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REPORTING · 21st October 2013
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council meets tonight, Monday, October 21st for their regular meeting of Council. There are two public hearings scheduled and there is a lot of business to get through. The meeting begins at 7:30 at the College.

The first Public Hearing relates to Personal Service Shops in Commercial Zones, relating to the application made by the Tattoo shop looking at setting up shop in Nechako Centre. The second public hearing is about the temporary use amendment bylaw.

Under presentations, is a presentation from Joel Zhou, Project Manager and Ian McLeod, Community Relations Advisor from the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline Project with an update. The next presentation is Staff Sergeant Phil Harrison with his Monthly Policing Report. The third presentation comes from Chad Fournier with a presentation concerning the application for a Northern Development Initiative Trust Grant for replacing the cabin on Robinson Ridge. Finally, Allen Smith is presenting on the Flooding of Grebe and Gull Street Properties.

After approving minutes, Council looks at four motions. Councillor Corinne Scott has a motion to participate in the BC governments study on the effects of the air shed and a motion to inquire about having a Kitimat representative sit on the Northwest Corridor Development Corporation Board.

Councillor Phil Germuth has a motion to have the District work with the Fire Mountain Shooting Club to address noise Concerns. Councillor Mary Murphy has a motion for the District to prepare a report on the cost of putting a crematorium in the animal shelter.

Under bylaws, there are a pair of third readings for the two bylaws which had public hearings earlier in the meeting.

There are 6 reports. The first is the request concerning the replacing of the cabin on Robinson Ridge and writing a letter of support. The following one is for signage outside of vitality There is a report on the hours and days of operations at the municipal landfill.

There is a temporary Building Permit Extension request for Rio Tinto Alcan Modernization Camp Phase 2, the Statement of accounts for September and a verbal report on Clio Bay by Councillor Phil Germuth.

Finally, under communications, there is a request from Canada Post to pass two resolutions relating to an upcoming service review asking the Minister Responsible for Canada Post to look at revenue generating services rather than cuts and open the review to public input.
Boo Hoo
Comment by Pinnwheel on 23rd October 2013
I live in cable car and do not notice a dam thing with increased shooting noise or any noise, it's NO worse than highway traffic and the odd Harley driving by, SHOOT AND SHOOT some more, See Ya UP at the range........
Fire Mountain Shooting Range
Comment by CEM on 22nd October 2013
It is my understanding that the Fire Mountain Shooting Range was there before Cable Car subdivsion was built. So in otherwords anyone moving there would be aware of the noise problems with gun noise but I doubt if any realtor made it known. But now that the Anderson Creek shooting range has closed the noise has increased plus the useage because of population increase in Kitimat. I feel that there should of been no changes from the original plan for the Fire Mountain shooting range since it is so close to the Cable Car subdivsion. If there was to be any changes to the increase of usage...hence more shots being fired then the shooting range should be moved to another location. Anyone moving to the Cable Car Subdivsion moved there for the lifestyle and the peace and quiet. It is not very peaceful when sitting outside and someone is shooting high powered rifles or multiple shots. There has also been times when there has been shooting way beyond the time limit. The time should be changed because when it is dusk in the subdivision, up Fire Mountain the dusk time is somewhat later. Now I understand there is to be more expansion at the shooting range. It use to be a nice hike up Fire Mountain with great views of Kitimat and Douglas Channel but not a peaceful hike or horseback ride now.