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NEWS RELEASE · 8th November 2013
Douglas Channel Watch
Kitimat plans rally to oppose Enbridge as part of the Defend our Climate, Defend our Communities national day of action

Kitimat – Residents of Kitimat will host a rally to oppose Enbridge’s risky pipeline and supertanker proposal on November 16th in the Mount Elizabeth High School Gymnasium at 2:00 pm.

The event is being organized by Douglas Channel Watch and will bring together a diverse group of Kitimat and Kitamaat residents.

"We live at ground zero for Enbridge's Northern Gateway proposal," says Murray Minchin of Douglas Channel Watch, "where Enbridge and Harper expect us to shoulder the double barrelled threats of pipeline ruptures and supertanker spills. We will defend the birthright of clean waters for our children, and our children's children, and are prepared to anchor the Wall of Opposition right here in Kitimat if Harper tries to ram this project through".

Over 130 First Nations have banned tar sands oil from transiting their territories, Coastal First Nations have a tanker ban, and municipalities across the region have passed resolutions in opposition. On November 16th we will be standing together to defend our communities from Enbridge’s risky pipeline and tanker proposal and calling on Christy Clark to represent the majority of British Columbians who oppose this project.

With the JRP and federal cabinet making their decision on Enbridge in the new year, now is an important moment to let our governments know that we still say no to Enbridge.
Comment by Pinnwheel on 4th December 2013
If your against this pipeline then you must vote NDP they opposes Big Oil, standing up to powerful interests with the Enbridge Pipeline, fighting for the communities that stand to be affected by it. He’s pro-business, and has fantastic ideas to keep Canada competitive while also transition us to a much-needed Green economy.
Alternative: Conservative
A party that seems to care more about Big Oil, corporate subsidies, and tax breaks and loopholes for the wealthy, and wilfully ignores the environment, despises public services like the CBC and health care, and has been ignoring education. A party that centralizes power in the PMO, lies to Canadians, scoffs at election laws, builds expensive prisons and buys overpriced jets, joins wars, tacitly endorses torture, and has made our country among the very worst offenders on climate change talks.

Northern Gateway " TOO TOXIC "
Comment by David McRae on 11th November 2013
Who knows where the spill(s)
may occur, but some where along the 2300k of pipe, mother nature, or through the actions of a befuddled controller, weak spots in the pipe will be found allowing unrecoverable amounts of dilbit/condensate to be released in potential great quantities into B.C. watersheds. Not what you want in a high pressure pipeline.
On the marine aspect of this proposal Enbridge appears (in my view)over confident in the safe and uneventful transportation of dilbit and condensate by VLCCs in any weather any where on the proposed route. Should this over confidence extend to the ships crew and equipment, visions of Shells ill-fated Kulluk come to mind. (not to mention the others)
After three years of studying this proposal I see very little evidence of it being in the "national interest" or even "nation building" as some would have us believe. In fact it is just the opposite. I see it being quite divisive and full of deceptions.

From the watersheds along the 1300k of pipeline right of way to the outer waters of northwest B.C. These areas are far too valuable to expose to Dilbit Disasters.

The Northern Gateway Pipeline should NOT BE ALLOWED to proceed!! Consider the refusal as one small step for Canada to take on the path to less oil dependency.

kitimat Protest rally
Comment by margaret stenson on 11th November 2013
Nice to see an article on the national protest day. We can stand up and let our governments know how we
feel about The Enbridge Project. It's really important
to stand up for our water and not let this beautiful
home of ours be destroyed !
We need a new economy
Comment by Per Norman on 10th November 2013
Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines - It's more than a pipeline. It's the path to the destruction of our future. Join the opposition on Nov. 16. Say no to irresponsible resource development and deadly growth of the tar sands industry. Tell Harper to implement the fair, sustainable and diversified economy free from corporate bullying that Canadians want, or quit so someone else can do that.
Northcoast BC Bitumen Free!!!!
Comment by trin7 on 10th November 2013
So glad there is strong opposition to this dangerous bitumen carrying, salmon killing pipeline. Let's show the rest of the country that Kitimat has more to offer like tourism, fishing and hiking. A few jobs isn't worth the risk that we'll be taking not only from a leaky pipeline but also from those huge tankers that will be traveling through our Douglas Channel!!