000. Charges are pending. Still under investigation.

14:51 A complainant attended the Kitimat RCMP Detachment to report a single vehicle collision on the Dyke rd. right next to the Riverlodge Recreation Centre. The complainant advised she was making a turn, tapped her breaks and slowly slid off the road. Her 2007 Toyota Camry rolled a couple times down the hill causing significant damage. She estimates $15-20 thousand dollar damage. Air bag was not deployed, vehicle has winter tires and she was not injured as it was a slow roll. Still under investigation.

20:25 An anonymous male reported to the Kitimat RCMP that there was a single vehicle in the ditch by Hirsch Creek. Two additional calls were received reporting the same incident (13-4039 and 13-4040 refer). Members attend the scene, just south of Hirsch Creek, and find the Fire Department and ambulance already on scene. An unoccupied 2000 grey Pontiac Sunfire is found tipped on driver's side in the northbound ditch, facing south. Damages include a shattered rear window and dents to front driver's side quarter panel and hood and are estimated at approximately $1500. No parties involved remained at scene. The Registered Owner, a rental company was notified. Driver and passenger are identified at a later time. According to statements made, the pair had been travelling north on Highway 37 at a safe speed when an animal (unknown what kind of animal) ran out in front of them, causing the driver to slam on the brakes, slip on ice and go off-road into the ditch. They didn't feel it necessary to stay at the scene as it wasn't obstructing traffic and they were making arrangements to have the vehicle towed. File concluded.

22:05 A complainant contacted Kitimat RCMP to report that she observed a first nations female in the street near Tim Hortons, 125 City Centre, Kitimat attempting to stop traffic. The complainant informed police that the female appeared to be heavily intoxicated. Members attended and located a female matching description provided walking up N Lahakas Blvd. When members stopped and attempted to speak with the female it was observed that she was showing symptoms of impairment (wobbly on feet, odour of liquor, slurred speech). Female provided a name but was not co-operative with providing further details. Options were provided to her to be transported to a residence where a sober adult could care for her or go to cells for the night. As no address was provided to take her to, she was arrested for Cause Disturbance/Intoxicated in a Public place and transported to Kitimat RCMP Cells. Once in cell area she was not co-operative in regards to assisting with removing necessary property from person for safety reason. She would just stand still and state "Figure it Out". Members removed property with little assistance and she was placed in a cell. She was released once sober, no charge. File concluded.

If you have information about these or any other crimes, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800222-TIPS (8477) or contact the Kitimat RCMP at 250-632-7111. Crime Stoppers is anonymous and does not subscribe to call display and calls are not traced or recorded. If your information leads to an arrest or charge you may be eligible for a cash award.