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REPORTING · 8th October 2013
Walter McFarlane
Mayor Joanne Monaghan began the Regular Meeting of Council for Monday, October 7th with her traditional good news report. She explained Council had been really busy.

“We met with Minister Coleman, who is the Deputy Premier and the Minister of LNG. He was given our list of infrastructure needs in our growing economy and also, our housing needs. Minister Wat of International Trade was with us and we spoke to her about different countries coming and purchasing LNG. Minister Stone, the Provincial Transportation Minister and Minister Raitt, the Federal Minister of Transportation both came and we gave them an earful… I should say… of education on the West Side Road, our bridges and so forth,” said Monaghan.

Monaghan explained that Raitt talked with Council over the difference between a public and private port and she was a harbourmaster so Council felt well informed.

Minister of Environment Pollock announced $650,000 to study the environmental accumulation impact. Monaghan announced Council met with Rio Tinto Alcan on several issues including emissions.

She met with Captain Oberheimer from the Coastal Captains and he suggested Kitimat work to have a Coast Guard Presence locally because of the industry looking at Kitimat. He also suggested adding navigational aids in the Kemano Sound. He added going through Rupert would be a shorter route to Asia.

“We met with Helijet and they are interested in setting up a presence here in Kitimat, especially a medevac service,” said Monaghan.

She announced she was privileged to unveil a peace rock at Centennial Park and speak at the Peace Day which was organized by Eleanor Kendall and the Rotary Club.

Monaghan met with BCLNG and they will be shipping as soon as the Province decides what the tax figures are. Monaghan stated they already have their feed source. Once they have the tax figures, they can take it to the Shareholders.

Mayor and Council met with 21 investors looking at investing in Kitimat. She told the public there will be 20 more coming next week.

She cut the ribbon at the Tennis Courts at Mount Elizabeth and thanked the volunteers for making it a reality.

“Finally, the papers were signed for the sale of City Centre Motel, also Jed Stumps trailer park. And in speaking with them, because I did have several calls saying they were afraid of being evicted, they said they have no intention of evicting anyone at this moment. However, there is a meeting [tonight] at 6:00 at the Northwest Community College and I have been led to believe there will be an individual there who can answer any concerns from any of those people,” said Monaghan.

She concluded by stating the Aluminium City Lodge is awaiting it’s demolition permits and they will be working on that before the snow comes.

“There are a lot of things happening keeping Council very, very busy,” said Monaghan.