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NEWS RELEASE · 13th November 2013
Kitimat RCMP
13:27 A complainant called police to report that there 3 people drinking liquor under the Trigo's building. The drinkers were not causing any problems at the time. Members arrived at 1334 hrs and located only a female and a male sitting on the steps near the under ground parking area of the Trigo's store. The female immediately poured out the majority of a bottle of Sherry liquor,
while the male did not appear to have any liquor in his possession and was smoking a cigarette. The female stated she had just opened the bottle while they were waiting to catch a transit bus from the mall nearby. Checks of the police data system showed no warrants for either and only the male on a condition of no consume. Both were polite, cooperative and sober and sent on
their way when instructed to do so after the female was given a verbal warning regarding the penalty for consuming liquor in public and picking up her debris. The complainant was updated by member and thanked police for attendance. File concluded.

15:10 Member on patrol observed a grey Honda Civic 2 door speeding while travelling north bound on Hwy 37 between Forest Ave and the District Cemetery. The vehicle was stopped for travelling at 78 km/h in a posted 60 km/h zone on the Hwy. The vehicle also had an expired Val Tag as of 2013-11-03. Vehicle towed to Envision Insurance in Kitimat by MICO Towing at driver's expense as it could not be left roadside on the highway with no insurance. Driver issued written warning for speeding as she had a clean driving record but was issued a Violation Ticket for No insurance as well as a Notice and Order issued for a burned out passenger side brake light. File concluded.

15:44 A complainant contacted RCMP reporting a found plastic children's bike in the gully area off Cormorant St. A member spoke to the complainant on the phone and she provided the location. Member attended and found a small child's plastic ride on toy off the path in the bushes. The bike had broken pieces and moldy handles and resembled garbage more than property and as such was not seized as found property but disposed of instead. File concluded.

15:52 A complainant called police to report his Ex- girlfriend was at his residence banging on the door and wanted police to remove her. The complainant, on Probation, has a no contact with the ex- girlfriend and did not open door, ongoing issue. The complainant called police at 1505 hrs to say the ex- girlfriend had their 3 yr old son and was yelling that she would commit suicide if he didn't open the door, then went on to say she left. Member arrived at 1619 hrs, complainant then stated the ex-girlfriend had messaged him the suicide threat on Face Book but would not show the messages on phone to member. Complainant advised to attend family court and have an agreement drawn up for custody of the child. Ministry contacted by member at 1637 hrs and was advised a social worker in Kitimat handling the file. File concluded- un-founded breach

23:20 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint advising a fight at the Ol' Keg Pub had just broke out with 10-12 people. Members attended. It was determined a fight had occurred between 6 people. 3 fled the scene in a white car and a white SUV. A member observed a large lump on one personís left cheek and small amount of blood but the person declined EHS. The 3 remaining people were uncooperative sharing little detail with the members regarding the fight. Patrols were made by all officers. All people involved in fight are known to Kitimat RCMP to be part of the local drug community. No further reports received. Due to lack of cooperation and nature of the call there will be no further investigation. File concluded.

23:45 Kitimat RCMP were notified by an anonymous caller of a loud party on Raley St. Member attended and noted loud music and voices coming from the house. Member spoke with the property owner advising him of the noise complaint. He advised that he would keep people inside and try to keep the noise down. He was also cautioned against having his guests drink and drive at the end of the night. Members again attended the residence at a later time as a complainant advised party was still loud. The property rep was spoken with again and efforts were made by homeowners to clear people out of the house. When most people left, he was advised to keep the doors closed and his visitors inside because if Police were required to re-attend a Bylaw ticket would be issued. File concluded.

November 10

04:51 Members were doing a foot patrol at the Kitimat Hotel when a very intoxicated male had fallen in the bathroom and hit his head. Officers did not see this happen however several people brought it to their attention. EHS was contacted and subsequently attended. Male was very intoxicated to a point where he could not care for himself. He was aggressive and uncooperative. EHS was unable to properly assess him. EHS advised based on their observations that he would be fit for incarceration as it would be difficult for the Hospital to assess due to his aggressiveness. The male was arrested for Drunk in a Public Place was transported to cells and lodged without incident. Due to level of intoxicated officers placed the male in recovery position. Guard was advised of situation and to do frequent checks on him. Police checks conducted and negative. Violation Ticket to be served to Kitimat Hotel for permitting inebriated on premise and aViolation Ticket to be served on the male upon release for being drunk in a public place. To be released when sober (approx noon)/ please offer medical treatment if any unusual behaviour upon release or if he requests. File concluded.

10:29 A complainant called police to report that while out walking his dog earlier this date near the intersection of Albatross Ave and Lahakas Blvd, he found a butcher knife. Member spoke with the complainant on phone at 1040 hrs, The complainant felt that the knife laying around outside was suspicious and possibly a safety hazard to the public. Member attended and located a black handled kitchen knife approx. 8 inches in length covered in frost sticking out of the ground approx. 100 metres south of the intersection on the southbound shoulder of lahakas Blvd. Nothing unusual about the knife noted, it appeared clean with a few small spots of rust on it, possibly had been exposed to the elements for sometime. Knife seized for public safety and placed into exhibits for destruction. File concluded.

13:50 A member on patrol with a member of the Integrated Road Safety Unit when a vehicle was read by the automatic plate reader and indicated the registered owner was to be served a prohibition notice. The member conducted a traffic stop with a green Dodge pickup on Nalabila Blvd in Kitimat. Checks were made and an Action Request was noted on the driverís file to have him served with a Prohibition Notice-SEC 93(1)(a)(ii) for a period of 5 months. Member served the driver with this notice and his physical DL was seized. He was issued a temporary DL which expires on 2013-11-10 at 1500hrs. File concluded.

14:15 Kitimat RCMP were dispatched to a residence on Smith St. for a residential alarm. Member attended the residence. As this was the memberís own house he entered and found it secure. Alarm likely caused by dog barking. Alarm Confirmed as False. File concluded.

14:20 Kitimat RCMP were called by a complainant reporting young children on mini bikes in the Halibut St area. Members attended and spoke with an adult male who was just in the process of putting the bike away. The male was out in the area having just purchased the bike and believed that due to the size it was legal for his kids to ride. He was educated in the fact that all motorized vehicles must be licensed and insured, and minibikes are not insurable and therefore not permitted on road. The male packed the bike in his vehicle and departed agreeing that he would no longer permit its use on the road. File concluded.

15:58 A complainant called police to report that there were 2 youths throwing cardboard at vehicles on Haisla hill. The youths were reported to be walking down the hill towards the downtown core, one was wearing a pink wig and a grey sweater and both between the ages of 12-14. Member attended scene at 1602 hrs and did not observe any persons at all in the area but did see some cardboard on the rd eastbound up the hill. Member called the complainant at 1606 hrs and was advised that he was sure that one of the youths was wearing a pink wig and had actually kicked a box from the shoulder of the road into traffic where it was struck by the vehicle in front of him. The complainant could not provide any other details. Patrols made of area including residential areas off of Albatross Ave and the downtown core were negative for suspects. File concluded.

17:29 A complainant reported 2 white males approx. 19-20 yrs of age in a vehicle parked at Shoppers Drug Mart smoking pot. Vehicle had fogged up windows and smelled bad. Complainant left scene, member attended at 1738 hrs and located vehicle with youths aged 15 yrs and 14 in the back seat. One of the youths opened the door to the vehicle and advised member that he was waiting in the vehicle for his mother to get off work. Vague smell of marijuana detected by member in vehicle. The youth admitted to having smoked a "doobie" earlier in the day but not in the vehicle, only cigarettes. Both youths were removed from vehicle and proved they did not have any drugs in their possession, none observed in vehicle. Member spoke with the registered owner at 1745 hrs and advised her of the complaint related to her son and her vehicle. The R/O thanked the member and stated she would deal with her son after her shift.The complainant was called at 1757 hrs by member, message left advising of police attendance to complaint. File concluded.

23:55 Kitimat RCMP Detachment received an anonymous complaint reporting a male running down the Haisla Hill. Complainant advised it looked as though he had fallen and may be injured. Members were in the area when they could hear a male yelling and screaming. Members located a male walking down the side walk on Haisla Blvd near the overpass. The male who identified himself to the members, was very emotional, crying and yelling at officers. It was determined that his girlfriend had just broken up with him and therefore he was extremely emotional. He was cooperative with officers but remained emotional. He advised he did not have any thoughts of harming himself. Member called his mother who advised he could come home and she would look after him. He was transported his residence where his mother came outside to get her son. He had a faint odour of liquor on his breath, it was difficult to tell if he was intoxicated or just emotional with a bit of liquor on board. The mother was sober and agreed to look after him. Police checks were done and negative. File concluded.

If you have information about these or any other crimes, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or contact the Kitimat RCMP at 250-632-7111. Crime Stoppers is anonymous and does not subscribe to call display and calls are not traced or recorded. If your information leads to an arrest or charge you may be eligible for a cash award.