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REPORTING · 18th October 2013
Walter McFarlane
The Haisla First Nations are putting a fence up on a piece of land adjacent to MK Bay Marina which, until recently, has been used for boat storage and, we’ve been told, camping. According to sources within the Regional District of Kitimat / Stikine, the land in question belongs to the Haisla First Nations and they would like it back.

“They’re fencing off the Haisla property,” said Director Corinne Scott, Kitimat City Council’s representative on the Regional District. “The boats that have been stored there, the Haisla have said can remain there until their time runs out in the Spring.”

The Marina will have to remove any property they own from the land which is adjacent to the marina. Scott told us this has been done. She told us they have cleaned up their property as well to make more room for parking.

“It’s not going to hurt us at all,” said Scott.

We contacted representatives from Kitamaat Village for further information about the future use of the land. However, they have not contacted us back.
Boats for sale.....
Comment by Larry on 24th October 2013
I have waited 4 years for the situation to "fix itself" when it came to MK BAY MARINE/Kitimat Mayor and Council and the regional district and so far it has only gotten worse....

Call me for details and prices (house might be next).

Larry Walker
Okanagan St.
facts you say...
Comment by Marc on 21st October 2013
the new temp directory has already developed a channel for open and productive conversation , which is a great change . not to mention streamlining the launch that i have noticed. and all around friendly-ness that has not been seen since Mr Wayne. i did not in any way mention a negative about his attempts to right the ship....

i didnt not also say anything about landowners not being allowed to put up a fence...
and i also have limited concern for the marinas bottom much as i pray it stays open i am only a launch user not on any board of decision makers.
there is a long list of things that happened that i have no say in that make one wonder if thats the design of this place(to not make $)... a seasonal eatery/store , legendary poor fuel quality...all not the fault of the current temp director and best of luck trying to sort these out !

for you to say that the people of moon bay found places for their boats is soo far from fact ...some in rupert,port ed,clio bay, butedale even.more still were sold and no more ocean going for those folks.. i will just stop there .
as for the backing up comment it shows you you have moved away from your saftey concerns of earlier writings . so much confusion,anger,injuries and nearmiss incidents a person can witness in the (previously unfenced)congested area.

the reason i wrote was "it not going to hurt at all" seemed soo far from the truth , but you have made me realize she meant $$$$$$$$$ . i thought about public access/parking/launching. ... crazy me

thanks Victor
Comment by djb on 19th October 2013
Thanks for the well thought out reply. I am sure many people will appreciate the information.
I dont doubt the Haisla have the right to put up a fence. Hopefully they will offer some sort of storage .
I was unaware that the marina didnt get any of the launch fees for the boats stored there anyway, but in the article Ms Scott's quote did not mention the word "financially"., just that its not going to hurt us at all.
Still, if no storage is offfered, what will the larger boats do? Once in PR it is doubtfull they will ever come back, esp those owned by out of town folks.
Get the facts first
Comment by Victor on 18th October 2013
Good to see that there is response from a boater, if you are.

First, the Haisla have every right to put up a fence and develop their property. The fence could be for Safety concerns for now. Go and ask them.

Councilor Scott is right. It will not hurt the Marina financially. All parking fees for Vehicles, Vehicles and trailers, We store it and boat parking were going to the Haisla. The marina was launching these, We Store it Boats at no extra charge losing income to the marina. The boaters were subsidizing these launch fees. The marina only collected a very, very small administration fee for all this and camping fees too.

If the Haisla want to develop a business on their land more power to them. They can manage camping and parking themselves if that is their direction. Perhaps they will offer boat storage?

Lets not jump all over Councillor Scott and our only Marina. There are measures being taken to accommodate the short comings already. Yes there is only a limited space and that has always been the case. If you go to Port Edward you can launch for free and park on the road. If you park on the road allowance at MK Bay just do not pay for parking. You can still have a nice day on the water. A tight turn around for launching should only develop your backing up skills a bit better. I am sure that a solution is in the works.

WE STILL HAVE A MARINA AND ACCESS TO THE OCEAN. So lets not condemn what we have and come out and support it. The marina did not take away the parking. When Moon Bay was closed, MK Bay was full already with what you call lucky patrons. People chose Moon Bay for many reasons one of which was cost and there was room at MK Bay when Moon Bay was in operation for many years. When Moon Bay closed everyone found accommodations for their boat however not perfect. There are a few boats that will be put in difficulty again with Land Storage on Haisla Property. Perhaps for short period of time, have to wait and see what the Haisla are doing.

The new Function Committee charged with MK Bay has been working very hard to try to rectify the many concerns around the marina.

The MK Bay Marina is owned by the Regional District of Kitmat Stikine. It is overseen by a Function Committee. The Function Committee meets every month now and since the beginning of this year. I would encourage you and as many others to come to these meetings. The first Tuesday at 2pm of every month to get all the facts and be informed about what is happening. These are open meetings and you can ask to speak and are usually granted as long as you stay on topic. Bring concerns and along with them possible solutions.

If you and everyone want to make a difference. Please come out and support what this access means to all the people of the Region at a Regional level. We can not afford to lose this access, or complain about what we have. There is really no other place to build an all tidal marina and it would take a long time to develop one. There have been many improvements made this year and the New Temporary Manager is doing a great job dealing with many short comings. Including this latest one.

So until it is sorted out perhaps some encouragement or helpful ideas would be better than a complaint.

Yes they are expanding the lookout to See the Sea. So lets support the one and only access to the Sea Between Prince Rupert and Bella Coola.
not hurt?
Comment by djb on 18th October 2013
I agree completely with marc.What is she thinking? Is she reallly that oblivious?On the other hand, if the regional district is trying to get out of the marina biz , this would be a good start - eliminate all but a few lucky boaters then claim there is no need for a marina or any expansion of it. It looks more and more like Prince Rupert / Port Ed will be the place to be. There are already locals using PR and the tourists wont even consider Kitimat as they pass through Terrace on their way to PR.
wont hurt at all.....???
Comment by marc on 18th October 2013
how could it hurt??extremely limited parking for the lucky patrons that have a berth, no parking for trucks and trailers ... unable to turn around to approach the BOAT launch ..i wonder how someone thats a rep for this disfunctional mess is unaware that the users had to park on the highway last year(while paying RDKS fees to park ) if they were whacky enough to attempt to access the ocean here in Kitimat.alot of the boats on land will go where??is there another marina that Mrs Scott is keeping a secret?some of the boats on land have NO trailers or berth in the marina!several cant be moved on the hgwy due to size!where will they "go" in the spring....?

...i guess more locals will have to follow the tourists(and their $) to prince rupert 2.

hopefully peeps are not still believing that this is a great potential retirement community with ocean access because they will have to climb a tree at the viewpoint to see it and get a friend to splash them with an imported bucket of salt water to get an ocean feel....