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REPORTING · 17th October 2013
Walter McFarlane
Council was going through their status report on Council Assignments to Administration at the Committee of the Whole Meeting on Tuesday, October 15th. Councillor Mario Feldhoff was wondering if they should mark the solution to Canada Post as complete.

“Not at this time. We went out door to door to communicate to the residents what we came up with,” said Deputy CAO Warren Waycheshen. “We forwarded an agreement to Canada Post because we want to make sure that if we are entering into this, there could be a time a representative of Canada Post or us may not be working so we wanted it in a written agreement.”

He told Council he was hoping to hear back from them on Wednesday, October 16th and he hoped it would be at the next Council Meeting. He stated he wanted it to come back to Council. He said the sign off from Canada Post would be required before they go back to delivering mail door to door on Farrow.

Council continued through the list of assignments.
When in Dought
Comment by Pinnwheel on 24th October 2013
Burry your head in the sand,it's a far better place than where the council has their's now,get my drift.
This topic has run on far to long, and I agree it is a joke but we aren't laughing so how about this for size:
Have you heard that there is a new Barbie in toy stores now, her name is Devorce Barbie and.........
She come's with all Ken's stuff.
LOL now that is a joke!
The Joke continues
Comment by Bewildered on 17th October 2013
We're coming up on close to a year here, and yet in all this time, Ive received my newspaper, had many solicitors, bottle drives, heck, even two city workers hand delivering a letter that gave me no more info than I already knew, and yet no issues with any of the above mentioned parties and a "problem dog". Was there a problem with this animal in the past, it seems so. Have the owners done something in reaction to this, I'm assuming so as I havent seen this dog in months. All the other parties involved (DOK, Canada Post), cant really say the same for you. What a joke! The fact that this issue is still on the agenda at our council meetings proves that fact. And as for the community mail box idea at the end of the street. Well if that goes through, how will that precedent affect the rest of Kitimat and its mail delivery? Makes you wonder.......