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NEWS RELEASE · 13th November 2013
Kitimat RCMP
Kitimat Detachment responded to 84 calls for service during this period. Some of which are as follows:

November 4

11:31 Kitimat RCMP received a report from a complainant that she had observed a red Mazada pickup truck slide into a ditch near Onion Lake. Member attended and observed the truck in the ditch, facing north on the west side of highway 37. The owner of the vehicle was out of the vehicle and uninjured. He declined medical attention. He explained that he did not have any weight in the back of his truck like he normally does and his vehicle began to slide as he was coming up the hill and around a corner. He slid to the opposite side of the road and then very slowly fell into the ditch. The owner/driver showed no signs of impairment or alcohol consumption. He had already called a towing service to retrieve his vehicle from the ditch. The vehicle was equipped with winter tires. Damage consisted of a crack in the windshield, broken driver side tail light and a few small dents in the front quarter panel. MV6020 completed, pictures obtained. Driver left with Pronto towing. File concluded.

13:25 A complainant called Kitimat RCMP to report that a biological mother of a student goes to Nechako School to speak with the student. The biological mother has not been in the picture since the student was 18 months old. The studentís father has sole custody of the student. The biological does not have permission by the father to approach or speak to the student. The complainant was informed that this is not a police matter and it should be discussed with the principal of the school as the school is responsible for the security of the child at school and the problem should be addressed by the Principal. File concluded.

16:50 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint from of a possible impaired driver in a red Ford Aerostar at the Esso station. Member made patrols to the Esso but upon arrival the suspect vehicle had left northbound on Lahakas blvd. Member made patrols but could not locate the vehicle. File concluded.

17:24 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint of a rear end vehicle collision on the Kitimat River bridge. One vehicle had rear ended the other vehicle when one vehicle stopped abruptly because the traffic in front of him had stopped and the vehicle following applied its brakes hard but skidded into the vehicle in front. There were no injuries. One vehicle sustained little damage, it appeared that the bumper may be slightly out of alignment. The other vehicle sustained heavy damage to the front. An attempt was made to drive it before the member arrived, however there appeared to be damage to the engine and the vehicle could not be moved. Both vehicles equipped with winter tires. Vehicle towed. No evidence of alcohol consumption. MV620 completed. Pictures added to hard file. Traffic on the bridge was delayed until the vehicle was removed. File concluded.

17:42 Kitimat RCMP received a request from a complainant of possible homeless people living under the Kitimat River Bridge. Police attended and did not locate any homeless people around above noted area. The complainant advised of outcome. File concluded.

17:59 Kitimat RCMP received a report from a complainant that he observed a white Dodge pick-up truck with "HVAC Canada" written on the side driving on the grass area behind the Wedeene St town-houses. The complainant stated that the truck was reversing and moving forward creating a mess of the landscaping. Member was currently in attendance of another call and was unable to arrive in a timely manner. As such, patrols to locate vehicle were negative. File concluded.

19:56 Member was dispatched to a report of an erratic driver at 7th Street and Industrial Avenue Kitimat, BC. The complainant called police to report a vehicle ran a stop sign at above location and nearly collided with him. Member attended and conducted patrols for the vehicle. Vehicle gone before police arrival. Vehicle registered out of Prince Rupert/no address in Kitimat. File concluded.

20:07 Member received anonymous complaint that a female who had been drinking since 1600 hrs, had been driving around town and is now parked at the Ol'Keg Kitimat. Female left in a turquoise hatch-back with an "N" on back and had been previously cut off from drinking. Members attended the Ol' Keg pub and located the vehicle, parked. Members entered pub and located the registered owner with a friend. The RO was sober and advised that her friend was cut off from drinking earlier, but that she was just driving her around making sure she got home safe. Nothing found to suggest that other female was driving. Unfounded report, concluding here.

November 5

08:36 A complainant attended the Kitimat RCMP front desk to report that a male he knows had assaulted him and stolen his wallet in front of the Ol' Keg Pub on October 27th (re: 2013 3820). The complainant did not remember the event and made the report based on information gathered from friends. The resulting investigation indicates that the complainant may have lost his wallet sometime prior to the assault. Wwallet contained money as well as his driver's license. DL added to CPIC. File concluded.

10:28 A complainant called from Kildala Elementary School to report that a female had been assaulted by a student at the Tamitik Pool at 400 City Centre, Kitimat, BC. A member attended the scene and found a social worker from Ministry of Children talking to the student in a vehicle. As the student is under the age of 12 and cannot be charged, MCFD will be the agency handling this matter. File concluded.

11:22 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint from a complainant that she had found a screw in her granddaughter's Halloween candy. Member attended and spoke with the complainant. She stated that she had been eating her granddaughter's Halloween candy when upon biting down on an O'Henry bar she had bit on a screw. HALL had noticed that the packaging for the bar had been disturbed but thought nothing of it. She then showed the member several of candies that she believed looked suspicious. The member photographed and opened them. Most appeared not to have been tampered with, however a pack of Welch's fruit snacks was found to contain a needle that appeared to have been pushed through the perforation at the top of the package. She stated that her granddaughter had been trick or treating in Smith, Sparks and Finch St. Her daughter had been with friends but she was not sure who. The member requested that the complainant contact her granddaughter's friends to warn them and ask them to report anything suspicious to the RCMP. Pictures of candy obtained. Audio statement from the complainant obtained. File still under investigation.

11:25 Kitimat RCMP was dispatched to a Unit on W Columbia Ave, Kitimat, BC for a residential alarm. The door was found unlocked. Members entered the residence announcing themselves as Police RCMP. No one was found in the residence. Nothing appeared out of place. On a table there was some petty cash and other items of value. Members left and locked the door behind them. A business card was left for the property representative to call back if they wished too. The shed in the backyard and the trailer in the driveway were also searched and nothing appeared to be missing. File concluded.

13:34 A complainant called Kitimat RCMP to report that he had located his friend's vehicle that had been reported stolen from New Hazelton few days ago. He informed police that the stolen vehicle was parked on Albatross Ave, Kitimat, BC and he was on scene waiting for members. Members attended and he pointed the vehicle to members. Members confirmed with dispatch that the vehicle, a 2004 red Echo was in fact stolen. Vehicle was towed to Kitimat RCMP detachment and placed in Secure Bay to await examination. Member contacted the owner of the vehicle and told her that her vehicle had been recovered and will be processed for fingerprints. Member spoke to a member out of New Hazelton and advised vehicle had been recovered. File still under investigation.

13:48 Kitimat RCMP received an abandoned 911 with no voice contact. Initial call backs were unanswered and GPS placed the phone near Nalabila blvd and Fulmar st. Member spoke with a female finally. She stated that her phone pocket dials a lot and at the time of the call she would have been in class at school. After school she noticed that she had several missed calls from a private number. The school is located near where GPS placed the phone. She was not nor had been in any distress. File concluded.

22:04 Member was waved down by an unidentified male while conducting patrols on Jassee St., Kitamaat Village. The unknown male stated a mother bear and cub were seen crossing Gitksan Ave. heading towards the old 'pump house' (520 Gitksan Ave., Kitamaat Village) approx 10-15 min. prior. Member made extensive patrols around the area with no result. Member used emergency equipment (air horn, siren) in attempts to move nearby wildlife back into the forest. Member spoke with a male in the parking lot of the recreation centre in which he stated Conservation are aware of the situation and he has been in contact with them regarding the Grizzly bear sightings. No aggressive behaviour reported. Bears only observed crossing the street. The member remained in the Kitamaat Village conducting patrols for approx one hour with no further reports of sightings. No further police action required at this time. File concluded.

22:22 Member was dispatched to a report of a possible impaired driver in the area of Tsimshian Boulevard Kitimat, BC. The complainant called police to report a male was drinking at the Ol'Keg pub and decided to drive home even though he was advised not to. The complainant advised police the male got into a white Dodge pick up. Police attended and conducted patrols in the area. Vehicle was gone before police arrival. File concluded.

23:03 Members responded to a report from a complainant that he and a female friend were walking near Dairy Queen 376 City Centre Kitimat when they noticed a an older male lying on the parking lot. Members attended and saw male who was identified via ID located in his wallet. Members could detect a strong smell of liquor coming from him and a gash was observed on the back of his head. EHS attended and transported to KGH for wound cleaning and stitching. He advised that he was drinking at the Old Keg pub across the street earlier and upon leaving the pub, he fell and struck the back of his head. Nothing found to suggest an offence occurred in this instance, no further investigation req'd, File concluded.

November 6

00:40 Member was dispatched to a disturbance on Wedeene Street Kitimat,BC. The complainant called police to report his sister and mother were arguing on the upper floor of the residence. Police attended and spoke to all parties involved. It was learned that one person was causing a problem most of the evening as no one wanted to be around her as she was not treating people nicely. She and another person got into an argument as the other person did not want to drink with that person. She then felt sorry for herself and tried to jump out the window of the second story window.(She was not suicidal and was not looking for attention) She had her whole body out the window and was holding onto the window. Others tried to pull her up but they could not. One of the people holding on to her let go of her arm as she thought she fell. However, she did not fall and came back into the room. She was intoxicated and it was articulated to police that she may have had a seizure. BC Ambulance Service attended and transported her to Kitimat Hospital for assessment. She had small amount of marijuana on he possession. Seized with no charge. No further police action required. File concluded.

01:10 Member received a report from Kitimat General Hospital Emergency nurse of a suspicious-looking person in emergency ward. Member was aware that at approximately 2300 hrs, a male was transported there earlier regarding a head injury sustained while walking from the Old Keg pub (Xref 13-3916 refers). Members attended the hospital and spoke with the male who was waiting outside hospital for a taxi. Members were advised that he was treated and received 4 stitches. It was the memberís opinion that the male was slightly intoxicated, but was able to properly care for himself, and his safety was no longer a concern. Balance was sure, speech was clear and coherent. As such, members had no reason to lodge him into Kitimat cells. On-duty ER nurse was extremely upset with this decision and members explained liability issues of lodging a person with no grounds. Taxi arrived at hospital and transported the male. No further action required. File concluded.

05:10 Member received a report of an abandoned 911 call from cell phone. Original coordinates of phone indicates location came between 1611 and 1711 on Haisla Blvd, street view (google maps) showed to be at newly renovated brown/beige apartments on Haisla Blvd. Member attended location, did not find any sign of anyone in distress. It appears, based on information, that the cell phone was an accidental pocket-dial. Most recent cell coordinates indicates on Haisla just out of town, further patrols negative as well. Left message on voice mail to call back. No further investigative avenues at this time, concluding here.

06:34 Member received a report of a motion alarm in front foyer of a business on Tsimshian Blvd Kitimat. Member attended and found a tipped over billboard sign in foyer area, no other sign of forced entry or damaged windows, all secure. False by attendance, concluded here.

08:23 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint of a suspicious vehicle near Mount Elizabeth Secondary School at the intersection of Sparks Ave and Nalabila Blvd. Member attended and spoke with the occupant of the vehicle. He stated he was a private investigator and was currently conducting surveillance. He showed the member his equipment which consisted of a lap top, video camera and binoculars and also provided his Security Worker License. Checks confirmed his status. The member requested that he advise police should he return to Kitimat for work again. File concluded.

12:15 A complainant attended the Detachment to report her I Phone lost somewhere in the Service Center area. She provided the serial number which has been added to the CPIC system. File concluded.

13:33 Kitimat RCMP attended a residence on Alexander Ave on two occasions. The complainant first called RCMP at approximately 12:35 stating that her common law was attempting to throw her out of the house. Members attended, but grounds did not exist for any arrest to be made. Both parties refused to leave the residence, no assault or property damage had occurred, there was no intoxication of either party. There had only been a verbal argument. Kitimat RCMP received a second complaint at approximately 17:45 where the complainant called from a neighbours home. Members again attended. The common law had become verbally abusive and thrown the complainantís effects out of the home. The common law agreed to stay away from the home and was transported to another residence by a member. Victim services offered and accepted. Matter is still under investigation.

14:20 A complainant attended the Kitimat RCMP detachment to create a lost property file as requested by their insurance adjuster. The lost item is a white gold journey pendant with inset diamonds. The complainant was unsure of how many diamonds were in the pendant but stated that they made a path, path one larger than the previous and that this was representative of a journey, hence the name. The pendant was hung a chain, also made of white gold. A statement was taken and placed on file. File concluded.

17:04 Member received a phone call from a complainant, who wanted to report obscene text messages for information purposes. Member attended the complainantís work place and viewed the complainantís her cell phone which displayed some of the text messages which came from a 999-999-9999 number at http,,, She stated the messages were sent via computer. The messages did not contain anything threatening but did state the complainant was a 'whore' and practised 'witchcraft'. She was concerned the messages could lead to her being fired. Member suggested contacting Telus and getting them to block computer messages or change her phone number and provided a web link containing info on safe web browsing, social media (facebook) and cell phone security. The complainant notified her workplace and was told by the member to contact RCMP if messages escalate. File concluded.

19:52 Abandoned 911 call was received from a cellphone. A member was able to speak with the registered phone owner over the phone by calling her residence. The phone owner said that she had her cellphone with her and did not realized she had called 911 and apologized for calling 911 by mistake. No emergency. File concluded.

22:07 Abandoned 911 was received from a cellphone. Phone number come back to an individual who lives on Albatross Ave, Kitimat, BC. Members attended the residence and found the individual in his apartment. He had called 911 by mistake. No emergency. File concluded.

22:22 Member was dispatched to a report of a possible impaired driver leaving Oceanview Apartments located at 1130 Kingfisher Avenue Kitimat,BC. The complainant called police to report a male was driving intoxicated in a Newer Gold 2dr car (NO BCLP obtained) to Terrace or New Hazelton. Police conducts patrols in the area with negative results. By the time Kitimat RCMP received the call, there was a 20 minute time delay which would mean the vehicle was no longer in Kitimat and on the highway towards Terrace. File concluded.

10:24 A complainant attended the detachment with an application for a taxi permit and a certificate of employment from Coastal Taxi. All fees paid, checks done, permit issued. File concluded.

11:52 Kitimat RCMP were dispatched to a report of 5 individuals drinking on the stairs at Trigos. Members attended to find 3 males seated on the stairs. Although there was a faint smell of liquor on the group, they displayed no visible signs of impairment. It was explained to the group that this is a relatively high-visibility location for families and business owners and they don't appreciate people openly drinking in those sorts of areas. The group advised they could appreciate that point of view and would move on. Members were aware that one member of the group is on conditions of no consume; however, there was insufficient evidence to indicate he was in contravention of that condition. No charges. File concluded.

12:22 A complainant reported to the Kitimat RCMP that a commercial truck with trailer failed to obey a stop sign and almost caused a collision. He was able to provide a BC Licence Plate number which belonged to a 2011 white Freightliner Flatdeck and noted the truck to bear markings from a company out of Smithers. Member contacted the company and advised them of the driving complaint. The company assured the member that the matter would be dealt with at their end. Member then contacted the complainant and advised him of the result. File concluded.

12:35 A complainant called the RCMP to report his lost BC DL. When the member called the complainant back, the complainant advised he had a more important phone call and therefore hung up the phone. The complainant called back and advised he has already submitted for a new Drivers license as he is moving, but wanted to report it missing. He also advised he thought a certain person had his BCDL but does not want anything done about it. File concluded.

19:11 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint from an elderly complainant advising that she needed her daughter who was upstairs. The complainant is 95 years old, lives alone and has a history of calling police while in a confused state. Member attended and spoke with the complainant who did not remember calling police and was concerned that her sister (deceased) was outside in the dark. Member contacted a family member who came to the home to look after the complainant. File concluded.

19:33 Kitimat RCMP received a commercial alarm complaint occurring on Nalabila Blvd., Kitimat. Member attended the scene and found the building to be in use on both floors. A person located upstairs practicing instruments stated she had booked the room. The property rep attended and walked with the member through the building. A meeting was taking place downstairs with approx nine people. The property rep stated she attended the building because she was contacted by the alarm company also. The property rep noted that the front doors are always open and does not know why the alarm was armed when in use. member updated dispatch to inform Graydon. Alarm deemed false by attendance. File concluded.

21:01 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint from a complainant that a fare was refusing to leave his taxi and refusing to pay. The fare was reportedly intoxicated and being verbally abusive. Member attended but by arrival, the fare had paid her fare and gone inside her home. No offence occurred. File concluded.

21:16 A complainant called 911 to report a disturbance in the apartment above her on . Albatross Ave, Kitimat, BC. Members attended the apartment building and could hear loud voices inside the building from the outside. Members entered and found 2 males in the corridor as well as a female. One of the males was very intoxicated and was susequently arrested for causing a disturbance and transported to Kitimat cells. Once placed in cells he became aggressive. He was released in the morning. File concluded.

22:46 Kitimat RCMP received a dispatch that a complainant was reporting he had been assaulted by four males at the Kitimat Hotel, EHS refused. The complainant was outside and the males were now inside the Kitimat Hotel. Members attended and arrived on scene at 22:58. Upon arrival the complainant refused to identify himself. He was belligerent, threatening to sue police over their response time, refusing to describe the assailants and telling police to bring everyone out of the bar so he could identify them. He admitted that he had pushed someone before he was assaulted. Bar patrons stated that the complainant had been aggressive in the bar, and had been angry over a female talking to other men. No witnesses to assault, no video surveillance available. Bartender described the complainant as being confrontation with other patrons within the bar. The complainant stated that he would be filing a formal complaint against the members on Monday Nov. 11 and would be in touch with his lawyer. Complainant was transported to KMP by Coastal Taxi. Still under investigation.

22:50 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint from a complainant that a male had gone into a home on Wathl Creek rd without paying his taxi fare and was not coming out again. The complainant stated that he would wait for police to attend. All Kitimat members were occupied with an assault file at the Kitimat Hotel that came in at the same time (2013-3939) so no members were able to attend. Member later contacted the complainant by phone. The complainant stated that the company would contact the male in the near future to get him to pay. At the time, the complainant stated that police intervention was not required at this time but was happy to hear that the incident would be documented. The amount was $27.15. File concluded.

23:35 A complainant called to report loud music coming from the left hand side apartment. The complainant lives on Stikine St, Kitimat, BC. Members were unable to attend immediately as they were still dealing with an assault file at the Kitimat Hotel that came in earlier (2013-3939). Members arrived on scene at 0013 hours and could not hear any noise. Members noticed some people inside the residence. They explained there was music earlier but had since turned it off. They were very cooperative and apologized. They did not understand why the complainant did not knock on her door to let her know the music was too loud. File concluded.

November 8

15:13 A complainant reported 3 vehicles were blocking the flow of traffic in the student parking lot at Mt. Elizabeth High School in Kitimat. The complainant provided only vague info to call taker and gave a BC licence plate for one of the three and described the other 2 vehicles as a silver Jeep with a black top and a black 2 dr Pontiac Sunfire. Member attended scene at 1529 hrs and did not observe any traffic issues in any of the 3 parking lots at the school. Not enough info provided to suggest any offence committed. File concluded as an unsubstantiated complaint.

15:24 Kitimat RCMP received a report of a glass-break alarm on Konigus St. Member attended and finds residence to be secure. No glass is broken and there is no signs of forced entry. At least two dogs barking inside the residence. Property Representative did not attend. False by attendance. File concluded.

16:23 A complainant reported her 6 yr old female foster child had not returned home from school which is normally a 10 min walk. Complainant was driving around area and had the school call all of the childís classmates to see if she went home with anyone. The child was located at 1634 hrs walking home and only a few houses away by member making patrols. Member met with the child and the complainant at their residence where the child stated she had just stopped at a friends house on the way home. The complainant stated she knew the people where the child stopped and never thought to check there as the other child was much older than the child. The complainant had no concerns about family where the child had stopped and the child appeared to be fine. The complainant stated she would have a talk with he child regarding incident and apologized for calling the police. File concluded as un-founded missing person.

17:38 Kitimat RCMP received a request for assistance from Terrace MFCD regarding a possible child assault case. File concluded.

20:18 A complainant called the Kitimat RCMP Detachment reporting two suspicious males on Widgeon St. The complainant felt they may have been casing houses out on that street. He spoke with one of the males and believed he may have been intoxicated . The complainant advised one of the males walked like an "alien." He further advised the males left in a dark pickup with silver stripes. Members patrolled the area however did not locate anyone matching the description. File concluded.

21:13 Kitimat RCMP received an anonymous complaint of a domestic in progress on Albatross. Members attended. A male and female were found to be arguing in one of the Units. Verbal only. Both parties had consumed alcohol. Neither party feared for their safety and they did not wish to be separated. However, both parties separated for safety reasons. A peace bond exists between the two, however they have since moved to Kitimat together and are living together. File concluded.

23:13 Kitimat RCMP Detachment received a complaint with minimal information advising an intoxicated male is causing problems and fighting with security at the KMP camp. Members attended and observed an irate male being escorted by security from the atco trailers. The male was swearing and aggressive with security. Once at the police vehicle the male started to try and get loose from securities grip, a member felt he may try to fight by the way he was swinging his arms and swearing and so placed the male under arrest. Although he cooperated with Cst. GROULX he continued to swear at security. He was then transported to cells where he was lodged without incident. Police checks conducted which came back negative. He was released in the morning and issued a Violation Ticket for Public Intoxication.

November 9

00:30 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint from a complainant that he had come home from work to find a female at his residence. The complainant claimed that he left immediately to avoid issues with his conditions of no contact with the female and that the female had been talking about killing herself. Although a condition of no contact exists between the two, the female still resides, although not officially, with the complainant in his residence. on Members attended and spoke with the female who was outside the back of the house. She denied having an suicidal ideation. She was transported by a member to a friends residence to avoid further issues with the no contact order. She was warned that should she return to the complainantís residence that she would be arrested. Breach charges against the complainant are not being pursued as it was the female who had gone to his residence and there was insufficient evidence for a no consume breach. File concluded.

12:52 Kitimat RCMP were called by an employee at MOUNTAINVIEW LODGE CARE FACILITY and advised that a resident had left the facility in her wheel chair and it was thought that she may have went to the mall. A member attended the mall and located the resident who was speaking with some people at the food area in the lower level. The member with the assistance of another member transported the resident back to the facility. Employees at the facility believe the resident was let out of the facility by a visitor. They have since placed a proximity alarm on her wheelchair so they will be alerted if she departs again. File concluded.