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NEWS RELEASE · 6th November 2013
Kitimat RCMP
Kitimat Detachment responded to 79 calls for service during this period. Some of which are as follows:

October 28
01:19 A member was dispatched to a suspicious occurrence on Lillooet Crescent Kitimat,BC. The complainant called police to report he heard people whispering in his backyard and is unsure who it may be. A member attended and looked in a campervan that was parked in the backyard. The member observed a male who identified himself as the brother of the complainant sleeping in the van. The male lives at that residence. No further police action required. File concluded.

01:55 Kitimat RCMP were called by a complainant due to his home alarm being triggered. Two members attended while another member made patrols in the area. The members checked the exterior and found it secure. The complainant and his wife were in the bedroom and relayed to police the code for their garage door. Members entered and found the house to be secure. The complainant believes the alarm was the garage motion sensor. Garage was checked and nothing was out of the ordinary. Alarm false by attendance. File concluded.

02:32 Kitimat RCMP were called by a complainant stating that she was messaging with a friend and received a message from him which read "I SHOULD HAVE DIED 20 MINUTES AGO FOR REAL". The complainant was concerned as she knew the friend had been drinking and now believed he was suicidal. Members attended the residence of the friend who came to the door and explained he wasn’t suicidal and that his plans for the night were to go to sleep as it was late. The friend’s father was in the house as well. The friend stated he would message the complainant as everything was okay. Members had no concerns that the friend was going to harm himself. File concluded.

02:33 Members received a report from a complainant on Wathl Creek Rd Kitamaat Village, that she observed a grizzly bear going through garbage across the road from her and was concerned as her neighbour has children. The bear had recently been reported to Conservation as being attracted to garbage in the area and has lost its fear of people, thus posing a serious threat to public safety. As such, Conservation had set a trap near the area. A member met with a Kitamaat Village Fish and Game officer who aided the member in locating the bear, which retreated into the woods. Kitamaat Village Fish and Game officer fired one shot which hit the bear and then the bear fled. Another member attended scene and the 3 tried to track the animal via blood trail. Trail led into densely populated growth and given the severity of the wound (shot broadside with a slug), is believed to have been destroyed. Extensive efforts by the members and the Kitamaat Village Fish and Game officer (via FLIR) have been negative. Incident reported to Conservation bear hot-line who advised that an officer would attend during day and follow-up. File concluded

03:11 Kitimat RCMP were called by a complainant stating that a friend was in the house intoxicated and cutting her arms with a knife. Prior to police attending the friend left the residence. A member attended and eventually located the friend walking on Egret St. She got into the police vehicle stating she needed to go to the hospital. The member took her to EHS who were staged in the area. She had a cut on her left forearm and many other healed over cuts in the area. She did not want to go to the hospital in the ambulance and requested a ride from police. The member transported herto Kitimat General Hospital where she was seen by the nurse and went to sleep on the hospital bed after asking what time the doctor would be in. She has a history of cutting and it is not believed that her actions are suicidal. She was left in the care of the hospital. File concluded.

11:14 A member attended a residence on Turney St in Kitimat after motion alarm was tripped in garage area. The member observed all window/doors/openings on house secure after walking perimeter of residence. No signs of suspicious activity or break-in. The member left a business card as well as voice mail for the homeowner who later called back RCMP and spoke with the member about police attendance and thanked member for attending. File concluded.

13:48 A complainant attended the Kitimat RCMP front desk to report that he had been assaulted in front of The Ol' Keg Pub and had his wallet stolen at approximately 00:30 on October 27th. He identified the person he believed responsible and claimed to have been punched for no reason, knocked down a flight of stairs and stomped on. He claims to have suffered a minor cut on his left eye, a hairline fracture of his left orbital bone. An Audio/video statement was obtained from the complainant. File is still under investigation.

15:10 Kitimat RCMP received a report of an abandoned 911 call from a number registered to an individual. No voice contact, no answer on call back. Member attended the residence on Kechika St and spoke with the home owner there. She explained that she had just bought a new phone a few hours ago and it went crazy after she plugged it into the computer. File concluded.

17:18 Kitimat RCMP received a report of a business alarm that was set off on Haisla Blvd, Kitimat. Before RCMP attended, the property rep cancelled the alarm through CHUBB security as false. RCMP attendance was not required. File concluded.

18:30 Member attended a residence on Tweedsmuir Ave, Kitimat on request by a complainant to keep the peace with home owner as she was attempting to collect the last of her belongings. The homeowner had agreed for the complainant to attend at 1830 hrs to retrieve possessions. The complainant had just moved out of the residence. The complainant knocked on the door for several minutes but the homeowner was not observed to be in the residence. The complainant informed the member that the homeowner had taken 20 minutes the day prior to answer the door. After making several attempts to have the homeowner answer the door, it at was determined that the homeowner, if he was inside, was not going to answer the door. The complaiant was informed to make arrangements again and that if the homeowner does not allow her to enter the residence, she will have to seek civil action to retrieve any belongings remaining. No further action required at this time. File concluded.

18:51 A complainant contacted Kitimat RCMP to report that her granddaughter was missing. She informed police that the granddaughter was suppose to be with her mother after school but when her mother arrived home without the granddaughter it was unknown where the granddaughter was. The member was enroute to the residence when he was updated that the granddaughter had arrived home. The granddaughter had gone home with a friend when the mother was not present to pick her up. Attempts were made to contact the complainant to inform her that the granddaughter was at the friend's place but the messages were not received. Miscommunication amongst family. The granddaughter was not in any harm. File concluded.

19:26 A member was dispatched to a report of shots fired or firecrackers in the area of Saguenay Street Kitimat,BC. The complainant called police to report he had just heard a loud bang and though it might have been a shotgun blast or fireworks. He was not sure what it was. While the member was leaving the Detachment parking lot, he observed a firework which had been shot into the sky which had then explode into white sparkly balls in the direction of above noted address. The complainant did not know where the noise came from except that it was on Saguenay (backside). The member attended and patrolled the area. Nothing suspicious noted no fireworks heard. The complainant advised police this is an ongoing thing on this street and the unknown people responsible party all the time. No further police action required. File concluded.

October 29

00:34 A complainant contacted Kitimat RCMP to report bylaw noise complaint on Albatross Ave, Kitimat. The complainant who was in a building near-by, felt that there was too much noise coming from the unit. Members attended and found that there was loud talking coming from the unit on Albatross Ave. Members knocked on the door and spoke with a female. The female agreed to try her best to keep the talking/socializing inside the apartment quieter. She was informed that if RCMP needed to return there would be a fine imposed. No further reports. File concluded.

00:49 A member was dispatched to a report of a suspicious occurrence on Wekellas Avenue Kitamaat Village, BC. The complainant called police to report an unknown person knocked 2x on the backdoor of her residence. She advised police she felt this was suspicious as she was not expecting any visitors. The complainant stated the people left in an small black car. The member attended and located a small black car with 3 occupants. By the time the member turned around to stop the vehicle it had disappeared on a side street or back to Kitimat. The member conducted patrols with negative results. No BCLP obtained. Vehicle was a black 4 door Acura. The member could only identify the rear passenger as female of unknown age. File concluded

00:56 Kitimat RCMP were called to a disturbance by security at the Kitimat Modernization work camp. Members attended and spoke with security guards who advised that an individual had been drinking, yelling and causing a disturbance in the area by the recreation area. One of the security guards believed that the individual might strike one of the female workers in the area in his irate condition and grabbed the individual by the jacket and escorted him to the door. The individual was no longer permitted on the site and the security guards requested RCMP to remove him. On arrival the individual was co-operative with police and security. A member spoke with a worker who works in accommodation who stated the individual was yelling racial comments at her. The individual was permitted by security to gather his belongings from his room and was transported by members to a residence on Osprey where the individual had friends whom he stated he would spend the night with and likely get on a plane back home in the next day or so. File concluded.

06:18 Kitimat RCMP were called by a complainant reporting that her ex-boyfriend had broke her tv and pushed her. Members attended and spoke with the complainant who was now at her mothers apartment. The complainant explained she was in the bedroom of her unit where she lives with her boyfriend and her boyfriend called her crazy and went into the living room and she heard the TV break. Her boyfriend "kicked" her out of the apartment. The complainant was intoxicated and showed no signs of an assault and provided no evidence of assault when asked. The complainant stated that they were arguing and was concerned about her laptop being broken and wanted police to get it for her. A member attended her unit in the same building and spoke with another female occupant who was sober and stated that she heard the commotion and awoke. She retrieved the laptop from the complainant’s boyfriend’s room and Cst BULLER gave it to the complainant While in the room the member was unable to locate the broken TV but could see some small pieces of glass where the female occupant had likely cleaned up the mess. The boyfriend was now sleeping. The complainant was concerned over getting the rest of her things and the member advised her to enquire with the other female occupant later in the day after she sobered up. The complainant during conversation stated that she and her boyfriend had been together for a few years and he had just broken up with her although she did not want to break up but would now look to rent a place from her father when it becomes available and would be staying with her mother until that time. No evidence provided of assault and no evidence observed. Ownership of damaged property could arguably belong to both of them due to them being common law prior to break up. The assault was unfounded. File concluded.

13:28 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint that an individual was out walking with another female near Subway. The individual is currently on conditions of no contact with that female. A member made patrols of the area but did not locate them. Witnesses at the library reported seeing a first nations male and female with a baby stroller leave in a taxi. The member spoke with Probation who stated that she had spoken to the individual but would not be forwarding a breach at this time as it has been determined that it is the female who is seeking out and making contact with individual. Probation will be contacting crown to discuss the matter. File concluded.

15:05 Kitimat RCMP were dispatched to a driving complaint. The complainant states that she was passed on the right and almost run off the road by lone male (Caucasian, older, greying hair) in a 1996 blue Mercedes SL500. The vehicle did a 360 on the road and took out a road sign then drove away east, driving on the rims of the rear right tire. A member attended the Registered owner’s residence and found the vehicle parked in the driveway with damage consistent with that reported. Registered Owner was issued Violation Ticket for Drive without due care and attention. A second witness contacted the Kitimat RCMP and reported the same. File concluded.

15:45 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint of theft of vehicle from the city centre parking lot. Upon investigation it was learned that the complainant and his girlfriend had just broken up approximately 1.5 weeks ago and that his ex-girlfriend had taken the car while he was in the mall. The vehicle is registered in both names. No theft has occurred. File concluded.

18:03 A complainant called to report a male with grey jacket and black hat that had come into Overwaitea Foods at 535 Mountainview Sq and was stumbling around. The complainant reported male had since left and was now behind store. A member made patrols and located an individual matching the description provided by the complainant. The male stated he was just waiting for his ex-landlord to attend his previous residence on Wedeene St so he could recover some of his mothers picture albums. The member spoke with the male for some length of time and ascertained that he was able to care for himself, as he was not stumbling, spoke coherently, logically and due to numerous previous police interactions with the male, determined that he was in a sober state. The member was aware of recent police interactions with the male, as he was recently evicted from his residence, and had a past history of calling Police/EHS for assistance when he is lonely/depressed/and/or just hungry. The member spoke with the male and determined he was in a suitable mental state and warned him about when appropriate times to call for emergency services were. File Concluded.

22:11 A complainant contacted Kitimat RCMP to report that as he was travelling on Haisla Blvd past Harbour Rd (road to old Methanex plant) when he observed a vehicle leave the road and end up in the ditch. Vehicle remained on its wheels and appeared not to be heavily damaged. An individual was observed out of the vehicle attempting to figure out how to get the vehicle out of the ditch. The complainant was unable to stop at the time. A member attended the scene. As he arrived on scene, the complainant had returned and pointed out where the vehicle had been. The member observed fresh impressions in the ditch area indicating that the vehicle had been driven aggressively to get it out of the steep embanked ditch. No evidence from the vehicle left behind. The complainant informed the member that the vehicle was a mid size sedan. The member made patrols around the area and throughout Kitimat but did not observe any vehicle with fresh damage. Make of vehicle in ditch is unknown. No plate obtained. File concluded.

October 30

08:34 Kitimat RCMP Detachment received report of an abandoned 911 from a cell phone registered to a person on Petrel St. Dispatch advised that they could hear someone walking. A member queried the number on the system and found this to be the third 911/abandoned call from that number this year. The member left a voicemail on the home phone. The member then located the person and spoke with her who advised it was an accident. The member reminded her it was the third time this year and to be careful. The person showed the member that her phone has an emergency button on the front that is sensitive. File concluded.

08:54 A complainant contacted the Kitimat RCMP to report a Break and Enter that occurred sometime between 17:00 hrs, 2013-10-29 and 06:00 hrs, 2013-10-30 at the 'Banding Station' of 2727 Kitamaat Village Rd. (Minette Bay Marina Log Sort). The complainant arrived at work approx 06:00 hrs to find the wooden door kicked in leading to the 'Banding Station' office (building that holds wire cables that are tied around logs). He reported damage done to the door ($150.00 damage) and only one item missing, An Alcast two foot stamping hammer with decal 'DKM262', wooden handle with aluminium head ($30.00). A member attended the scene and photographed damage and office. Workers already attempted to repair door and reorganized the office. IDENT not required as continuity of scene compromised. Photo's of a similar hammer taken for reference. No other damage present or obvious signs of forced entry (ie: shoe impressions). No suspects or witnesses. File concluded.

11:16 Kitimat RCMP were requested to assist a MCFD worker. Two members attended and stood by ready to assist if needed. File concluded.

13:50 Kitimat RCMP received a residential alarm from a residence on Baxter Ave., Kitimat. The motion sensor in the living room was one hit. No Property Rep available and the home owner was not attending. Alarm company, Vivent updated. Member attended and checked exterior of residence. All doors, windows and interior appeared secure. No sign of forced entry. Approx five cats were observed in the living room. Address has history of false alarms. File concluded.

14:42 Kitimat RCMP were dispatched to a report of a motor vehicle incident on Haisla Blvd, in front of Hillcrest Place apartments. A member attended to find drivers and sole occupants, to be sore but otherwise uninjured. One driver had slowed to make left hand turn into complex from eastbound Haisla Blvd and was rear-ended by the vehicle following who was travelling straight ahead eastbound on Haisla Blvd. Significant damage to both vehicles. Both vehicles towed to the residences of their respective Registered Owners at owner's request. One driver was taken to hospital by parents as precautionary measure. Matter is still under investigation.

15:30 Kitimat RCMP received a second residential alarm which was triggered at the same address on Baxter Ave. as mentioned earlier. A member attended and proved the alarm false by attendance as the exterior was secure, all doors and windows intact. The member spoke with a neighbour who stated their alarm is always going off. Alarm deemed false by attendance. File concluded.

15:56 Kitimat RCMP Detachment received a complaint reporting an intoxicated male trying to gain access to a school bus. The complainant advised the subject was staggering in the street on Columbia Ave/Quatsino Blvd. No description provided. Patrols were conducted however male was GOA. The member called the complainant back and advised that patrols had been made. File concluded.

17:26 – A complainant contacted Kitimat RCMP to report a lost Licence Plate decal to his 1990 Toyota Truck. Reported for information purposes only. Added to CPIC. File Concluded.

October 31
17:49 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint advising that there was a female inside a blue Camaro type car screaming at a residence Partridge St, Kitimat, BC. A member attended and located a female inside the vehicle who stated she was assaulted by a male 45 minutes prior. She said that the male had thrown her to the ground, put his knee into her chest and slapped her. She further said that she had a couple of drinks, but not intoxicated. She refused EHS assistance. No physical signs of bruising/cuts were observed at this time. A member contacted the male by telephone while on scene. He agreed to meet police at Tim Hortons. A member transported the female to Kitimat detachment for her safety and obtained a statement and photographs from her. Members attended Tim Hortons and met the male who was arrested for assault and transported to Kitimat Cells with out incident. The male was completely sober and claimed he was the victim. He was released on a PTA, UTA, appendix "A" with a first appearance date of December, 2013.

19:47 Kitimat RCMP were dispatched to a report of a domestic dispute between the complainant's mother and step-father. She stated that the step-father pushed her mother and she heard glass break. The step-father left the residence on foot. A member located the step-father. Member attempted to speak with the mother, however, she was very uncooperative with Police, barely providing details such as name and date of birth. She stated that the step-father did not assault her but he kicked a wall which caused a mirror to fall then left the residence. The step-father states same. No physical evidence of assault observed by members. The step-father was transported to a friend's residence where he will remain overnight. No evidence to support assault charges. MCFD notified. File is concluded.

November 1
09:28 A complainant attended Kitimat detachment to report his 1997 Chrysler Intrepid was gone after parking it on the private property owned by another person. He'd parked it there approximately 2 wks ago and removed the licence plates and returned them to ICBC as the head gasket blew and he was unable to get it off property until today. He also stated that he didn't try to get hold of property owner to advise them. Member spoke with the property owner who advised that he was trying to find the owner of the vehicle for the past 2 weeks to have it removed, but was unsuccessful. When he arrived on his property the day before, he noticed it was gone and thought that the owner had finally came and retrieved it. The property owner stated that he had no idea who owned it, nor who would have taken it. Member phoned all local impound lots as well as Terrace, made several patrols, but nothing was found. The car owner stated that he didn't care about the car itself being gone, but would like to have the battery back. Police advised would keep looking for vehicle in hopes of returning car battery and advise if found, but file would be concluded at this time as he does not want to pursue charges. Concluded here.

10:34 Kitimat RCMP received report of an abandoned 911 call from a cell phone. Address comes back to a residence Kingfisher Ave Kitimat which is cell local phone tower. Member tried call-back number as well as alternate number provided by call-taker, negative. Based on many unfounded 911 calls in past, call was believed to have originated from local construction camp, however, extensive queries found it not to be the case. No records found. Unable to substantiate call, no further calls made from phone. Most likely source of call was pocket-dial. No further investigation req'd, File concluded.

17:04 Members attended Kildala Elementary School Kitimat, in response to report from a complainant that she observed an adult mountain bike with a child's seat parked near school and had been there for quite some time, as one of the tires appeared flat. Members seized the bicycle (Supercycle men's 18 speed). System checks via serial number (L2C0132346R) found no matches. Property report completed, flagged for CPIC. No further investigation req'd, File concluded.

17:41 Kitimat RCMP Detachment received a complaint advising his neighbour threatened to hospitalize him.The two neighbours have had an ongoing dispute over property boundaries. Member attended and spoke with both parties and determined that no criminal offence had occurred it was simply a comment taken the wrong way. Two other members attended as well and spoke with both parties however both were stubborn and uncooperative. Both were warned to be careful what they say as well as not to damage each others property. The neighbour advised he would contact a surveyor to attend to determine the property line to hopefully end the problem between the neighbours. File concluded.

20:14 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint from a Kitimat Hospital employee that a male was at the Hospital intoxicated and wanting a place to sleep. Member attended and located the intoxicated male sitting on a hospital bed. The male had a strong odour of liquor coming from his breathe, slurred speech and when he stood up was unstable on his feet. He was unable to take care of himself and was arrested for cause disturbance and transported and lodged in Kitimat cells without incident. Male was to be released when sober without charges. File concluded upon release.

23:09 Kitimat RCMP received a report from a Foster parent that a foster daughter was AWOL from their residence. She was last seen at 1930 hrs at the residence and the complainant believes she may be in the company of her sister. Member’s attempts to locate her initially were negative, but she was located by a member the next day. File concluded.

November 2
02:26 Kitimat RCMP received a complaint of mischief when a homeowner on Tweedsmuir Ave., Kitimat, discovered 4 people in his hot tub without permission. File is still under investigation

02:31 Kitimat RCMP Detachment received a complaint reporting that the complainant received a text from a friend advising that a certain individual was driving impaired tonight. A member making patrols noted the certain individual at the bar at the Kitimat Hotel. The member warned the individual in regards to the impaired/prohib. driver. His friends advised he would go home in a taxi. File concluded.

02:50 A member while on patrol in a fully marked RCMP vehicle observed a white 2014 Ford F 150 on Haisla Blvd near the Legion which appeared to have to many passengers in vehicle. The member conducted a traffic stop on Haisla Blvd. and was provided with a false name from the driver. The member requested the assistance of two other members to attend traffic stop as vehicle had passengers known to local drug trade. One of the members recognized and identified driver. The driver told the member that he didn't have a licenseMember could also smell an odour of liquor on the driver’s breath. A roadside demand was made and the driver provided a warn / fail sample in two attempts. Queries were ran and confirmed that the driver was a suspended driver under suspension section 233 (7) MVA and to charge 234 (1) MVA and Serve prohibition notice Sec 93(1)(a)(II) 3 Mos. Member issued the driver an appearance notice for court 2014-01-09, prohibition notice for 3 months and VI form. Vehicle was impounded and towed. The current registered owner of vehicle was made aware of vehicle impounded as she was a passenger. Queries also showed the driver had no consume conditions and was breaching as per file 2013-1883. The driver was arrested for breach and obstruct police without incident. A search was performed for officer safety in which the driver told the member he had cannabis in his pocket. The member seized a small amount of cannabis from the driver. The driver was transported to Kitimat detachment cells and put in contact with legal aid and released on a PTA with court date of 2014-01-09. 5.2 Report to justice and 3515 report completed. File still under investigation.

09:45 A complainant reported a noisy vehicle on Kwakuilt Ave that was heading towards the village road. A member attended the area of Nalabila Blvd and Kitamaat Village road and conducted traffic duties and observed the vehicle matching the description pass him and enter the business area of the OK TireThe member stopped the vehicle which was occupied by 3 individuals including the driver/Registered Owner. He advised they were there to see if the mechanic was in to try to repair the exhaust system of the vehicle. As the garage was not open so they were going to head to Terrace and check an auto wrecker place to try and buy a muffler. As the driver was aware of the defect and already making efforts to fix it the member did not issue a Violation Ticket or a Notice and Order. File concluded.

11:38 A District of Kitimat employee attended detachment and dropped off a girl's bicycle that was found today near 283 Haisla Blvd (Hatchery). Bicycle: white/purple Supercycle "Dream", single cantilever back brake, white tires, approximate value $30 . No matches found in PRIME. Property report completed, flagged CPIC. File concluded.

12;24 Kitimat RCMP were called by a complainant stating a possible domestic involving her sister. Members attended and heard a male and female yelling over loud music. The members spoke to both separately. The female stated that the male who was intoxicated was just going to sleep and she turned the music off and this upset the male and he was yelling. The complainant was on the phone and lost service while talking with her sister. The loss of communication prompted her to become concerned. All persons involved indicated there was no need to police attendance. There was no assault and the yelling was loud to be heard over top of the loud music. File Concluded.