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REPORTING · 10th October 2013
Walter McFarlane
Nathan Cullen, the Member of Parliament for the Skeena—Bulkley Valley was in Kitimat on Monday, October 7th to meet with constituents concerning a decision which he is making. He has been meeting with constituents over the past week.

“I’ve been meeting with supporters and friends for the last week posing a question about where I’m best placed to advance the interests of Skeena and the Northwest. There is a question of BC Leadership that’s been presented because Adrian [Dix] stepped down after the last election. As well as talking to my family and friends, I need to talk to the people I work for,” said Cullen.

Cullen told us his meetings have been amazing. Many of the rooms have been split down the middle and the conversation have been thoughtful, on topics they care about.

“It’s humbling for me, it is a political family, people have put a lot into our campaigns over the years and this kind of conversation in time would be a big movement,” said Cullen.

When asked what leadership would mean, Cullen told us it would be a fun campaign but it would mean a long term commitment which might require movement from the Northwest to seek a seat elsewhere in the province because there are already three good MLA’s in the Northwest. It would be about bringing the conversation back to the people of BC and making the party better and more responsive to the current generation.

We were told the meeting would be closed to the media. Cullen held the last of this series of meetings in Terrace on Tuesday, October 10th. We would like to wish him good luck with whatever decision he makes.
Nathan All The WAY!
Comment by Pinwheel on 17th October 2013
He opposes Big Oil, standing up to powerful interests with the Enbridge Pipeline, fighting for the communities that stand to be affected by it. He’s pro-business, and has fantastic ideas to keep Canada competitive while also transition us to a much-needed Green economy.
Alternative: Conservative
A party that seems to care more about Big Oil, corporate subsidies, and tax breaks and loopholes for the wealthy, and wilfully ignores the environment, despises public services like the CBC and health care, and has been ignoring education. A party that centralizes power in the PMO, lies to Canadians, scoffs at election laws, builds expensive prisons and buys overpriced jets, joins wars, tacitly endorses torture, and has made our country among the very worst offenders on climate change talks.

Enough Said!
Time for change.
Comment by Jeff T. on 17th October 2013
Like it or not, this is a resourse rich province. With that comes a lot of promise, and a healthy dose of sceptasism. If we can't get by the old "our way or the highway" we will never prosper. To have an MP that is more concerned about his own image as opposed to the well being of his constituents is sad. We do not need grand standing MP's. What we need is an MP that is willing to stand up to the "Special Interest Groups". To the people that say, "we can't prosper" , simply because they say so. As long as we go without an MP of that distinction, this riding will never prosper to the extent that it can.
MP Cullen
Comment by Leon Dumstrey-Soos on 17th October 2013
Whe MP Cullens bid for Federal Leadership od NDP failed, it was to much for his EGO in my opinion. His Star lost the glimmer!

Now making the Bid here???

BC NDP needs a LEADER that will well understand the core NEEDS of Citizens -DEVELOPEMENTS and JOB CREATIONS-of this Province and how to PAY for them not by TAXES ONLY . He has proven lack of this understanding through his continuous negative oposing views in never offering an constructive alternative , therefore he is lacking these Leadership skills to lead this politicaly and economically severely damaged Province.

Re: Pinnwheel
Comment by Jeff T. on 17th October 2013
A good job at what exactly? That's my point. This man has been in office for how long? He's done nothing for this riding, except be there when the cameras are on. He wont miss that!
Mr Cullen...
Comment by bob Drake on 16th October 2013
fine guy, decent human being, well meanng but there is a reason he's referred to as "the Teflon MP"...nothing sticks to the guy and he doesnt own anything.
As far as 3 "good local MP's" you must be kidding, seriously? 3 people who, like good opposition lap dogs do what theyre told, when tyo bark and how loud. Havent had an original thought in the last 3 terms.
Jeff T
Comment by Pinnwheel on 16th October 2013
I find Nathan is doing a GOOD job, no thanks to Jeff T
Comment by Jeff T. on 15th October 2013
Since when has this guy listened to his constituents? Maybe the whiners and complainers, but certainly not the majority. Schools closed, hospital beds closed, no jobs. This guy has done nothing for this riding ever! What jobs we are getting are no thanks to him at all. Jobs=Popultion=Open Schools, Better Healthcare, etc. Tourism is great, but not as primary employment. It wont pay enough of the bills. Hell, it wont even pay for his million dollar pension.