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REPORTING · 26th October 2013
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Corinne Scott made a motion at the Regular Meeting of Council on Monday, October 21st for the District of Kitimat to request to participate in the BC Government’s project to study the Cumulative Effects of the Air Quality within the District of Kitimat.

“The BC Government has recently announced a budget of $650,000 to study the cumulative effects on the air quality due to the proposed industrial development in the District of Kitimat. It would be beneficial to have a representative from the District of Kitimat as an active participant on the committee to provide input and feedback as the study progresses.”

Monaghan stated there was some good news on that and called upon CAO Ron Poole to deliver it.

“Interestingly enough, the Deputy Minister that Council met with at UBCM, unfortunately, the Minister wasn’t able to attend that meeting, did call today. They do have the request for proposals out for the BC Bid and they will involve the District. I believe there will be a report, probably by year end and they will put it before Council and the final one before the end of March,” said Poole.

Scott asked if this means Kitimat will be a part of the study. Poole replied yes. Councillor Mary Murphy stated they were vocal when they were down in Vancouver at the UBCM stating they want to be a part of the Process. The Council suggested the study should also include the gasses already in the area and residual gasses left over from Eurocan and Methanex.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan stated the motion was timely. Councillor Rob Goffinet reminded Council the Council is represented on the RTA Study of the Air shed with the Modernized Smelter. “This would be a welcome adition and goes to the provincial level,” said Goffinet.

The motion was called and carried.
Comment by richard on 26th October 2013
it`s only going to get worse. this is just the start. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ rules . thax`s to greed. monitering , just more cooked books. this town is full of them. more like personal gains ,over peoples health. that`s bussiness. this was a great town,time to think about moving on. kitimat will be a ticking time bomb.just wait till you see the stacks burnin off the gases for this l.n.g. plant to produce there own power... just one explosion,and this bandaid station (kitimat medical clinic)ain`t going to help no one. it`ll be blown off the map... you haven`t see nothin yet peoople.polution is money to big corperation. your just a grain of sand in a bucket. funny how a hand full of people, become in the pockets of crooks and theifs... no different then provincal or fed goverment. they all read the same play book.